Patrick Hickey resigns

The Washington Local School board voted 5-0 to accept Patrick Hickey's resignation this evening closing his almost 8 year stint as superintendent of Washington Local Schools.

It is an interesting development since his resignation would mean he decides to exit the system. His resignation is probably the best thing for everyone including Hickey. He can move forward quickly and not look like he has an axe to grind with the board and members of it. It is in his best interest to move forward because too much baggage would come with looking backward, but only time will tell if this is the case.

With a polarizing figure now out of the picture, things will hopefully begin to get back on an even keel and the community can come back together.

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Good. However, there are three remaining problems:

1. It still takes an enormous effort to get rid of a ruinous alpha male from a system.

2. The system is still presided over by a WL Board of Education that are obviously filled with 'weak sisters'. They permitted Hickey to run rampant. They all need to go.

3. Ultimately, such a Board of Education exists because the moron voters emplaced them.

It all boils down to the mental retards who purport to be the middle class, who live in the Washington Local school system, who vote like total idiots. There are just too many idiots there.

I guess, according to Mr. Empty Glass, the only one who knows anything about anything is you! Don't tell The Donald! He ALWAYS thinks that everyone else is an idiot but HIM!!

Your mouth is particularly foot-shaped, Dale. Hickey was a big problem for all the reasons I outlined and for all the reasons the involved complainants outlined. Now he's gone, and if it wasn't for the power of citizen action, he'd still be chasing pussy within his school system and thus chain of command. There's a reason why sexual misconduct is defined in company and institution policies. You'd think that you would honor that, since you're a dumb Liberal who believes unquestioningly in an integrated workforce.

But a Hickey clone could be made Superintendent tomorrow, and the pussy-chasing shenanigans could happen again, and with the Board of Education being stocked with weak sisters, we'd have to go through this long and painful process yet again. Why? Another solution is needed. The system itself is the problem. Neighbor should look at neighbor and finally see the core stupidity and complacency. People need insight, even if that insight reveals their own flaws. (That's one of the most basic complaints that I have about Liberals, by no mean coincidence. Liberals have little insight and as a result they commit extensive acts of hypocrisy.)

While I don't support your vulgarity and offensive labels (retards - really?) I do agree that my fellow community members lack insight, basic integrity, and, well, common sense. The candidates that are elected.....shoot me. I live here, I grew up here, and I feel like I am on Pluto. It looks like my neighborhood, but it isn't. Do you know what I mean?

Weak sisters in an understatement as far as the BOE is concerned. I don't agree they all are. Carmean and Langenderfer took the info I gave them and did work hard to get to the bottom of it. They were fought tooth and nail by Illstrup, Hunter, Kiser, and all the candidates, minus Cindy Perry.

And Jeremy Baumhower who stirred all this shit to a frenzy.....suffice it to say he has not endeared himself to the community.

I would love for someone to explain to me what the relationship is between he and Hickey.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

Love when people use the term retards.

She says the people lack insight, basic integrity, and common sense.

I say they're retards.

Anyone who isn't a retard can see our labels are too close to call a winner. Except for one thing: Her labeling scheme isn't insulting enough, which was my clear intent.

I can't decide whether you're just a flaming jerk or you're my new hero......

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

Guest Zero does have a point about the voters. Does anyone know why Hickey resigned?
The BOE accepted his resignation but nothing was said at that meeting last night about why?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Here is Patrick's goodbye letter he passed out to everyone at the meeting last night.

December 11 ,2015

The last 14 years serving the Washington Local community have been the most satisfying,
rewarding, and successful of my 29 years in education.

To the students of Washington Local -- I will miss you. Each one of you is sunshine and hope
and love in my life. You are amazing people. from beautiful families. Love does not die, and
my love for you will be in my heart forever. You have made me love life in powerful and
eternal ways.

To my team and the teachers and support staff of Washington Local -- I love you! You are
what make us "not normal." It is your love, your care, empathy, and compassion for our kids
that is the wind beneath our wings. You know that the kid in front of you may just be a kid in
the world, but to mom and dad and grandma and grandpa, they ARE the world. I will miss
each of you in varied and different ways. ALL of you have made a profound impact on me.

