Reparations, Taxes and other Issues


I have a reparation question(s). Would a million dollar check be subject to Taxes-federal, state, local? And also with regards to unpaid civil judgements, unpaid criminal fines, rent for people currently in custody, and so on? At least, since the bill for slavery would then be paid in full, one would be well advised not to automatically vote no on this issue w/o ALL these questions being answered beforehand. It might well be the best money the Country ever spent on anything.

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Have been a wage/tax, inheritance tax, property tax, sales tax slave my entire life. Am ENTITLED to go to the front of the line for my $1mil and then slink back into the central city using throw away phones, frequent moves, and all the tricks not to pay those obligations. Am far above playing by the rules. Catch me if you can.

Maybe we should all get DNA checks, I mean, who knows for sure what went on in our families years ago?

"Am far above playing by the rules."

Laws are only for Whites to obey. Didn't you get the memo?

Like the young lad who went into the church in S.C. and killed nine people. I'm sure he was obeying the law.

You don't even understand what I said. Because if I did, you'd stop being a Liberal, and you don't have the moral fortitude and self honesty required for that.

Won't be necessary soon in the future when all newborns will have identifying gps chips installed while we eat a lunch of solient green.

I hear ya!!

Just think, no more skin cancer.

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