Vicki Donovan-Lyle, Republican State Rep Candidate, Delinquent On Property Taxes

Vicki Donovan-Lyle, a Sylvania School Board Member, has apparently failed to pay her property taxes on her personal home at 4428 Tamworth Road in Sylvania, Ohio. In December 2015, Vicki Donovan-Lyle announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination to Ohio’s House District #47 to replace term-limited Representative Barbara Sears.

According to Lucas County Auditor’s office, a tax payment of about $2,700 was due in early 2014 for the 2nd half payment of tax for 2013. It appears the home was slapped with penalties and interest bringing the total tax delinquent bill to $3,017.19. Despite its past tax delinquency status, it is unknown whether Lucas County Prosecutor’s office initiated any tax foreclosure proceedings to collect. Vicki Donovan-Lyle’s husband, Dennis Lyle, is an employed attorney for the Lucas County Prosecutor’s office.

The home appears to be jointly owned by Vicki Donovan-Lyle and her husband Dennis Lyle. According to online documents (see attachment), the owners are listed as VLD and DAL, which are their initials. The home has a government appraised value of $196,800 and an annual property tax bill of $5,442. The Sylvania School District receives 55.34% of the property tax revenue.

Vicki Donovan-Lyle has been a Sylvania School Board member since 2004. On her official Twitter page, she describes herself as “moderate Republican” and “dedicated to education & economy.” Her competition in the Republican primary are Derek Merrin, former Waterville mayor, Kevin Haddad, former Sylvania Township Trustee, and Barbara Lang, a Monclova Township Trustee. The Democrat, Michael Sarountu, is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

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Looks bad when you are a school board member that you owe property taxes and she owed taxes for most of 2015.

it is pretty offensive that many citizens pay taxes, but she did not pay. Hey, if you are going to be on the school board, you better set a good example.

does list this as her address:
I have messaged her to get her side of the story, but not sure what she is going to say. Will post here the response I get.

You can see a list of her payments at:

She has served on the board since 2004.

(2015 Blade story)
Jim Nusbaum and Vicki Donovan Lyle will seek re-election to the Board of Education. They have served on the school board since 2004.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned...

payment history says:
Vicki missed payment in second half of 2013 (due in Jan 2014) and carried the balance until around October 2015 when she made lump payment of 3000.

the amount of property tax isn't that bad. Time to keep it current, or at least attempt to.


It's compounded when you are an elected official, representing a sector driven by property taxes

Should have been more clear. I agree that it should have been paid, especially in her position. What I meant to say is that the $2,700 a half isn't bad, I'd take that amount in a heartbeat compared to mine!

her position and how long it went on. It just looks bad for a school board member to not keep up her property taxes and according to the payment history, she may still owe it if she was not running for state rep which looks even worse.

I'm not. This is NOT a $100,000 issue. It's not even 1/10 of that! Should a relatively small delinquency eliminate one from running for public office? Have none of you ever had a cash-flow problem? Haven't any of you ever missed a payment inadvertently? Must every candidate for every public office have a pristine past?

This thread is a symptom of the severe problem we face getting good people to run for public office. Exactly how pure must one be before one runs for public office? Who wants his or her entire life researched, as we can now do in modern times, in order to serve the public? And, I'm sorry, but it would seem that whoever posted this thread to begin with has some kind of ax to grind against Ms. Donovan-Lyle. Otherwise, why bring it up at all? In the great theme of things, it seems quite trivial to me.

I do not know this person at all. However, I am not going to decide whether I will vote for her or not predicated upon how up-to-date her property taxes are, unless it is such a severe deficit that it would call into question both her handling of money and her understanding of basic finances.
Now, stating all of that, why didn't someone close to Ms. Donovan-Lyle point out to her that she would be much better off borrowing money to pay off this tax liability, even if that meant taking out a second mortgage, rather than running for public office with this cloud hanging over her head? Doesn't she know anyone with some common sense?


take it the other way. If it is not much, why have it at all? Why have it hang around for over a year? Why decide to fix it once you decide to run for State Rep or before you get re-elected? If you can pay pay. If you can't pay don't pay and tell your story. Don't fix it prior to an election or running! The fact is she did not care while voting for tax increase in 2014 and did not pay her taxes and the school was owed over half. What is worse, she voted to put a levy on the ballot in 2014 knowing the district needed money and knowing she owed the district money. That just looks horrible. I am sorry, but elected officials should have a higher standard. Most people in Lucas County don't owe property taxes. Basically, it looks like she does not care and only fixed it to avoid election scrutiny.

I further explained my position to this:

run for public office.
Mountains and molehills, Chris.

If it were inadvertent, so be it. This looks like it was missed intentionally.

Most of the "good" people will not run for office because they are usually solid in their employment and probably don't want the headache.

I agree with Chris, politicians must be held to a higher standard. They are usually stewards of public money, and to claim new taxes must be passed or old ones renewed while not paying their own is disingenuous at best.

have "solid employment." Duh! Public service should NOT be done for self improvement. It should be done to help the most people one can. When one has "solid employment," and one chooses to remain anonymous in their private employment, what in the world would make that individual turn her/his life upside down in order to run for public office and allow issues like this one to taint their integrity? And, as far as holding public servants to a higher standard is concerned, how many people got sick because of the listeria in bags of Dole-brand salad? Those in the private sector must be held to high standards, too! Here's a link to the CDC report on this issue:

Let me be clear. I've stated that she should have never allowed this to happen, if at all financially possible. However, it is relatively small issues like this that a few blow up from molehills into mountains, that turn many "good people" away from doing a community service by running for public office. I've known innumerable intelligent, dedicated, successful citizens who would give back to society by serving on a local school board, village or city council, township board, or as a state legislator, but won't expose themselves to the public scrutiny, which is too often so petty! Some locally elected officials even get death threats! No wonder we seldom get the best and the brightest to run!

smokescreen for the real issue. Many on this site just do not want to pay taxes for any public service, at least until they or someone close to them need it. It seems that the real beef with Ms. Donovan-Lyle is that she voted to allow the citizens of the Sylvania School District to vote on increased school taxes. (In Ohio, most school taxes MUST go to a vote of the people in the district.) I have a very fundamental difference of opinion about this.
To me, traditional public education is a vital part of a free society. IMHO, Jefferson was wrong when he stated that, "all men are created equal." In fact, we are all "created" unequal. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses. What would have better expressed what I believe Jefferson meant, was that all people have the fundamental right to equal opportunity. It is simply not fair that no matter how effective, or how poor traditional public schools may be, the children of wealthy parents will always have the opportunity to become well educated and/or well trained. Wealthy people do not need effective public schools! Effective public schools help to more nearly level out the playing field for children born into poverty with those born into wealth.
Most Democrats and most liberals believe in making opportunity as nearly equal as is humanly possible. Most conservatives and most Republicans believe that wealth should have privileges.
I voted for the last Sylvania school levy. I am retired. I have no children or grandchildren currently attending the Sylvania Public Schools. I simply see paying school taxes as a civic duty. That does not mean that I want tax money wasted. It does mean that I want a well-functioning traditional public school system, however. And, I am willing to pay more so that all children have the opportunity to thrive.

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