To the parents in the Washington Local community -- You are the most supportive,
enthusiastic, loving, and compassionate school community in the country. I was humbled to
walk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, and love you. Your children were my sole
purpose, my focus, and my passion. We encourage our students to find their passion and to
fuel it. Your kids were my passion, and together we loved them, lifted them up, and assisted
them to their destiny.

To those of you who are disappointed in my decision -- Know that I can never repay your
love, support, dedication, courage, and loyalty. The last two years have been difficult, painful,
and taxing. I spent inordinate hours defending myself and our work. My family suffered from
horrific rumors and innuendo about their dad and husband. The dad and husband they know
was not the person being vilified, mocked, and ridiculed. I apologize to you that I could no
longer subject the people I love to the evil and viciousness that seemed to never end.

To my family -- Thank you for being a superintendent's wife and a superintendent's kid. I
would not wish that on anyone. My love for you fills my heart to overflowing, it brings me to
my knees, and it literally sustains me. You are my reason for breathing, and I will redouble my
efforts to love you powerfully, unconditionally, and passionately.

I wish nothing but the best for Washington Local Schools. Together we accomplished
unprecedented success. The success we had seemed complex but it was really very simple -­
love kids unconditionally, lift them up, fuel their passion, embrace their beautiful diversity, and
celebrate their families.

My hope is that with my departure kindness -- simple kindness

can fill my gap.

Patrick Hickey

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

It seems a little odd in his goodbye letter that Hickey never even once expressed regret that he couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

Oh wait, Hickey is an alpha male for which irresponsible sex is as necessary to his life as is eating or breathing. Sorry, my bad. Carry on with that propaganda, Hickey.


I resigned to heal the district, nothing more, nothing less. A defamation suit will require you to prove that I am a pedophile (someone who has sex with someone under the age of 11), a sociopath, and a narcissist. You will need to produce the three WLS women who were going to file suit and the 200 blind copied emails. You will need to have proof (dna?) That I had sex outside of my marriage. You will need first hand accounts and not heresay or witnesses who claim they saw sex. I have now been damaged. I had 10 to 20 more years to work. The math is in the millions. I hope to meet you some day.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

1. I've read that you think you will prevail in a lawsuit, but do you think that it is likely he will sue you or do you think this is posturing by PH?

2. Was JB blind cc'd on emails or not?

3. Is there truth to the rumor that there was an argument in the school cafeteria between 2 of the teachers who are alleged to have been involved with PH? If that is true, were they disciplined?

4. If it is true that PH & JB were involved with the same women, why wouldn't JB expose PH instead of help shield him? That makes no sense to me and a lot of people.

5. Is there a police report on the incident in Addison? Have you seen it?

Sorry for the delay in answering, I lost my password!

1. My attorney said he would be foolish to file a suit because the evidence against him, which currently is not public knowledge, will all come out and expose him.

2. JBum is in possession of many confidential emails that were funneled to him via Hickey. They were discovered on JBum's cloud, so yes.

3. Yes, it's true. They were "disciplined" by a suspension. It is unclear whether or not it was paid. One of the teachers denied it was a suspension and told me that they took a "short leave." Tomato....Tomato......

4. In my humble opinion, I believe that JBum set this entire debacle up from the start. Although I don't think he knew it would blow up to the degree it has, it is my belief that he set this story up back in September to protect the teacher and to be "in the know" of a significant piece of news. If you go back to September, you will remember he reported the BOE wanted to get rid of Hickey because of the Bronde's deal. When he realized that his GF filed a complaint against Hickey and it had been investigated and about to come out, he started organizing the anarchy against the BOE. It wouldn't surprise me if JBum encouraged the teacher to file the complaint to begin with, however I have no knowledge that this is a the case.

What he didn't factor in was me coming out from nowhere and exposing the Addison stuff. I think one thing led to another for him and now he is vigorously defending this man to preserve the honor of his teacher girlfriend. Just my opinion.

5. Yes, there is a police report that was filed in Addison back when Brooke Brooks Kelly and her mother witnessed Hickey in the cemetery with a student and, as she has described, "the car was rocking and hopping and they weren't dribbling a basketball." This was reported to the school and the report was filed. I have not seen the report, but I have talked directly to a police officer who confirmed it was filed. I am in the process of obtaining the report and should have it in the very near future.

I hope I answered all of your questions!

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

Thank you. Very helpful.

