Why Are The Republicans Sounding Like Rhetoric From Nazi Germany?

The more I here Republicans speak the more it sounds like they are reading the Nazi Playbook. Is this my imagination?

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is saying that, but make sure he is not being misquoted. Trump has said some strange & wrong things, but the most recent one was twisted.

But look at the other side, let's embrace illegals ignoring the fact they did something illegal, let's let the world burn down and do nothing about it, let's ram things down your throat whether you like it or not (healthcare, gay marriage), a president who refuses to say that it is radical Muslims who want to horrifically murder people and wish to lecture us - Trump is looking good to the ones who think the pendulum has swung too far to the left - it is Obama and the Democrats who have created Trump, not the Republicans.

Read what Nate Silver has to say about Trump - statistically speaking he does not have a very good chance at winning the nomination because the percentage of people 6-8% of population who support Trump are statistically the same as the ones who deny the moon landing.

"That’s something like 6 to 8 percent of the electorate overall, or about the same share of people who think the Apollo moon landings were faked.)"

And if the ones who support Trump are 6-8% of the U.S. electorate, that is less than the 8-14% of Muslims who agree with terrorism.
"About 14% of Muslims in the nations surveyed (and 8% of Muslims in the US) said violence against civilians is "often" or "sometimes" justified. "

So if you believe that Trump speaks for all Republicans, then you agree the weird 8-14% of Muslims speak even more strongly for Muslims. So are you saying that you also believe that all Muslims want terrorism? I highly doubt that - I hope.

Silver extrapolates data from some poll or other to get his minimal percentage of the "overall electorate." Silver assumes by this, and I think purposely in an erroneous fashion to make his point, that NO Democrats support The Donald. That is demonstrably untrue.

The Donald's appeal is mostly [albeit, not exclusively], to Americans who have less than a college education according to data I have seen. This group would include a whole lot of common folks who often vote for Democratic candidates.

Unless and until polls consistently show more Republicans supporting others ahead of The Donald, we can safely project that The Donald is speaking for a vast number, perhaps even a majority, of Republican voters. The real proof will come soon enough. The actual voting starts in Iowa on February 1st. New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, follow closely in February. Until then, relegating The Donald's support to a mere "6-8% of the U.S. electorate" is fanciful at best. Quoting Disraeli, Mark Twain commented, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Nice going, Nate!

To me, The Donald is a modern demagogue. He is appealing to the strongest, negative emotions within us. And he is media savvy. That's a scary combination!

it comes to The Donald. Here's the latest poll: http://news.yahoo.com/donald-trump-crushes-republican-rivals-133106304.html

As The Donald's pronouncements get more and more outrageous, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and, indeed, anti-American, his popularity compared to other Republican candidates becomes more pronounced. Face it...Republicans, and many Democrats and independents as well, LOVE The Donald. He speaks for a LOT more than a few per cent of the electorate, whether we like it or not!

The Donald chastised when it showed him dropping. The Donald doesn't like anything or anyone who does not have him at the top! I haven't yet seen what The Donald has to say about Monmouth now, but I'm guessing it won't be anything too bad.
Here's a link to an article about the Monmouth poll: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/donald-trumps-support-just-soared-17341608...
Please note, to the Nate Silver aficionado on this site, that the poll numbers include, "...Republican and GOP leaning independent voters." Remember, Silver extrapolated percentages from an earlier poll of just Republican voters as though The Donald would receive NO SUPPORT AT ALL from independent or Democratic voters. That argument was just plain stupid! This poll tends to prove the stupidity of that ludicrous position.

The Donald appeals to the fears held by a LOT of voters of all political backgrounds. And [I know that I'm repeating myself yet again], he is extremely media savvy. He's, comparatively, spending hardly anything on his campaign because he gets such wide media coverage wherever he goes and whenever he speaks. The Donald is not to be underestimated AT ALL!!

Preview? You decide! http://rebrn.com/re/the-white-house-if-donald-trump-becomes-our-next-pot...

strength in attracting votes. It strongly counters Nate Silver's extension of the polling data from Republicans only, assuming that The Donald will get no votes at all from independents or Democrats. In fact, what this analysis does show, is that when the polling is done more anonymously, more people tend to show support for The Donald than when the polling is done more directly, person-to-person. And, what can be more anonymous than a modern voting booth?
I remember one local election in which, even a well-renowned local political polling analyst was wrong about how many votes Carty would get. It seems as though, even in exit polling, which tend to be extremely accurate, many of the voters who voted for Carty did not want to tell that they voted for him to the poll takers. So they lied.
I would contend, especially based upon the method by which those cited in this article did their research, the same could be said of The Donald's numbers when real caucuses and elections are held. If these findings are accurate, it may well be that The Donald will lose in Iowa, a caucus state, but win in primary states like New Hampshire and South Carolina.
Here's the link: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/polls-may-actually-underestimate-...

The Donald will win the whole enchilada!

And, you will see division in this nation like we have never seen before, ripe for a change in the government that will negatively impact all of our rights. In addition, any respect the world currently has for us will be in the toilet. Hence, the old empires fell and so will this one if we don't stop catering to Trump like mania. I can see this country becoming like the "Hand Maid's Tale".

I believe that only a very, very small number of Muslims are terrorist. Only a very, very small number of people were Nazis when Hitler came on the scene and look what happened. I just think the Republicans have lost control of their party and must correct this immediately. I'm a political independent and I hear a lot of dangerous precedents being offered by more than one Republican candidate for POTUS.

A small number? https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2015/06/23/nationwide-poll-of-us...

About 25% believe “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

hmmm that's about the same percentage of Republicans who support Trump, roughly 25%, yet you felt perfectly willing to paint the GOP with a broad brush.

You need to realize ZC that you are a part of the problem.


Many people outside the U.S. believe people in the U.S. are imperialists. Many people outside the U.S. believe people in the U.S. are Christian Zealots. Are most of us zealots and imperialists. I think not.

We, too often, become immersed in our own systems so much we fail to study how others view us. Stereotypes have some basis in facts, but exaggerate them. That's why stereotyping so often leads all of us, as citizens of the world, to erroneous conclusions!

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck.

Again you just agreed with Trump's logic that it's ok to make an assumption about a whole group based off the beliefs of a quarter of that group.

