Equality In America

In 1887, ex-slaves began petitioning the federal government for pensions and compensation for the years they had labored without wages before abolition. When Congress ignored their thousands of petitions, they tried to sue for wage theft but were told they could not. At the very least, all African Americans should be eligible for reparations. Monies could come from corporations, from banks and insurance companies.

Reparations for unpaid labor are restitution, payment for damages to make whole for harm done. No restrictions should be made on how the money is spent. If their ancestors had received wages for their labor they too would have bought what they wanted, invested it as they desired, or given it to churches or schools or charities.

One million dollars for each African American should be a good place to start. Each African American identified as African American during the last Census should be the recipients.

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Sure, sounds good, right after we deduct the trillions of dollars of individual welfare payments made to Negroes over the decades. Sounds to me when eyeballing the balance of payments, Negroes will end up OWING the government. A million dollars per Negro sounds OK to me. Guys like Barack Obama who are mulatto, will be charged $500K. Quadroons, $250K. Octaroons, $125K.


Of course I'm joking, since this "reparations" thing is so racist (morally faulty) and frankly illegal, that it's pathetic that anyone with a brain ever brings it up. So it's not surprising that Zey brings it up. There's nothing in his head but Liberal vapor, just like in the head of John Conyers.

When slavery was legal, it was legal. Therefore no reparations are owed.

End of story.

It was illegal. Remember this, all men have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Don't worry, be happy!

Keep running that something for nothing outlook. Since there is no free lunch people will start to lose weight and wreak Oprah's big plan having bought 10% of Weightwatchers stock in Oct. then going on the commercials herself. Common shares then went up 15%. Seems she needed to fatten her bank balance after all the losers she has had lately. Remember this is the woman who said racism won't go away until all the old white people are dead. So add to fat Oprah's fortune and join today she's only doing those adds to help people live longer lives. A female Bill Cosby.

This just proves that the only thing an African American can do, and not be ridiculed, is not be an African American.




Well, it only stands to reason that if you want to be considered EQUAL, you should stop demanding special privileges for yourself.

P.S. Zey you can find a good burn cream at Walgreen's. You need it.

Careful the guy who can't read the constitution will accuse you of quoting Mein Kompf here.


I don't think people of color are asking for special privileges. They are demanding the return of their property stolen by those entitled Bozo's and Clarabell's.

Specially when those special privileges have now been deemed to be entitlements.

Affirmative action and cash awards for skin color, aren't special privileges?

Liberals like you are mentally ill.

I came from a stock of poor folk out of Pennsylvania. Where's my reparations for generations of being exploited by unscrupulous White elites who ran the mines and farmlands, 'undermining' my bloodline of the prosperity it should have had?


Oh wait, because my skin is White, right? No special privileges for me!

You and Conyers need to get over your racism and inequality schticks. If anyone needs reparations, it's the set of poor European-American laborers who built this nation. But we don't demand such things since we're not weak-blooded simpering douchebags like you, Zey. And we won't permit racial reparations to happen, either. Slavery is now ancient history, economically speaking. If you truly believe that slavery has kept you from advancing in life, then your IQ must be the Black American average of 85. Or something.

Your ancestors were not forced to stay in bondage. They could have left anytime they wanted to.

Modern Blacks aren't forced to stay in bondage either. Bother to make a point.

All the people who were victimized by slavery are now dead. Long dead, actually. Reparations are logically fallacious as well as being legally unfounded. And it's yet another example of how Liberals like you continue to assume that Blacks are inferior and can't fend for themselves.

You Liberals are never able to accept that fact about your ideology. The Blacks hate you Liberals as much as anything for that, too.

They've been institutionalized, on a national level. In other words, SOL.

Demanding the return of stolen property and services is not being institutionalized.

But, not being able to survive w/o said items IS.

Services being "stolen" means slavery was illegal at the time, and it wasn't. You've failed again, Zey.

And what property was stolen? Details, please.

Slavery violated the constitution which meant slavery was illegal.

At the time slavery was constitutional.