Turns out JB and PH are both frauds. Oddly, one of the things that alerted me was when JB did the podcast interviewing Dave Hunter.


I hope you've consulted a lawyer. Primarily because since he was a public official all criticism of him is valid political opinion. Likewise it's HE who has to prove 1) that there was malice on your part 2) that your comments did damage to him.

I'm sure your attorney will tell you that you have a strong case AND that his message (please tell me you saved it) could constitute a threat to silence your political commentary.

EDIT: Also, he resigned. Of his own accord. He was not fired. So he was not damaged.


You are correct on all accounts! I have a great attorney and I have no fear. This needed to come out once and for all. Although it was never my intention to be the one leading the charge to clean this up, here I am. Now I have to finish it. The finish will be epic. Stay tuned.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

...but he's not denying it. He's just saying PROVE IT.


“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

Terri, Hickey is a sly bastard. How can YOU prove anything if none of the persons who were violated come/came forward? It appears to me that the WLS BOE did the same thing that the Addison BOE did. Told Patrick to resign and we will pay you so much money to go away and not divulge to the public why we want you out of our school system. We (WLS) will pass this pervert to another school district and the cycle will continue. The way this played out, it looks like The BOE rail roaded Patrick out for no good reason. That suck ass Hunter was on the news with tears in his eyes saying how sad he was to see Patrick go because he was so wonderful. (I can see why Hunter loved Patrick so much being he hired in all his kids and their wife's to teach in WLS ). The board should of reveled what their investigation
uncovered to the public so everyone would finally know what a wonderful man Patrick really is. He is still controlling the board and manipulating the press. That whole school board should be thrown out with Hickey. Everyone on that board or trying to get elected to that board (maybe with the exception of Carmean and Lang.) have a personal agenda and it hasn't nothing to do with "loving kids" or "serving the community".
Hickey skates again unscathed. It makes me want to vomit. Done ranting.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

If you knew me, you would be 100% confident that this ain't over by a long shot.

Hang tight.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

The district wouldn't need "healing" if he had just kept his dick in his pants.

He wouldn't have resigned if there wasn't actionable information against him.

Time to file a FOI request.

You're right about that GZ. Supposedly on Twitter Hickey said he was going to run for school board in 2017. Unbelievable.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Hickey is an asshole. I'm glad jerks like him are found out and forced out.

He can send his lawyer to me.


Exactly Mikeya. You bring up a great point as far as damages go. He resigned on his own free will. Why? Oh that is right , he wants to heal the community. (wink, wink). We he says I like to meet you some day sounds like a threat to me. The buy out was supposedly for over 200 grand. Take the money and run. Go away. He wants to run for school board now in 2017? That is some healing.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

immense contributions of the teachers of the Washington Local Schools. Not being a resident there, and not having worked there, I plead personal ignorance of the actual accomplishments of the school district. However, from the public statements of those supporting Hickey, it seems that things are going well there. The mistake those supporters make is ascribing the vibrancy and success of the school district to the superintendent. If things are going well, this is the direct result of teachers working with students and their parents as a team to give students the best opportunities for learning, with the active support of the community.
When was the last time Mr. Hickey taught a classroom of students in the Washington Local Schools? Ever? Do most superintendents, even in small districts, ever teach a class? Do they ever come into direct contact with students other than those who are being honored for something or other?

The best thing that superintendents can do to affect the school district in a positive way is to stay out of the way of the staff and to protect professional teachers from administrators who mostly get their jobs by sucking up to those in power. The second best thing superintendents can do is to be an ambassador to the community, representing and presenting a positive image of the school district. And, yes, superintendents have an obligation to select good supervisory personnel so that teachers properly identified as incompetent are removed in a timely and legal fashion. Sadly, the latter seldom happens. The suck up/move up rule usually applies.

I wish only the best to the Washington Local Schools. That is what the students need, what their parents expect, and what the community deserves. There are innumerable good to great candidates out there from which to choose the next superintendent for your schools. Do so judiciously.