You're a racist then.


Oho! So Trump is now a "Nazi" for doing essentially what Liberal icon Jimmy Carter did.


And what Trump proposes is 100% valid under US law.


You Liberals are total fucking lunatics.

yourself post? The article about Carter is in reference to the hostage situation in ONE COUNTRY, IRAN!! Carter did NOT ban all Muslims from immigrating into the United States, including refugees from terror!
Also, in the McCarran Act, refugees were specifically exempted from the immigration limits and restrictions.
The laws cited by Cornell Law refer specifically to those who are KNOWN to be a danger, such as, having a communicable disease, or having violated laws.

Just posting what you claim to be "facts" does not make them facts, except in your own sad, Mr. Empty Glass vision of the world.

I'm not surprised that you want to defend The Donald. He articulates a world view which closely parallels yours, Chicken Little. And it is an unAmerican viewpoint! We are different here. We are a nation of immigrants. We are a mixture of cultures. If you don't like this, Mr. Empty Glass, I urge you to investigate your own ethnic roots and go to a country where the vast majority of people mirror your own background.
America, love it, or leave it!

I don't agree with Trump but are 100% accurate that his proposal is absolutely legal.

It's been done multiple times dating back to the days of President Arthur.


don't like! If you truly believe that what The Donald is proposing is legal, you do like The Donald, whether you admit it or not!

We have had other times in our history when the government did things that were both illegal and immoral. That does not make them right. The Donald's pronouncements are illegal, immoral, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-American!

Actually I am referencing facts.

Your post only deals with one subject. The fact is immigrants do not rate civil protection until they arrive on US soil. The President presides over the State Dept and can decide policy to whom is let in at his/her pleasure.

For it to be illegal a law against it must be passed. Such a law has not been passed and there is precedence for this going back to the Chinese Exclusion Act that was never ruled unconstitutional and thus it is legal.


There was a nation that once passed laws that said it was legal to incinerate Jews, Gypsies, and anybody else they didn't like. I guess the rest of the world was wrong for stopping them.

I didn't address right or wrong now did I? Just that it was legal. I know these concepts are hard for you so just sit quietly and try to learn while the adults are talking.


As I stated, The Donald would do things which are currently illegal, immoral, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-American. The Chinese Exclusion Act is no longer on the books, Mikey! And there is no Muslim Exclusion Act in existence.

The Chinese Exclusion act was legal. That it's no longer a law does not means it's illegal. They could pass it again tomorrow.

What Trump is proposing is legal. As head of State he gets to write Executive Orders which are how current laws are interpreted and enforced. Just like Obama has done with illegal immigrants.

You and I may think it's unAmerican and we may not like it but it is legal. If elected he could do it until Congress passes a law that can override his veto or the Jusiciary deems it unconstitutional.

These are facts.


POTUS, you would vote for him over any potential Democrat, too, Mikey! And whether or not that type of xenophobic, unAmerican Executive Order would be constitutional, would be for the courts to decide. Every Executive Order is considered individually. I cannot imagine the current SCOTUS finding The Donald's proposal to be constitutional.

My additional point is that even the talk about this possibility by the leading Republican candidate for POTUS is sure to be used as a recruiting tool for Daesh! In other words, it is bad foreign and domestic policy under the guise of protecting Americans. If The Donald continues to pile up support, the terrorists will cheer him on!

The Donald is playing a very dangerous political game in order to feed his insatiable ego. It's extremely sad. And your Republican Party's most likely voters seem to be fully complicit with The Donald's actions, Mikey!

Ok, again you're not dealing with facts.

First, I will not be voting for Trump in any election. I've already stated that. Don't tell me what I will or will not do.

The problem with bringing a case to SCOTUS is any plaintiff would not be in the US and thus not afforded constitutional rights, you're afforded them once you get here. That means anyone bringing the lawsuit would lack standing since the people it affects don't have right to due process. This has happened before.

Your final paragraph is partially right. The first part is correct. The 2nd part is not. Trump has yet to get a majority of Republicans and at best has only the support of one third.


America, love it or leave it, OR stay the hell out!! And THANK YOU ALL, like Zey, who are a great help to the Trumpster!!!

better than the person in the article to which I am providing a link.

Just keep in mind, when we change the way we live our lives; when we change the way we treat immigrants; the terrorists win. They win directly because they cause the fear and panic they work so hard to engender. But they also win because they can say, with the strongest propaganda weapon in existence -- the truth -- that America only pays lip service to equality for all. Those in refugee camps can be told by Daesh (one Arabic version of ISIS or ISIL, which I understand they hate) that America hates and fears those who follow Islam. Most ironically, The Donald's position on this issue could prove to be the best recruitment tool Daesh has ever had!

At least he isn't advocating muslims being put in concentration camps, and remember, Herr Roosevelt actually put Japanese IN his own KZ Lager during WW2! 110,000 of them.

Let's see. That's 100 times more people than Roosevelt had interned.
No one is saying that FDR was right. He was dead wrong!
Last time I checked, 2 wrongs don't make a right! (Seems like I heard that somewhere.)

What in THEE FCCK are you doing comparing incarceration to expulsion of illegal immigrants?

The US is ripe for Nazi ideology. There are too many people who feel entitled. MIKEYA, the constitution doesn't allow laws du jour?

Actually it does. Laws with time limits for short durations are passed all the time. The same is true about Executive Orders. Maybe you should learn about your government.


MikeyA, why don't you make up a law and wait and see who complies with it.

Learn how your government works.

The President is Head of State that's why he can do things like that. President Obama's doing virtually the same thing not deporting illegals despite laws being on the books. Do you even understand what "...at the pleasure of the President" means?


It means the president considers himself a Ruler, not a President.

The irony is the liberals saying it's illegal when it's just exactly what President Obama has done. In fact, a President Trump would actually have more standing because he wouldn't be going against a law and could make a case that a temporary ban works against the Islamist Extremists who pose a clear and present danger to the US.


In that case Zey, your hood must be fulla Nazi sympathizers!

I knew I'd get Dale screeching about this. And yet, Trump is only asserting executive power in line with US law, and in fact in line with precedent (i.e. Jimmy Carter).