Also no one alive today was a slave and it's very unlikely that a child of a slave is alive today.

My ancestors who were in this country during the time of slavery were Quakers in Pennsylvania who never owned slaves and objected to the owning of slaves. When the civil war came about two of them gave their lives for the cause of abolition. Thus I believe my family has paid enough towards the abomination that was slavery.


You need to show me where in the Constitution that says slavery was legal.

Once again ZC has a fundamental misunderstanding of the Constitution.

Now he wants to know if slavery was legal. It was and this was affirmed by the Dred Scott v. Samford. Also the emancipation proclamation affirmed that slavery was legal as it freed the slaves in Confederate states yet did not address those of Maryland and Delaware. Slavery only became illegal through the passage of the thirteenth amendment.

Of course I would not expect a man who misquotes the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address to have looked this information up himself.


It's interesting how some groups feel they are entitled to make up rules to justify their greed. Slavery was a tool for a few rich people to become richer. They also refused to give up slavery by succeeding from the union to perpetuate more greed. This same group bought land from France to further the greed and the land didn't belong to the French. The land belonged to Native Americans. The laws that said slavery was legal were unconstitutional and they were eventually reversed by real Anericans.

Another long winded way to avoid saying you were wrong. AGAIN.


The issue is, slavery was legal, until it wasn't. Slavery was built into the US Constitution in such a way that denies your (implied?) claim that slavery was unconstitutional from the very beginning.

Greed and submission and control are biological problems, the result of the Human organism. We will always have those. You might as well complain about the wind and the rain.

Wrong as usual, Zey. Why are you Liberals so blatantly wrong?


The Constitution of the United States was drafted in 1787, and included several provisions regarding slavery. Section 9 of Article I forbade the Federal government, from banning the "importation" of persons that an individual state's laws considered "proper to admit" until January 1, 1808, though a tax of ten dollars each was allowed (and which was immediately imposed, after ratification). Article V prohibited amending those portions of Section 9 before 1808. By prohibiting Federal banning of the slave trade for two decades, Article V effectively protected the trade until 1808, giving the States 20 years to resolve this issue. During that time, planters in states of the Lower South imported tens of thousands of slaves, more than during any previous two decades in colonial history.

As further protection for slavery, the delegates approved Section 2 of Article IV, which prohibited states from freeing slaves who fled to them from another state, and required the return of chattel property to owners.

In a section negotiated by James Madison of Virginia, Section 2 of Article I designated "other persons" (slaves) to be added to the total of the state's free population, at the rate of three-fifths of their total number, to establish the state's official population for the purposes of apportionment of Congressional representation and federal taxation.

Note well that the following act stood as national law until Lincoln signed the Emancipation:


Note further that the FSA 1850 was implicitly challenged in 1854, but by 1859 it was fully supported by the U.S. Supreme Court when it overruled a state court. By definition, slavery passed the constitutional test.

What essentially ended the legality of slavery in the United States, was the 13th Amendment, passed 1865. That CHANGED the US Constitution.

Looks like you're gonna need some corrective surgery after this one, Zey.

Lazy bastards. Couldn't get it done without forced free labor from Africans. Obama is in office. Now we are getting it done by a free man of African decent who gets paid.

Wish I lived in the land of cotten
old times there are not forgotten

And the South will rise again!

So you admit that I was right and that you were wrong. Thanks.

As for "getting it done", what exactly are you getting done with the Banker President, Obama, in office? You got further slavery for everyone (who pays taxes) as he's presided over the largest federal borrowing spree, ever. Obama has doubled the federal public debt.

If I remember correctly the Republicans created the largest debt.

quadrupled after 12 years of Reagan and Bush #41! The national debt went from less than $1 trillion when Reagan took office to over $4 trillion by the time Bill Clinton became POTUS 12 years later!

It's well known when they read the Nazi Playbook their memory becomes distorted and the disease of entitlement takes over.

Obama should have used his veto power, then. The Senate didn't have enough Republican votes to overturn his veto.

