Why is the downtown (main) library a haven for the homeless?

I'm a frequent user of the downtown library, known as the Main Branch. I'd noticed that the homeless are frequent 'users' of that branch too, but not for what I was using the branch for.

I'd never seen a bedbug until I went to the main library one fine day about 6 months ago. And that made sense, considering the place is an absolute haven for the homeless. They have lots of comfy chairs which the homeless fill. You couldn't pay me enough money to sit in one of those chairs now.

The homeless also spend a lot of time on the Internet terminals. I see a lot of Youtube and games being played, but little on the order of research and job-applying. I guess that makes sense, since the homeless aren't known for their academic pursuits, and they sure as heck aren't going to be looking for work, given our criminally extensive welfare state.

A recent post on another Toledo website talked about some silly 'diversity' push at the library, and people started to mention what's actually to be experienced at the main library, perhaps at other branches (I'd guess Locke, South, Kent). Some people are vehemently denying there's some sort of issue at the main library insofar as patronage goes. I can't believe anyone could be that dense. The main library is overrun by homeless 'people'. I have to inspect my carry bag every time I bring it home from that branch, for bedbugs. I've watched security people go around and wake up the sleeping homeless in their (our) comfy chairs. Why are we allowing this to happen? Why do we fund this nonsense? Just to make the social-justice warriors and Liberals feel better in their White-only suburbs?

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[Admin edit] deadbeats

Don't forget the "stinkers" that fill the place, too.

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