What national sovereignty means, among other things, is that each nation defends itself and establishes immigration rules. Islam is the religion of the dumbest, poorest, most violent people on Earth. It's only rational to ban that.

Although he'll never admit it, Dale would never invite some of the lawless, pantless apes along Dorr Street into his home. That's the same principle as I expressed nationally above.

But in the larger scheme of things, it probably doesn't matter. The Paris attacks showed that much of the terrorism can be home-grown. Most of the attackers were native born French or Belgian. Look at the San Bernardino shooting; Syed Rizwan Farook was an American-born U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent. The people who are planning the next attack on U.S. soil are probably already here.

I didn't know that the Muslims are hanging out on Dorr street. After you finish discriminating against Muslims, who is next on your list?

Immigration standards ARE discrimination. From the dictionary:

"Recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another."

And what's hanging out along Dorr Street abides by the same principle. There's a reason why American Blacks took so strongly to Islam:

Because Islam is the religion of the dumbest, poorest, most violent people on Earth.

Quote me on that one, Zey. Rational societies don't import stupidity, poverty and violence.

Recotds show that over 80% of the African American population are Christians and over 20% of the White population are Musilim. Do the math, GZ. Also, Musilims were here in the US when this country was founded

I was talking about the same PRINCIPLE.

Our Black population is also among the dumbest, poorest, most violent people on Earth.

You Liberals will never admit that. But we don't need you to, since the statistics don't lie. Black IQs have a median value of 85; for Whites, it's 100. (Hence about 85-90% of Blacks have a lower IQ than the average White.) Blacks largely live in poverty compared to Whites; if it wasn't for government jobs and affirmative action, the Black middle class in the nation would be about the size of Toledo. Finally, Blacks commit half of the murders in the nation, and are responsible for 1/3 to 1/2 of the violent crime overall.

I'm so very much right, and the data backs me up. But Liberals don't believe in data. That's one of the core problems of Liberalism. And it's part of why Liberalism is dying. Americans are getting fed up with the emotion-based voluntary retardation that is prevailing Liberal doctrine today.

I will demonstrate how Liberalism is winning. There are some who believe that Trump has made a deal with Liberals to fracture the Republican Party. Guess what, Trump will run as an independent and totally destroy the Republican Party. By doing this, Trump may increase his wealth a thousand fold and become the most powerful man on earth. Conservatives are falling for this ploy. We know what Nazism is, Tropism will be much worse.

If Liberalism is winning, then why does the Republican side of things control the House, Senate, and 2/3rds of the state legislatures and governors?

The logical, objective answer is that Liberalism is NOT winning. It's actually losing.

You are correct. We need to take our counyry back from those who control conngress The Republicans currently control the legislative branch. Let's vote them out

Sorry, but they stay.

The word "let's" implies an "us" and that brings up the salient question: Who is that, exactly? Because you're obviously talking about Liberals, and there are fewer of those every year as a population share, considering the constant drumbeat Liberals have made against guns, against private property, against profiting from business, etc.

There's only one real solution for Liberals to adopt: Become Liberty-als. Believe in true personal liberty, which means you'd support gun rights, you'd support private property, and you'd support private enterprise.

But Liberals will never do that. They're going down with their holed ship. And good riddance. You Liberals proved without question to the nation that you can't govern... hell, you can't even run an oil-change shop. You can't run anything, other than your mouths. Liberals proved to the nation that they are hypocrites... that they are emotionally on par with children. We don't put children in power.

Records show that over 80% of the African American population are Christians and over 20% of the White population are Musilim. Do the math, GZ. Also, Musilims were here in the US when this country was founded



Records all over the place. Do the work, MikeyA. If you want records, go to the library, surf the internet. We all know you have a computer.

Of course they were here. They were going to make sure the Europeans were going to pay them, for the slaves they just SOLD to Europeans in African slave trading ports.

Again your statements are untrue. When you check the records, you will find that many of the slaves and Black Free Men in this Country where Muslim when they came here before the establishment of the United States of America, just like Europeans were Christians before the establishment of the United States of America.

Many were Muslim. And many were already Christians since Christian evangelical missions to Africa out date Columbus.


Wrong again, MikeyA. Africans already had religions before and after the imperialist came They still do. Christianity wasn't good for Africans. Christianity teaches to turn the other cheek so that your oppressors can continue to oppress you without retribution.

How I am I wrong? There is documented proof of Christian missionaries going to Africa in the 14th century. That's 100 years before Columbus left Spain.


Check you documentation, Sir. There is proof that Africans traveled to the Americas centuries before the missionaries went to Africa.


Your source does not disprove what I said. What I said was many of the slaves taken from Africa were already Christians.

At no time did I discuss Africans leaving for the Americas on their own accord. I believe you know I am right and are distracting rather than capitulate.


Most Africans who came here as slaves were either Islamic or practiced forms of the Yoruba religion. I didn't expect you to know what you are talking about. This proves who you are again. Making up crap to feed your false, entitled existence.

I never said your assertion was wrong. Yet you said my claim was wrong. You have yet to prove it wrong.

So again Many of the slaves were already Christians. We know this because Christian missionaries were actively converting to Christianity a century before Columbus. The first African slaves in the New World arrived over 30 years later."

Now this time if you choose to respond post something that directly refutes my above claim or just say "You're right."


came as slaves to America were Christians BEFORE they came to America! Really, Mikey. What constitutes "many" slaves to you? A few dozen? A few hundred? As many as 10,000,000 slaves survived the Middle Passage and landed in the Americas? If even 10,000 were Christian before they left Africa, I have yet to see the evidence of that! Even that number would only be about O.1% of those brought here, and I have never seen numbers even close to that!
As much as 80% of Africans who came here were animists, and most of the rest were Muslims. Most of the slaves from Africa originated in Central West Africa. Most of the Africans who were Christians were from East Africa, mostly from Egypt and Ethiopia.
Now, Mikey, if you have evidence that more than a handful of those taken to America as slaves were Christians BEFORE THEY LEFT AFRICAN SOIL, give us a link to a credible source, please!
You may not like the reference, but the overwhelming number of slaves were converted to Christianity AFTER they were sold into slavery and transported to America. This was done, not to save their souls, but to try to make them docile servants who would not rebel against their owners in hopes of having their souls receive their reward after death in a Christian version of heaven.
Were there some sincere Christian missionaries who went to Africa to convert people they considered heathens in order to save their souls? Of course! But they had very limited success in West Africa from where almost all of those sold into slavery came!

