Another "Feel Good" (albeit heart-wrenching) story.


A ten year old girl gave her life to save two very young children who were in the path of an out-of-control SUV. Here's a link to the story: Anne Frank said, in the midst of hiding from the terrorism that we label The Holocaust, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."
Too often, we label as "brave" those who accomplish a lot in the field of athletics. Such as, "Wow! Isn't Cam Newton (or Colin Kapaernick, or Marcus Mariota) 'brave' for running like he does among those giant linemen!" Does this make any of them a "hero?" Well...not really.

Kiera Larson did not think about what she was doing. She reacted to save those two little girls, without regard for her own safety. Now, that's heroic!

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