Face facts, Zey: Obama has presided over a doubling of the national debt. That's on your head and on the heads of all Liberals who supported that shined-up turd (i.e. Barack Hussein Obama).

It's always Obama's fault. Five-thousand years ago Obama caused the Great Flood of Noah Fame.

national debt in the 12 years of Reagan/Bush #31!! Under Reagan alone, in his 8 years, the NATIONAL DEBT TRIPLED!

Bill Clinton BALANCED THE BUDGET AND HAD SURPLUSES which W and his Republican cohorts in Congress quickly turned into deficits!
That's on the heads of Republicans, and those who vote for them, Chicken Little!

This isn't a question posed at big-government Republicans. I already know those people are douchebags.

This is a question posed instead to Democrats. Why did your Black Messiah preside over a doubling of the national debt? As a "man of the people" how can you explain why Obama screwed your children and grandchildren?

The answer is obvious: Obama isn't a Democrat. He's a Bankercrat. And we knew this sufficiently when he was elected in 2008, and it was emblazoned across the sky in huge celestial letters when he was re-elected in 2012.

Now that Hillary Clinton is heading the same way, the same question applies: Why are Democrats supporting another Bankercrat?

Here we all work 'long the Mississippi
Here we all work, while the white boys play
Gettin' no rest from the dawn till the sunset
Gettin' no rest till the judgment day

You don't look up, you don't look down
You don't dare make the rich boss frown
Bend your knees and bow your head
And tote that barge until you're dead

properly. President Obama came into office with the nation plummeting into the Great Recession. Once again, you do not know history or basic economics at all! How can anyone take your posts seriously when you are so far removed from reality?

This is not a Democratic country, nor is it a Republican country. Both political parties have responsibilities and influence. When Bill Clinton became POTUS, Republicans predicted that his economic policies would lead us to record deficits and economic ruin. With a majority of Democrats in both the House and the Senate, changes in the tax structure started the nation down a road of shrinking deficits, which turned into balanced budgets and surpluses.
For whatever reasons, in the 2000 election, Americans abandoned that leadership enough to allow the SCOTUS to name a minority POTUS. Republicans then changed tax and economic policies. The Republican POTUS misused the excuse of the horrific 9/11 attacks to start two wars, one of which was totally indefensible, fought only to "git the man who tried to kill my daddy." By removing Sadam, against the specific advise of his father in his book about the first Iraq War, this left a void which is now filled by extremists of Daesh and their fellow travelers. In addition, this led America down a road of growing deficits and economic emergency.
President Obama entered office with a nation in severe crisis. Congress and the POTUS took actions to turn the nation around. The Republicans, and you, Chicken Little, simply do not articulate how much better things are now than they were in the first few months of his presidency. The unemployment rate is less than half of what it was at its peak. The deficits are down significantly from their peaks. We have gone from importing more oil than we export, to a nation that is a net oil exporter. Millions of Americans have health insurance who did not have it before Obama became POTUS. In the vernacular of the far right, that "hopey/changey" stuff has worked quite well.
But, go ahead, Mr. Empty Glass. Wallow in your ignorance. Ignore the record. Ignore the improvements. Only look to the worst in America. And proudly fly The Donald's banner of fear, hatred, and intolerance!

Obama's actions in response to this severe crisis was to only make it worse. To date, only 1 banker ever ended up prosecuted for anything approximating his role in the 2008 crash; and that 1 banker ran around scot free for over 6 years past his crime to boot. That's all on Obama's head. This is too simple a truth for you Liberals to escape. Obama turned out to be a guy who preferred to spend his time shedding crocodile tears for dead Black criminals (to demonize the White working class, whom Democrats loathe), than chase the rich White people who caused all the problems (since those rich White people fund all the election campaigns).

And nobody buys the idea that Obama is blameless for the economy. Passing the Affordable Care Act was all on his head. That slammed middle-class America. And why does any President get a magic pass on a 2-term run for economic results? Well, Democrats give Democrat Presidents that pass, and Republicans give Republican Presidents that pass. What you're doing (as usual) is pure partisan propaganda, Dale. A child could see it.

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