Africans were Christian before coming to America as slaves. Here's the exact excerpt: "Africans and African descendents [sic] working in the early modern Atlantic commercial system were exposed to the world of European Christianity as early as the fifteenth century, when Portuguese missionaries came to the coasts of Africa. Some slaves, therefore, brought Christian beliefs with them when they were thrust into slavery."
"Some" is not "many," Mikey. The article goes on to state that even AFTER the Africans came to America, Christian missionaries met resistance to conversion! Read something other than the propaganda that reinforces your own self-manifested beliefs, Mikey. Here's a link to the entire article: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/slavery/experience/religion/history.html

Your source Dale gives my side credibility. I never stated it was a majority. I said "many" I stated many because 1) it was not a majority 2) there is no accurate measurement of what religions were by numbers, you're quoting 80% but that's a difficult stat to prove and is actually an educated guess.

The Congo river was first discovered by Europeans by Portugese missionaries in 1484 this is a fact. That was 8 years before Columbus sailed to the West Indies. Also there was already an African Christian Empire in Eastern Africa areas of current day Ethiopia and Eritrea.

ZC said and continues to say flat out that I was wrong.

You are now backing him.

Are either of you going to provide a fact that shows what I said is wrong?


As usual you are wrong. Again you have distorted facts to fit your entitled agenda. Some people may buy into your inaccuracies and if you say it enough times they will believe it is the truth. This is what the Nazis did in the 1930's. They defamed a group of brilliant people and then tortured, murdered and incinerated 6,000,000 of them. I'm so glad not many have the displeasure of reading your supremacists rants. Those who don't remember the lessons of the past will repeat them. I still embrace you, my brother. Hopefully you will be cured.

You claim I distort the facts and I am wrong yet you've provided no facts to show I'm wrong.

My "rant" is not supremacist. The only thing I think are supreme are facts, and you have posted none and only spewed rhetoric and accusations.


You are purposely distorting the number of Africans who were Christians before they became slaves for whatever reason. You are the one who has no facts, Mikey!
I, IN FACT, quoted a source which proves that the percentage of Africans who were Christians before they were slaves was minuscule, really a total non-factor.

But, so right ahead, Mikey, and keep tilting at this windmill!

I say ban any and all immigrants for five years!

I have actually read books about the people of the continent, mainly because it was part of the curriculum I taught, and I wanted to know more about Africa. I have refreshed my memory by reading some recent articles. According to what I have read, Christianity in Africa before the African slave trade was practiced almost exclusively in East Africa, mostly in Egypt and Ethiopia. Almost all of the slaves who were brought to America came from West Central Africa. From what I've read, up to 80% of all Africans before and at the time of the slave trade, were animists. Their individual beliefs varied greatly, mostly by tribal beliefs, but they basically believed in the forces of nature as being divine. Eventually, most of those brought to the Americas as slaves were forced to follow Christianity. Christianity, as it was practiced during the times of slavery, was used to reinforce the fallacious morality of slavery. Most often, slaves were controlled by telling them that no matter how terrible their conditions were as slaves, if they would just be good slaves and obey their masters, their souls would go to heaven for all eternity. Of those in Africa who had adopted one of the great religions of the world, most who came to America as slaves were Muslims.
The bottom line is that, as Americans, as people whose progenitors almost all came from somewhere else in the world, we are supposed to be unique -- a place where people are free to practice any religion they choose or, indeed, to be free to practice no religion at all. Our founding fathers observed and read histories about what evils were unleashed because of the mixing of religion with the government of every major nation in the world in the 18th Century and before. By placing directly in the U.S. Constitution the specific reference to a religious test never being required of any office holder, and then placing the freedom of religion in the First Amendment of the Constitution, the founding fathers were trying to create a government free of the influences of any one religion or group of religions.
It's still an experiment. When have we ever elected any POTUS who did not declare himself to be a Christian? And we all know how much religion is injected into the race for POTUS every four years! This is nothing new, however. Federalist Party activists back in the elections of 1796, 1800, and 1804, labeled Thomas Jefferson as an atheist in attempts to eliminate him as a serious candidate for POTUS way back then!

Dale, Islam is obviously incompatible with Western Civilization. Islamic nations are social throwbacks, total shitholes. It's insane to allow them to export that poison here.

You darn right it's incompatible. A society like ours who worships a white God when all evidence shows God isn't White has an arrogance that they think entitles them to change God's race to look like themselves is even incompatible with God.


I think the most telling evidence that God is NOT White is found in the field of genetics. Gods' son was a Middle Eastern Jew. The Jews AND Moslems from that time period were/are NOT White. According to the LAWS of Genetics, a White person cannot sire A Jew(race)or a Moslem(race) person. Or an Asian, Black or Hindii person! And ditto with respect to anyone seeking relief by invoking the Laws of Entitlement/Privilege. Well maybe then, but it would still be a long shot!

No text or religious dogma teaches that God is white. If you disagree please post a source that shows God as white.

The problem is you are confusing cultural depictions of Jesus with an image of God. All societies give their God(s) features like that society so it's people may better relate and thus convert to that belief.

"Korean Jesus ain't got time for your problems, he's busy with Korean shit." So are you saying the Koreans are wrong?


Please...get some broader life experiences. Get a life, Chicken Little!

I can personally attest to the excellence of at least four local doctors, all who practice the religion of Islam, who have performed successful surgery on me, and have treated me successfully for my coronary-artery disease. They proved to me that they are very "compatible" with American culture. You just don't know the right people!

I suggest you start with visiting the beautiful mosque in Perrysburg. Get your head out of the cesspool and take a tour of the mosque sometime. Meet some American Muslims who are positive contributors to the greater Toledo community!
This "nice Jewish boy" was privileged once, along with my wife, to fill in for Francine and Dal Lawrence at an annual dinner of the Toledo Muslim community. Since not one school board member nor anyone from the administration at the time bothered to attend, I accepted an award presented by the Toledo Muslim community to the Toledo Public Schools.
The Muslims I know in the Toledo area are mostly entrepreneurs and degreed professionals! They are passionate American patriots who are outraged by the way their religion has been hijacked by extremists, and misused as a miserable excuse to kill. But they are also outraged at how too many Americans want to stereotype American Muslims just the way you are on this site, Mr. Empty Glass.

