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More evidence bubbling up on Hickey.

Much more to come. Slowly, but it's coming.

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Patrick Hickey = Bill Cosby

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

story paints him in a different light (contrary to what supporters) have said.

If you know PH, please encourage him to get some professional help. I knew him when he was a little boy. I'm not saying this maliciously, but he is self-destructing before the eyes of everyone. To some people it makes for good media, but it is sad and tragic. If you know him, please encourage him to seek some help from a professional counselor.

Seems to be the prudent course to take, CORKY.

Hickey has been mentally unstable for years. He is a liar, cheat and a fraud. Dave Hunter, his good friend is acting surprised and disappointed at Hickeys behavior now all of a sudden. Back in 2007 Hunter refused to talk to people who tried to warn him about the predator that Hickey is. Pat Carmean and Jim Langenderfer were the only two school board member who tried to find out and stop Hickey from his devious behavior. Hunter should be thrown out along with the other two Hickey cronies for covering up all his perverted and crooked dealings. What an embarrassment to the school district. Clean house. Hickey is one sick bastard and should be locked up.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Professionally I have no sympathy for PH. Personally, I feel bad for him, his children, his wife (does he still have one?) and his family.

by Mr. Hickey are true, we have two sets of victims. First, we have those who are alleged to have been directly victimized. But, there is another group of victims as well. It's hard to feel sorry for the perpetrator. However, Mr. Hickey's family and friends are also victims. It will be most difficult for all of them to lead anything like normal lives for many years to come. How profoundly sad for them! And how unfair it is that they should suffer for the alleged actions of someone other than themselves. Guilt by association is a very real thing.

I'm not sure of the specifics of the Jeremy Baumhower connection to this, but it seems that he is exploiting PH's personal issues. Make no mistake, PH is serving those issues up on a silver platter. That being said, it seems like JB is benefitting or attempting to benefit from this slow motion implosion. Like you, I feel very badly for his family and for the persons' impacted directly by this mess.

"I'm not sure of the specifics of the Jeremy Baumhower connection to this"
Hickey and Baumhower were boning the same teacher.
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely:. Absolute power is basically what Hickey had over the WLS district over these last eight years or so Thanks to his good friend Dave Hunter and the manipulating and schmoozing of 90 year old former school board members. He cannot except the fact that his reign of terror is over. That is why he is snapping out at basketball games. His former cronies such as Snook and Mourlan are trying to distance themselves from this psychopath now after having their tongues up his ass for years. He can't take it.
I'd bet money Hickey paid money himself to have those billboards put up, still trying to self promote himself. He managed to get Canales , who doesn't even live in the district and has DUI's ,back on the board to vote in his favor. Hickey has wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars of tax pay money and I for one am glad he is gone. To all the Hickey cult member asswipes out there who fell for his bullshit , fuck you all too, you are the ones that help keep
this predictor in power.
Yeah too bad about his kids having to live through this. He didn't seem to care about them however. Just remember one word :

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

This Baumhower is another piece of shit.
He should move in with Hickey.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Whomever made that site had better hope that it contains provable information. There are many claims that I don't know if they could prove. All it would take is one misstatement and they are open to a lawsuit.


to telling the truth. These lines are somewhat blurred, legally, when it comes to those considered to be "public figures," under general rules like: "Any publicity is good publicity," and, "Say anything about me; just spell my name right." However, even "public figures" have sued others successfully for libel and/or slander.
We do have freedom of speech. But we also have to face the consequences of that speech, even if the things we state are true. I did speak to Jim Langenderfer a number of weeks ago. As I stated before, he and I have been friends for several years now, playing senior softball together. I will not discuss specifics of what he told me in relation to this most serious issue. However, from everything I have read and seen, Jim has always been honest in his statements about the situation with the former Washington Local superintendent. Yet, Jim has received many personal threats. He joked with me, "I asked one of my neighbors if he wanted to start my car for me. He wouldn't do it!" This is an example of Jim's wicked sense of humor, but it also underlines the fact that, even if one speaks the truth, one has to live with the reactions to the public statements and actions one takes, even though one's statements and actions are fully within the coverage of the First Amendment.

That jackoff Baumhower, just like Hickey has been threatening lawsuits for months. Its all a bluff. What are they going to file a lawsuit about? All the info about those two ass wipes is true.They pissed off the wrong people.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I agree with you. My brother had several interactions with Baumhower and described him as "a huge douchebag". I just want the owner of that site to not give Baumhower any moral high ground.


Here is the latest.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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