Why Vicki Donovan-Lyle's delinquent tax history is worse than it appears

A couple of days ago, Thomas posted a story about Vicki Donovan-Lyle's tax delinquency for almost 2 years.

A couple of commenters mentioned about it not being much, so what is the big deal?

Here is why this is worse than it appears:

1. She only fixed it in October of 2015. She was running uncontested for the Sylvania School Board race and her re-election was in November. At this time, she probably decided she wanted to run for state representative in 2016. Knowing that this race could be contested, it makes it appear that she wanted to clean up her lose ends and paid off her debt which started in 2014. That right there gives me the impression that a politician trying to make a clean slate for future actions/statements, not someone who really cares.

2. In January of 2014 (right after the first missed payment by Vicki) she voted to put a new levy on the ballot claiming that the district was going to be short of money. This is probably the most humorous and shocking part of this whole situation: a school board member, who was not paying her taxes, wanted others to pony up more making an insincere argument that the district was short. The district would be a little further ahead if all school board members were current in their property taxes.

So let's look at the argument the other way. If the amount is not much, why have it at all? Why make this situation hang around for over a year? Why decide to fix it once you decide to run for state rep or before you get re-elected? If you can pay, pay. If you can't pay, don't pay and tell your story. Don't fix it before an election or running!

If you can't pay your taxes, resign and focus on getting your act together. You can work a second job with the time she was using for the school board to attend meetings if you are having a hard time making ends meet. Don't act like you can just hide it or sweep it under the rug while joining in the chorus saying the district does not have enough money.

Vicki has yet to tell me her side of the story after messaging her for her response and I just posted the question on her facebook page.

That just looks horrible. I am sorry, but elected officials should have a higher standard. Most people in Lucas County don't owe property taxes. This is the behavior I would expect Larry Sykes to do, not a "Republican" Sylvania School Board member.

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First, Ms. Lyle-Dononvan's tax problem started way back in 2014, and she didn't clear it up until one whole year or so later. WOW!! I guess your closet is perfectly clear, Chris. If so, congratulations!
Second, the tax levy was to plug a multi-million dollar hole in the school budget. Ms. Donovan-Lyle and her husband were a few thousand dollars in arrears. That hardly translates into, "The district would be a little [make that a miniscule amount] further ahead[?] if all school board members were current in their property taxes." This implies that other school board members are behind in their tax payments. Chris, do you have information that they are? If they are, does it constitute millions of dollars? Even tens of thousands? If not, why imply that?
Finally, I really believe all of your posts, and those of your fellow-travelers, on this issue prove exactly what I stated as a motive for these attacks. You are obsessed by the fact that anyone, especially a Republican, would give the citizens an opportunity to increase their own taxes! Remember, Ms. Donovan-Lyle did NOT vote to increase taxes. You just hate all taxes, Chris. You want wealth to have its privileges, and the government to do nothing to equalize the opportunities for children from modest and/or poor backgrounds. You are, in short, a prototypical conservative Republican! I say, wear that mantle proudly, Chris!
More than once, right here in the swamp, I have admitted to being a partisan, liberal Democrat. And, I wear that mantle proudly!

that it is because she she voted to raise taxes. It is an elected official expecting citizens to do something different that what they do themselves. That is pretty offensive regardless of party.

the Sylvania Public Schools and graduated from there. The younger one graduated in 1997! They both completed baccalaureate degrees from public colleges, the University of Cincinnati ( in 2000, with 2 degrees) and Bowling Green State University (2002). Both have professional jobs.
My wife and I still live in the same house in Sylvania in which they grew up. We have been here since 1974. And, I have NEVER voted against a school levy -- NEVER!

In the spirit of full disclosure did you derive your sustenance from TPS but resided in a "safe" suburb and paid no property taxes to the very system who provided checks which did not bounce? A substantial retirement with health coverage and checks which do not bounce from a system Still paying for the exorbitant contracts which you were full party to extorting? St. Dale no one is faulting you for being smarter than the average bear, and doing your job, albeit too well, we are just angered by having to pay for it forever when the results of your toils provided miserable results. Feel at liberty to pass this along to your co-conspirators Fran and Dal if you can reach them on a cruise ship somewhere.

teaching. And I took a job from the district which offered it to me. Sylvania had no opening for me in 1976.
I have no regrets about my teaching career. Since we retired, my wife and I volunteer to mentor (tutor) in TPS. For the last two years, we have volunteered at Sherman Elementary. We do one-on-one tutoring with first and second graders, mostly helping with reading and language skills.

Chris, this is a big deal. The principal is what matters. If a person cannot be trusted in the little things, why should they be trusted in the big things? If a person cannot be responsible enough to pay tax bills, why should they be in position to dictate to others regarding taxes. It smacks of disgusting narcissism and hypocrisy.

The amounts may be small, the the principal violated here is large and shameful.

best and brightest to run for public office.
Mountains out of molehills.
And, yes, it is petty and vindictive!

One more time...Ms. Donovan-Lyle raised NO taxes. She supported a resolution to allow voters to decide whether or not to RAISE THEIR OWN TAXES!! Most agreed with me and joined me in supporting the Sylvania Pubic Schools. Opportunity over privilege. Now, that's a "liberal" belief I am proud to champion!

Only the peasants are supposed to pay taxes to enrich the life of their feudal lords (Republicans).

The Democratic Party favors opportunity over privilege.
Voting Republican assures retaining privilege over opportunity.

Your point being?


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