And you ignore the fact that if America would really ban the immigration of all Muslims to our country, this would be used as proof by Daesh in their recruitment of new fighters for their misanthropic cause, that America is at war, not with terrorists, but with the Muslim faith. In other words, a ban on all Muslim immigrants would hurt us in fighting terrorism around the world, and in our own land. It would result in our people being in greater danger! Neither The Donald nor you, Chicken Little, seem capable of understanding this obvious fact!

Great post, Dale.

Thank you, ZC!

a real-life hero. She was shot, and presumed to be dead, because she stood up to the Taliban over the issue of females being educated. She knew she was risking her very life when she spoke out publicly in this way. She received innumerable death threats before she was shot in the head. It is vital to listen to someone who is right there, on the front lines, facing terrorism in her daily life!
Here's a link to an article quoting what Malala Yousafzai has to say about The Donald's proposed ban on all Muslim immigration to the United States: http://news.yahoo.com/malala-yousafzai-shut-down-donald-154627273.html Please keep in mind that Malala and her family were forced for a while to live in a refugee camp.

As it states in Isaiah 11:6-1: ..."and a young child shall lead them."
[Or a bigoted, nasty, gutless old man who avoided military service like the plague?]

It's funny that Dale is comparing a few wealthy Arab doctors to the Brown Tsunami of ignorant, violent, impoverished Muslims that would love to come here and turn this nation into the same shithole they came from.

Oh well. There's a silver lining to the vast dark cloud of Liberal endless immigration: The right to keep and bear arms will be strongly demonstrated again and again.

The Muslims I know are very calm, educated people. Rarely do I hear or see actions against Americans. I hear racial slurs and see actions against non-White people all the time by White Americans in stores, churches, athletic events, meetings, etc. I guess that doesn't count?

You need to get out of NW Ohio.


contingent of Muslim-Americans, and Arab-Americans who are both Muslim and Christian. I have known many in my life. Both my wife and I grew up with some. Most of them and/or their progenitors came to America to escape terrorism and to have the opportunity to practice their religion as they choose, and for economic opportunity, just as my grandparents did. That's a large part of the American dream.
We are a nation of immigrants. For those who don't accept this, leave. Do some personal research and go to a nation where there are a high percentage of people who share your ethnic background. America is unique in the world -- love it, or leave it!

I wasn't talking to you. Unless if you and ZC are one in the same.

I find it interesting that every time I am involved in an exchange with ZC you feel the need to interject and back his opinion regardless how ridiculious it is. Take below where he equates GZ to a Nazi, and you just take his back.

BTW, the most racism I've ever witnessed was in the Middle East. Primarily directed at Asians as there weren't many Jewish people there. I'd recommend you check it out. You're blind love for a group who as I have cited 25% of which feel violence to all Americans is justified and I'm suurrrre that number rises towards Jews like you.

And I too have Muslim friends. Many who live in Muslim countries. I even am friends with one guy who's neighbor's farm in Syria was taken over by ISIS.

Islamic Extremism is a Muslim problem that can only be solved by Muslims. The sheer numbers demonstrate that for us to not be suspicious of those coming into our country would be lunacy.


If your logic is valid, African Americans and other people of color in this country should be weary of White Americans just because of their numbes Not to feel threatened would be lunacy. Again MikeyA you have demonstrated this entitlement you think you have

The numbers don't support your assertion. Whites have more to fear from other whites. Blacks have more to fear from other Blacks. The numbers also show Blacks are more prone to violent behavior and outpace other races and ethnicities even when you factor for education and poverty. Again, just using factual numbers.


Again explain what I feel entitled to?


posts directed at others. I will comment on anything I want to whether you like it or not.

The point is, in this area of the nation, we are ALL in close proximity to more Muslims than in, say, some small town in Southeastern Ohio, or Northern Michigan, for example. No, I have never been to the Middle East. But, even by your own numbers, those Muslims who hate Americans and live elsewhere in the world, are outnumbered by those who hate the violence they espouse by 3-1! The figure I have seen put it about 4-1, but the point is the same. Those who would want evil done to us are far outnumbered worldwide! As far as those living in the United States, as I stated, almost all are loyal, patriotic Americans who are appalled by the violence fallaciously done in the name of their religion! If we make this war a war against Islam -- rather than a war against terrorism -- the terrorists get exactly what they want!

I do agree with you that the scourge of extremism in the Middle East can only be solved by Muslims. The United States can support the Muslim enemies of Daesh, but we must not place our young people in the front lines of a battle that should be fought by others!

OK Dale,

You want to jump in. Great. Now, since you want to defend ZC you can defend his comments.

Am I a Nazi? Do I have Nazi sympathies? If so, please post comments where I displayed these.

Am I entitled? I will ask you the same question he has refused to answer "What do I act like I am entitled to?

As for the number there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. So that means there are 400 million who advocate violence. By comparison there are 14 million jews in the world. So even if all of the Jews were violent they'd still be outnumbered by over 25times more Muslims. The actual ratio is sadly actually more. Fun fact: The total us population is still smaller than the number of Muslims who advocate violence. Sorry, just facts and numbers for you.


of his rants to you as well? Mr. Empty Glass has made statements right here in The Swamp that are a close parallel to some found in Mein Kampf. If you support those, then you have the same view. Your choice, Mikey!

On a totally different note, I am fully aware of the number of Muslims who would be thrilled if every Jew on this planet were killed. I am fully aware of the number of Muslims who believe that The Holocaust happened, but it was stopped too soon! Guess what? There are millions of others in the world who feel the same way! Israel is an island of democracy, an island of freedom, surrounded by a roiling sea of hatred and intolerance. Isn't Israel's very existence a miracle?
I do NOT believe that we make America safer, and/or Israel safer, by displaying the same blind hatred toward all Muslims that their extremists show toward us. In fact, this makes us less safe as it concurrently gives the terrorists a victory by America abandoning some of its most cherished ideals. Every time an American political leader states directly or implies that all Muslims are untrustworthy, the terrorists cheer another victory over our way of life; another victory over freedom; another victory over diversity!

