Those Who Believe In Trickle Down Need To See This


The past few years have been very good for United Technologies. The contractor does billions of dollars a year in business with the federal government. CEO Gregory Hayes pulled down nearly $10 million in 2014, and over $20 million the year before. On Thursday, the company reported $7.6 billion in profits, up from $6.2 billion the year before, and $5.7 billion the year before that. In October, United Technologies even expanded its stock buyback program to $12 billion. Spending the company's money to purchase its own stock elevates the value of its share prices. United Technologies was so flush with cash that it could burn money to boost returns for its investors.

Surely this largesse would trickle down to its rank-and-file employees, right?

Not exactly. Watch what this very wealthy company does to fuck our nation's economy once it makes its riches.

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I am posting a link to the latest blast by Governor Sick in his desperate campaign to woo away moderate Republicans from John. Governor Sick decries, with crocodile tears, how horrible it is that the Republican campaign for POTUS has become so negative, then uses an attack on W to get at Brother John. Here's the link:

The point Governor Sick makes is valid, however. As I have stated innumerable times right here in the Swamp, W's administration did -- in fact -- blow trillions of dollars in projected surpluses. Bill Clinton and the Republican leadership in Congress had worked hard to put the nation on the road to paying off the national debt. It was a prime example of compromise over ideology which gave America four straight years of surplus budgets, while maintaining a strong economy. And W and the Republicans in Congress blew it up for ideological reasons, and sent this nation into the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. And, this is not merely my own ideological ramblings. Republican Governor Sick agrees with me!

There are not still politicians out there claiming the "trickle down theory" is actually true is there? This has been one of the biggest piece of bullshit statement ever made or claimed by a politician.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

policy proposals, to cut taxes mostly for the rich, and cut programs most of which help the poor and middle classes, reflect perfectly this "trickle down" attitude. "Trickle down" was so bad, it didn't even help the super-rich! Have you ever seen the stats of how the stock market did under "W?" What good is it to pay lower taxes on capital gains, when one has no capital gains? Under Clinton, and under Obama, the stock market has done so much better than under "W!" The super-rich never had it so good!

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