Dale you bring up a great point also. I live in Washington Local. All the Hickey cult members
keep saying what a wonderful man he is and because of him the levies passed. What a crock of shit. WLS never had trouble passing levies and were doing it long before that swinging dick showed up. All his self promotion probably turned a lot of people off. The BOE been turning their heads for years letting him get out of control. Someone could go back since he became super and look at all the shady dealings he was behind like when him and his sidekick Snook had to pay OHSAA 50K for breaking the rules. Hickey said "we didn't do anything wrong". IF that true why did you have to flush 50 grand of taxpayer money down the toilet? The BOE did nothing. The boy lover Randy Sel making 90K driving around playing cop. Letting Cedar Creek infiltrate the schools. The list goes on and on. I would say
WLS is a good school system not because of Hickey but in spite of him!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

"The best thing that superintendents can do to affect the school district in a positive way is to stay out of the way of the staff and to protect professional teachers from administrators who mostly get their jobs by sucking up to those in power."

No, in this case the best thing that Hickey could have done was not try to stick his own staff in the staff.

This entire affair is about sexual misconduct. Nothing else. Focus, you Liberal moron. Focus.


"No, in this case the best thing that Hickey could have done was not try to stick his own staff in the staff."

Now that was funny!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

You can READ all Patrick Hickey tweets and replies right here.

Here's the funny thing. I kind of wonder if JB had stayed out of it would this all quietly been handled and PH would've maintained employment. I think JB inadvertently brought a lot of attention to PH.

I think your right about that Corky. Bums wife probably wouldn't of found out about him doing that teacher and she wouldn't of dumped him. Hickey would of just manipulated the board like he always has and talk his way out of everything.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I don't know what to think now. I might be owing Mr. Hickey an apology . I listened to him last night on the Denny Schaffer radio show. He said the $30K investigation cleared him of any wrong doing. He claimed to have went to Cleveland and took a polygraph test and passed it.
The whole reason the this mess started was because he took a hour away from some Opsie grandfathered union members. According to Pat, they were mad as hell and got Carmean and Lang. elected to go after him. It had nothing to do with his relations with his staff. He even said that when His good friend Canales gets in that the board might hire him back. I have heard nothing from the BOE or any other officials challenging him on this. What he is saying might be true because it would be too easy to refute. I might have to join the Hickey cult. Is Cedar Creek taking applications?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Didn't the original reprimand make something of a "too familiar" leadership style? If the polygraph was focused on a sexual relationship, then that might explain why he passed. It sounded like an emotional affair from the emails that were posted on the Blade.

Here is the truth: The $30K investigation is not accurate. Dave Hunter said 2 BOE meetings ago that $35K was spent on LEGAL FEES and security for the board meetings. Mr. "It's all about me" took that to mean that's what the BOE spent on an investigation into his wrong-doing.

What's really interesting is where he admits he fired 9 people for not joining "the Creek." Make sure you watch with a bucket so you have somewhere to vomit.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

of professional personnel one way or the other. Just seemed to be a long advertisement for Cedar Creek Church.

Let me go back and get the right one. sorry.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton



Here is the link:

He was talking about 9 people not getting "on the ship." I misunderstood - the ship he refers to is abiding by the WLS core values, not the Creek.

My mistake.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

presentation -- firing teachers. In Ohio, the only thing tenure ensures is that the person is entitled to due process rights. This is not the case in every state, however. Teachers in Ohio can be fired, but administrators must build a case the right way.
The main problem has been, for the most part, incompetent administrators. Either the supervisor/principal does not follow proper procedure in disciplining a teacher, and/or firing that teacher, or the administrator just wants to fire someone (s)he doesn't like for whatever reason. Then, unions get a bad name for defending the teacher involved. The teachers' union is most often involved because the administrator screwed up, not because the union wants to keep an incompetent practitioner in the classroom. Excellent teachers, and the union officials they elect to lead them, do NOT want poor practitioners teaching "their" children!
Most people locally do not know that the Toledo Federation of Teachers, TPS's teacher union, was the first ever to take part directly in the full responsibility for training and evaluating first year teachers, and in evaluating experienced, even tenured, teachers as needing intervention to either improve in their teaching assignment, or be fired! This union-initiated, negotiated agreement has been challenged in court, and TPS and TFT have won consistently.
Before the use of teacher evaluators for first year teachers, with administrators doing the evaluations, most years saw zero first year teachers non-renewed. The non-renewal rate since experienced teachers took over the evaluation of first year teachers in TPS is 8-12%! And dozens of experienced teachers have been identified, usually jointly by building administrators and union building committees, as needing intervention. Many of them leave TPS, either voluntarily or by being fired, because they fail to improve in their teaching assignments.