Dale, I really like your post. Many people have repeatedly supported anti-American ideals. These Nazis comrades persistently express the right to determine the existence and destiny of anyone not like themselves. This entitlement is destroying the fabric of what the United States is supposed to be about. But, we must remember that the language in the constitution that says all men are created equal was intended for Christian males who had pure Nothern European heritage.

Your posts display you don't know history. Where in the constitution does it say all men are created equal?

What anti-American ideals do I support?

Why won't you answer questions?


According to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the Constitution supports that all men are created equal. Or, is Lincoln lying?

BTW, I don't remember identifying anyone in particular. Are you getting paranoid? In case you can't understand what just happened with your post, it's called checkmate, again!

According to the actual constitution it does not say that. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with what it actually does say.

You responded to my post. So your comments were directed at me since you addressed no other. Respond like that to anyone in face to face conversation and you'll get your lights knocked out.


Your reading comprehension is worse than GZ's.

No there is a difference. GZ and I have had heated arguments as well. His rants, while uncooth, are generally based in logic. So because you hate the message doesn't mean the message doesn't hold some validity. Plus I invite you to look back. GZ once called me a neocon hell bent on world control, so we have had our share of arguments.

Ok so you say GZ has made statements close to Mein Kampf. What statements? Please post them along with excerpts. I will evaluate them then.

Have I made statements close to Mein Kampf? If so post those. I assert that I have not. And yet you defend a guy who routinely calls people Nazi's here. You do realize by doing that he's diminishing the impact of totalitarianism upon your religion. Likewise by ignoring the extremism of Muslims who's ultimate goal is to destroy Israel.

It's very sad to see someone betray their religion to make a political friend. You have my pity.


I will not do your research for you. Above I have shown where relatively inexpensive copies, official, Nazi-approved, English translations of Mein Kampf are available on Amazon. Buy one, or go to a library and take one out for free! Whenever Chicken Little describes entire groups of people as being inferior and somehow tainting others with their inferiority, it sounds like excerpts from that book. You have stated many times that, while you may sometimes disagree with Mr. Empty Glass, you find his positions to be, "generally based in logic," and that his messages, "hold some validity."
You can't have it both ways, Mikey. Either you find basic agreement with the vile posts of Chicken Little, or you don't. They are either "generally based in logic," and "hold some validity," or they aren't. The choice is easy for me!
BTW -- What is "very sad" is that you feel you have any credentials to claim that I "betray" my religion! I did lol at that one, though! Thanks, Mikey! It is also "very sad" that you feel you have to attack me in order to "make a political friend."

I don't know why anyone, including myself, has any exchanges with MikeyA. When I occasionally run into the village clown, I have better exchanges with him. .

Says the guy who quotes things from the constitution that don't exist, makes baseless claims about what others think, cannot answer questions, and provides only opinions not facts.


Again I say, are you saying Lincoln is lying in his Gettysburg Address?

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

He's talking about the men who wrote the Constitution and what they brought forth. Fancy that!

Declaration of Independence. However, there is no doubt that this basic American principle was a centerpiece of the thinking of those who formed the U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration, and his closest friend in life, James Madison, is known as the Father of the Constitution. At the time of the writing of the Constitution, Jefferson was "on duty" in France as the U.S. Ambassador to our first, great ally. He and Madison exchanged many letters, and Jefferson's main criticism of the Constitution was that it contained no protections of individual rights. In his writings to Madison, Jefferson was very clear that a listing, which became what we commonly call the Bill of Rights, was necessary to ensure that this new nation would, indeed, contain protections of individual rights, including, but not limited to, the right of freedom of religion.

Think about this when viewing and/or reading the pronouncements of many people venting their suspicion and/or hatred of religions other than their specific form of religion. Today, their focus is on Islam. What about tomorrow? Antisemitism is one focus of some of the former and current incarnations of the Ku Klux Klan right here in America! There have been times in our history when Catholics were spoken of as papists in a most pejorative way. In 1960, my father came back from a meeting, somewhat shocked, and told us that he had been told that a vote for Kennedy was a vote to place the Pope in the Oval Office!

Our country must not be entrapped, as so many other civilizations around the world have been and are currently, in a blind hatred of others who are different in some way. Our current war is a war against terrorism and extremism; NOT a war against Islam! Remember, that famous quote by Martin Niemoller, "First they came for the Socialists -- and I did not speak out, because I was not a Socialist..."

Again, Dale you have nailed this one. The village clown or his followers can't argue with this one. If they do, it's just confirmation of their ant-American ideals and their support of evil Nazi rhetoric.

I did forget to say this. Hitler did make the trains run on time.

And his dog loved him!

Such a long winded way of saying "I was wrong, and you were right, it was not in the constitution. Sorry for saying you had problems of reading comprehension."


Wrong, it was required reading in high school.

Again, I will challenge the two of you to bring forth quotes from GZ and quotes from Mein Kampf forward for comparison.

I didn't "attack" you. I merely showed how the people you're defending, including moderates, refuse to acknowledge your religion's right to exist AND you are avidly supporting those who diminish the greatest sacrifices of those from your religion. I notice in your "defense" you didn't show a thing I said was wrong. So, was it an attack or me merely stating facts?


You are supporting a person, in Mr. Empty Glass, who is making the derogatory, hateful, stereotypical statements against entire populations of people, that are so much like those made against Jews during the heyday of the Nazi movement in Germany and throughout Europe, not I! When it comes to Antisemitism, I think that I know just a little more about it than do you. Mikey, I accept and appreciate your expertise on military matters and defense in general. You're dead wrong on the issue of Antisemitism! NO!! You DO NOT have the necessary credentials to label me on this issue. I lost entire families of relatives both during the Russian Pogroms at the dawn of the 20th Century, and in the Holocaust. Fortunately, you have no conception as to what that is like, Mikey.

No! I am not going to go back through all of the posts by Chicken Little and point out the parallels to those in Mein Kampf and/or in Nazi statements. Look them up yourself. They are so obvious that if you missed them the first time through Mein Kampf, you will be shocked at how you either missed them, or you subconsciously glossed over them, if you actually reread this and other Nazi propaganda.



