Red Wine--Better for thee, than me!


Check this one out:
This should open some eyes! Since I'm middle age, this applies to me as well.

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I wonder why you are so concerned about the ingesting of alcohol? You are so concerned that you cite a source from a socialist government, and its national health care system?! WOW!! You must REALLY be worried! How safe is the level you consume, G-MAN?

I, myself, consume 125 ml. of wine per day. That translates into 1.6 of their units per day, or 11.2 units per week. Not only is that below the socialist government's national health care's previous guidelines for men, which allowed for greater consumption for men than for women, it is also below the new, revised guidelines for both men and women! As usual, even when you read and cite an article, you only skim it, or purposely fail to cite facts or studies that just don't match your argument. Here's what the new guidelines state in the article you cite: "The Government currently advises men do not drink more than three to four units per day - up to 21 units or less per week - while women should drink no more than two to three units a day, or 14 units per week.
Under the new guidelines the gender difference will be thrown out and drinkers will be to keep off the booze for at least two days a week in order to allow their livers to recover."

Thank you for your concern for "my" health, G-MAN. You certainly place a LOT of faith in this national health care study for this socialist government! I will change my wine-drinking if and when my private primary-care physician, and/or my cardiologist direct me to do so. Before they suggested that I consume a glass of red wine every day, I probably had about one drink of an adult beverage per month.
As it is, I really have to plan for this one glass of wine! It would be a relief to have one less health-care thing to do. Thanks, G-MAN!!

G-Man thinks red wine is isopropyl alcohol, fruit flavoring and red dye no. 2. Obviously Richards Wild Irish Rose may be his choice of dinner wine.

I'm willing to bet he knows what the Constitution says and if proven wrong wouldn't erroneously quote the Gettysburg Address.


other articles on this issue. The first is from the Mayo Clinic. It does show concern for alcohol abuse:
In the second, a cardiologist cites research into several studies. He first cites a compilation of studies of more than 1 million people. Next, is a study of specifically the heart health of 250,000 people. Third, is a study specific to 25,000 Greeks. Here it is:

All seem to conclude similar statistics. Overall heart health is best among those who drink in moderation, especially red wine. Moderate drinkers have higher HDL ("good" cholesterol), and lower LDL (the "bad" cholesterol which makes blood clots). The main concern of all of these studies is alcohol abuse.
BTW -- In my last blood test, my HDL level was actually ABOVE my LDL level. That's quite rare. And, as I have pointed out before, I did have angioplasty 20 years ago!
For a better understanding of this issue, here is a link to an article explaining what HDL and LDL refer to. (BTW -- My LDL was 39!)

I didn't mention your name in my thread.

consumption, G-MAN.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have gone many months, most of my life, ingesting no alcohol whatsoever. I only started my one glass of wine a day routine about 5 years ago, at the suggestion of various physicians. The only time I had a problem drinking was the one time I have cited, over 30 years ago, when I had my one and only hangover. Unlike the man in this interview, I did not feel a difference during those times I did not imbibe, and I've dropped over 20 pounds in the last year, even while drinking my one per day. I actually weigh less now than I did the day I was married in 1969 when I was a virtual teetotaler!
Here's the first article:
Anyone who is reading this and drinks every day to "relax" or to become more "garrulous" should take note.
Here is a related article about drinking just one beer:

Please note that each article refers to some health benefits from one adult beverage per day. The main concern is when one such drink leads to more. That is a serious problem. It seems that very few people can limit themselves to one such drink per day. Ir you have such a problem, I suggest, and all of the health related information suggests, that you are better off not to drink anything at all.

Since you already sounded off about Sarah Palins' son, what would your suggestions be about him?

He needs to go to AA or get involved in a similar program. He needs to go to a good psychologist or psychiatrist to work out the problems underlying his addiction and his violent behavior. Needless to say, Track should avoid ALL ALCOHOL! He should never take a drink again!
I am not a mental health professional, and I never even played one on TV, but I suspect Track's issues are more likely to emanate from his upbringing than from anything Obama has done or has failed to do.

BTW -- I would recommend that Sarah and Todd enroll in AL-ANON, or a similar program. One or both might explore their own relationship with drugs as well. It would seem to be a big help to Track if both Sarah and Todd gave up drugs, including alcohol, themselves. That's what concerned parents would do. Track learned about losing himself in drugs somewhere.

And all of the Republicans should tone down the "holier-than-thou" rhetoric. As Jesus admonished us, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

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