Terri, You seem to be the most knowledgeable about what is going on here. Maybe you can answer some questions if you know and respond to some of my observations.
1) Did the BOE have an investigation on what happened in Addison And Findlay concerning Hickey?
2) Did Hickey take a lie detector test in Cleveland? Who paid for this? If true was the results turned over to the board?
3) Is it true that back in April Hickey ask the board to let him out of his contract?
4) Bumhower and Hickey were having relations with the same teacher correct?
This would explain the connection between Bum and Hick.
5) Is it true that Hunter has let Hickey use his cabin on vacations. Good friends?
Just because the police never were involved does not mean that Hickey is innocent of anything. due to the sensitive nature of the behavior, it seems most of the time in these cases the school is made aware of improprieties by the parent and everything is taken care of under the table.

Hickey went on the radio and basically said he was innocent of any wrong doing and that two board members were out to get him. What information did the board have on Hickey? If they had dirt on him why not just fire him and pay him nothing contract or no contract? Why can he say whatever he wants and the board has to stay quiet. Do you realize how many cool aid drinkers out there still believe Hickey was wronged?
Isn't all of this public knowledge?

So now WLS is going to pay this clown of 200K plus benefits to sit on his ass for the next year and undermine and cause more dissension and grief for the district. Some healing.

As someone mentioned, If Hickey did nothing wrong why did he resign from a good paying job like that?

Hickey said on the radio that he is sticking around and will run for school board in 2017
that is if Canales don't get him hired back first.
Of course he is going to stick around. He won't get job in this state if anyone halfway investigates him.
It appears to me that the BOE is doing the exact same thing that they did at Addison,
passing the perv on to someone else. The board needs to come out with any info they have and put this clown to sleep once and for all. Let him threaten to sue. Hickey is still manipulating the board and the students. The good oh boy network lives on. WLS is becoming a joke.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Hi Donna,

Here is what I know:

1. The BOE did NOT investigate what happened in Addison and Findlay. Dave Hunter ran his mouth 2 or 3 BOE meetings ago and bitched about spending $35K on legal fees and security for the meetings. The bullying parents misunderstood and the mob mentality twisted it to mean that amount was spent on an investigation. that is FALSE.
2. Hickey claims he took a lie detector test in Cleveland to address the allegations on Hickey Leaks. He also claims I am behind HL, which I am NOT. I believe HL was run out of Addison. Although I do not know this for sure, I am assuming he paid for it himself. I don't know if the results were turned over to the BOE.
3. I don't know the exact timeline, but yes he did before the teacher scandal broke in September.
4. Yes, although Hickey states that his relationship was not sexual. JBum was caught in the act by his wife, Shannon.
5. Dave says that he has let him use his cabin and it is my understanding that they have been good friends. It is also my understanding that Hickey is good friends with Dave's son Rob.

The Board of Education, with the exception of Langenderfer and Carmean, refuses to hear any information about Addison and/or Findlay. I learned of Hickey's history in Addison way back in September when one of his former students reached out to me after I spoke up about Hickey harassing his female employees. I tried to coordinate the former student to meet first with Illstrup, who refused. His excuse was because he thought he was just meeting with me and, because JBum portrayed me as some crazy lunatic spewing false venom against the Pied Piper of WLS, he declined. I then tried to arrange for the student to meet with Hunter. I was sent an email from his condescending daughter to stop using his name and quit endorsing him. His excuse for not meeting the former student is the same as Illstrup's. Needless to say, this person, now 40, who has kids in Addison and a husband, recoiled back into the woodwork.

Hickey sent me a letter, which I shared here, claiming he resigned "to heal the district." Yet he blames me for being "damaged." It makes no sense whatsoever. I will say that I have evidence to back up everything I've said about him and if he sues me, he will lose.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

I must admit when I first started to read this my heart sunk. Then you made me laugh. Thanks!