I beseech thee, flintlock pistols aht dawn, Suh! Choose your second wisely.


I've called you a basic imperialist and my opinion hasn't changed. When we get a Republican President it's all too likely that the US military will be tasked to attack Iran to secure her oil fields and ports in her SW region. And I'm sure you'll be in 100% support of that, and then I'll have to get a figurative flintlock pistol and we'll hash it out on this forum.

Today, however, we two are more united against the common domestic threat, said threat being the general ideology of Liberalism, which in its death throes, is as dangerous as it ever was. Liberal turds like Dale and Zey are all too prevalent in the population. Literally nobody should believe the things they state that they believe.

to your aka. As usual, you have no facts, no statistics, nothing but vacuous opinions!
You are just so bitter and so emotional, Mr. Empty Glass!
Get a life!

of the Syrians escaping terrorism, here is a real-life Syrian in Canada opening up her home to family members at great personal expense and great disruption to her life. Here's the link to the story: http://news.yahoo.com/canadian-woman-opened-her-3-190802578.html

Incidentally, mentioned in the article is the fact that the new Canadian Prime Minister has pledged to take in 25,000 immigrants fleeing terror over the next few months, while our POTUS has had terrible trouble while only offering to take in 10,000 immigrants.
BTW -- The population of Canada is about 34,000,000. The population of the United States is about 320,000,000. The population of California alone is nearly 39,000,000. Just some facts, Chicken Little...things with which you don't like to deal. Facts get in the way of your skewed vision of the world and your vacuous opinions!
Don't get too upset, now. You're just so emotional!

It s obvious that GZ has an autographed copy of the Adolph Hitler Play Book.

Obvious in what way?

G-MAN -- Ever read Mein Kampf?

These so-called refugees aren't fleeing terror. They're fleeing their culture creating shithole conditions in which terror activities hatch like flea eggs. If they were just fleeing war, they'd STOP beyond a peaceful border, but that means similar states which don't have White welfare systems. So the real intention is clear:

1. Flee their own selves. (Obviously impossible.)
2. Arrive in White welfare states which can afford their worthless asses.
3. Slowly build up a mini-Caliphate within the host nation.
4. Generally act like a virus; eventually consume the host.

We honest people know this is happening and we're not going to just stand by. At least, if our Liberal-fucked leaders won't stop this ridiculous invasion, we still can resort to force of arms, since we continue to have the right to keep and bear such arms.

If all those things you're stating were true, the flood of those leaving the Middle East would have happened decades ago!

Yes, indeed, most of those leaving the Middle East now, are fleeing terror! You expose yourself for who you are with these types of posts, Chicken Little. Keep it up! And please keep using profanity. It illuminates how weak your arguments are when you fallaciously believe that your arguments are made more powerful by the use of profanity.

Merkel and the rest of the batshit-insane Liberal set have blatantly advertised that they're welcoming with open arms the cultural cancer of Islam into their nations. That's why this newest migration of cultural poison has happened so strongly.

You Liberals absolutely won't rest until there's a mini-Caliphate in every Western city, much like you didn't fuckin' rest until we had a Little Africa inside each American urban area.

Islam is fatal to Humanity. Anyone with at least one eye open, half a brain, and basic honesty can see that. The world is filled with total shit nations where one or both of the following influences dominate:

1. African tribes
2. Islam

But I can fix that. We need a new national service implemented in this nation. We need to mandate service from young people aged 18-25 so that they are put in uniform, given a gun and a medical kit, and are put into service in each of our Africanized (and to some extent Latinized) city cores. Nothing kills Liberalism stone dead like direct contact with racial truth. By the time a young person has spent 2 years in direct contact with this diversity nonsense, he'll come out of the program in the proper frame of mind: He'll be 100% against open borders.

And that will stop the influx of the latest Human poison of Islam.

a true Libertarian. Just how many of our tax dollars are you willing to waste on this new Federal government mandate? And wouldn't giving the Federal government millions of additional bodies in the national military further empower the government so hated by true Libertarians? Chicken Little, you're a conservative, and an extreme conservative at that. You want the Federal Government increased in size. You want the Federal Government to spend trillions of our tax dollars. You just want the spending to go to the causes you espouse. That's a modern American conservative, all righty!

In other words, you have no argument to contradict what I stated about why Muslims haven't come here for so many decades. These are people fleeing terrorism. They want freedom and opportunity, just as my grandparents did.

And you also have no way to refute the fact that your proposed war on Islam would be a great recruiting tool for Daesh. We are at war with terrorism, not with any one religion -- at least until after the Election of 2016!

This is what happens when one is placed in front of a computer who has neither educational nor practical life experiences making him capable of judging properly the full impact of his inane proclamations. Simplistic "solutions" to complex life issues are not solutions at all!

"Just how many of our tax dollars are you willing to waste on this new Federal government mandate?"

Gee, we have a $700 billion yearly military. Just bring the troops home from pointless overseas conflicts, muster them out, and use the massive savings to fund far cheaper domestic service. You'll cut the federal budget to boot.

I've told you this sort of thing before, Dale. Is there something wrong with your memory? Gettin' old sucks, right? Oh wait, you keep beating this drum since as a Liberal you can't EVER admit that we need to cut the federal budget.

And nobody's buyin' the "fleeing terrorism" meme anymore. Europeans have started arming up in the face of the insanity of Liberalized immigration. There's a background of revolt against what Liberals are trying to do (which is largely summed up by "diversity for thee not for me" since Liberals flee domestic minorities).

Finally, defending your borders isn't a simplistic solution. It's what works for real nations like Switzerland. The reality is that we have a huge White welfare state, and the Brown Tsunami would love to roll in here even harder to get all that free shit. That's why it rolled into Germany, the UK, France, Sweden, etc. ... and why the Brown Tsunami rolled right by places like Turkey and Greece. Turkey and Greece just don't have enough WHITE PEOPLE who are funding a huge general WELFARE STATE for the brown in the tsunami to take advantage of.

Please don't have a illness caused by the inaccurate, rants you display. We sane people need you so we can harass and cure you.

Please have a safe and pleasant holiday season!

VERY well stated, ZC !