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

They are adamant that Hickey was railroaded unfairly out of his position.
While I do plead ignorance on this issue, in the interest of full disclosure, I do know one member of the Washington Local School Board very well. Jim Langenderfer and I have played together in the East Toledo Senior Center Softball Leagues for a number of years now. As the player-manager of one of the teams, I have selected Jim to play on my team at least two different summers. I consider Jim to be a friend. We sometimes have "talked shop" about education in general, but we have never discussed the specifics of what has been going on with the Hickey case. In fact, I haven't seen or spoken with Jim since softball season ended, to the best of my memory.
In general, I find Jim to be extremely direct in expressing his feelings about everything. He is not your typical political type in this fashion. Jim is very direct. He does not obfuscate issues. And I find Jim to be most intelligent with a rapier wit and a wicked sense of humor. I really like Jim personally. Even this past summer, when we played for different teams, we spent time together every week socializing before and after games.
You don't have to like Jim, but I can guarantee you that Jim is doing what he thinks is in the best interest of the Washington Local Schools. And, for those who don't know, Jim is a retired long-time superintendent himself. He knows education, and he knows the job from personal experience.

Jim is a very good educator and has the best interest of the students in mind always. The people are caught up in "mob mentality" Patricia Carmean is one of the nicest people too, the way these two are being treated is horrific.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

Hickey was awarded the "Sister Ann Joachim Award" for 2015 by the Siena Heights University Alumni Association for his strong leadership and contributions to the community.
This was advertised on the full page dedicated to Hickey in the WLS School life brochure
that was mailed out to WLS residents. However, this award was then TAKEN AWAY from the king of self promotion for some reason. Wonder why?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I've read that what is alleged to have happened in Addison Schools occurred in the 1990s. If that is the case, the statute of limitations to prosecute was 2 years after the student turned 18. Prosecuting teachers for this kind of thing is a relatively new phenomenon. Education even had the term "passing the trash" to describe it.

I'd love to know if it is true that his award was revoked.

The Siena Heights award wasn't "taken away," it is "on hold." We called up there and that is what we were told.

They didn't indicate if/when it would be awarded. They took my colleague's name and said they would call her back, but she has not heard back from them.

I'll let you all know when I hear back.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

I just want to tell all of you how you give me hope that there are people who live near or in the district who have common sense. I seriously thought for a moment that I was living in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It is unfathomable to me that this man was left alone for so long to infiltrate Cedar Creek into this community. I believe wholeheartedly, Hickey was planning to rebuild Whitmer High School and rename it Patrick C. Hickey High School. Did you know he had plans for a new school "drawn up" and that the BOE over-rode him to put resources towards the elementary schools?

While I have nothing against Cedar Creek, I do have a problem with his forceful integration of the "club" into the WLS district. It is alleged that people were passed over for job opportunities because they were not members of the "club."

In 2015, I'm going to say NO on that.

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

in particular, but I can speak about supervisors in general. Whether it's in school districts, other governmental agencies, or the private sector, the "suck up; move up" mentality is front and center! Good to great candidates are passed over for promotions every day to make room for those who are befriended by someone at or near the top of the power structure within an organization. The "Good Ol' Boys" network is still alive and well. A few females have learned how to play the game with the GOBs, but the guys still tend to dominate. And the hackneyed phrase, "It's not who you are, but who you know," still rings true.

I do have one real-life, anecdotal example. When I started teaching in TPS after spending 15 years in business with my father, one of my cousins had been a teacher for about 8 years. He wanted to be an administrator. He applied and went to interviews, but failed to get an administrative appointment several times.
He "knew" no one in central administration, nor on the TPS school board. Was he untalented? No! And here's the proof. He decided to go in a different direction and tried working part-time with a well-known local insurance company. He did so well, that after two years, he resigned from TPS, and worked as a full-time insurance agent. TPS lost a person who would have been a good to excellent administrator, and society gained one more good to excellent insurance agent. Even if you are male, if you aren't in with "one-of-the-boys," you're out!

That is amazing. There were all these allegations about Hickey when he was at Addison and the WLS BOE did not even talk to people at Addison to verify any of this information?
Is it because Hunter and Illstup already knew the answers Hunter must of knew this back in 2007 and kept it hushed up to protect his buddy. What dirt does Hick have on Hunt? Can you say Cover up. The people of WLS has a right to know. The Hick's Kool aid drinkers will continue, out of ignorance to stand by Hick because the BOE (Hunt & Illstep) won't tell them the truth. All three of those crooked bastards should be tossed out and thrown in jail.!!!!!!!!!!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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