Merry Christmas, Good Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year to all who so celebrate. And a belated Happy Chanukah for those who read here and follow the Jewish faith.
For those who are atheists and/or otherwise affiliated or unaffiliated, Happy New Year, and have a great holiday season!

We are a very diverse nation -- like none other in the world.
America -- Love it, or leave it!

Have a Happy Fesitvus.

a love of Seinfeld!

"Festivus for the rest of us."

All we do here is an "Airing of Grievances" combined with "Feats of Strength". And many of us do seem to have poles stuck up our asses. The Festivus link should have been obvious, LOL.

without being disgusting and profane.

I guess what you label a "cultural cancer" and a "poison" must be spreading vveerryy sslloowwllyy!

Bits and pieces over the years, maybe 5-6 pages total. Reading a language I'm not fluent in, is a waste of time for me. Think about it. The author hands the manuscript to the translator, then it goes to the printer, from there to the venue where the reader buys it. That's why I never read any translations of this book, either.

Right, G-MAN?

I read about a tenth of the Bible over a fifty year period.

G-MAN -- "Ignorance is bliss."

I made a really good point, huh!

What point are you making, anyhow?

It's like one of the many translations of the 23 rd. Psalm. If one understands King James english and modern english, one can also see how something was lost in the translation.

Sure hard to misread Hitler's intent in what he said, regardless of the translation.
Sure hard to misread the direct, English-written statements of Chicken Little.
If it looks like a duck...squawks like a duck...waddles like a duck...guess what it is!

What didn't you understand about me saying I read maybe 5-6 pages?

So, you're ignorant of about 99% of what is in the book...right? The official Nazi-English translation is 458 pages long, and is available in lots of places, including on the Amazon website for $28.12 in paperback. Used copies are available for as little as $14.98.

My point is, if, as you state, you "...never read any translations of this book either," do you read The Bible, which, as you point out, has many translations, some of which do contradict each other? If you haven't read The Bible, just say so. If you have read The Bible, you have no good excuse to not read any other translation of any major work. We may not like -- we may even hate -- Hitler. But not reading his major work leaves one in ignorance when commenting about whether or not someone else is writing in a similar vein.

The so-called Republican Donald Trump who has said he doesn't apologize to anyone is demanding that Hillary Clinton apologize to him for saying that he is a recruiter for radicalized Islam. Do I smell sociopath here?

conservatives and key, so-called liberals combine to do the bidding of the moneyed interests in this country. I will link to an article that, among other things, has Harry Reid joining Republicans to keep an expensive tax loophole which benefits the giant gambling corporations, among other giant corporations. In addition, at least two major expenditures will be made on two ships our military feels they do not need, and they have not asked for. Here's the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/21/us/politics/hospitality-and-gambling-i...

But, Republican Thad Cochran wants one of them on the Mississippi River, next to the state he represents, and Republican Susan Collins wants the other, because it is to be built in her state of Maine! And, before someone who reads here frequently gets on his pseudo-Libertarian high horse, the one ship is for the Coast Guard -- you know, that arm of the military which guards our very, very long coastal waters!
Just love the way those Republicans protect our tax dollars from waste. Just love the way that Democratic leader holds down corporate welfare!

type of terror for Americans, right here, in the United States! This child hears a lot. She is convinced that soldiers are coming to take her and her family away. Is this what we really want happening in America? Here's the link: https://gma.yahoo.com/armed-forces-members-veterans-iwillprotectyou-musl...
A huge effort is being made by thousands of people -- many of them American soldiers -- to make this child feel secure.

And just as a reminder, here is a link to an article about the point of view of one soldier who was injured in the war against terrorism -- not a war against Islam! He articulates the message better than I can, and from the perspective of someone who was severely wounded on the front lines, yet maintains the proper attitude toward the modern terrorism that has evolved in that part of the world. I know that I'm repeating this from above, but it seems appropriate considering the articulations of the leading Republican candidate for POTUS in 2016. Here's the link: http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/10/europe/amputee-soldier-muslim-facebook-don...

Muslims have been targeting Americans way before Trump ran for anything.

Trump is a symptom not the cause.


Hitler was a symptom and not the cause AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.

You are an idiot. Hitler was not a symptom. He wrote the book Mein Kampf. He planned the Beer Hall putsch. Unless if you're saying anti-semtism was the cause, but to that I'd ask for you to show me an anti-semetic country that was not under German control that conducted a holocaust.


Germany was anti-Semitic before Hitler took power. That's why it was so easy to turn the people against Jews. Just for a historical reference, The Spanish Inquisitions centuries before was an anti-Semitic cause.

most Jews would suspect of mass murder of the Jewish people. Antisemitism was -- and still is -- everywhere around Europe. However, Antisemitism was far more visible in Eastern Europe than it was in Germany in the first half of the 20th Century. In addition, most Jews believe that where most people are well educated, there will be far less Antisemitism among the general populous. Germany had one of the highest levels of education in the world in the 1930s and 1940s!
Finally, but very importantly, Jews felt more integrated into society in Germany than they did in any other European country. Most German Jews, as a matter of fact, looked down upon Jews from the Slavic countries, like Russia and Poland, in a similar way that Christian Germans looked down upon Christians from the Slavic nations. Remember, in Hitler's grand design, once all of the Jews were eradicated from Europe, and, preferably, from the entire earth, the Slavic people were next. Hitler wanted to depopulate the "Breadbasket of Europe" in places like Poland and Russia, to be repopulated by the Aryan race!
All of this information is one reason why I find irrational hatred and bigotry spewed by someone who is so high in the polls for POTUS, not just bad for political reasons, but downright frightening! Remember, "First they came for the Socialists..."

education in other fields is quite limited. The Holocaust was a singular event, it's true. However, Antisemitism was rampant throughout Europe, especially in the old Russian Empire, and tens of thousands were killed. Many more thousands had their homes and businesses destroyed as well.
These "Pogroms" as they were called, were often orchestrated by the governments of Russia, Ukraine, and others. Here's a link to a good article about The Pogroms: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/pogroms.html
Because of the Pogroms, more than any other reason, it is estimated that at least 3,000,000 Jews left Eastern Europe between 1880 and 1914. They were escaping religious persecution and laws which limited their ability to become educated professionals or to rise in the world of business outside of their own neighborhoods. Here's a link to an article about Jewish emigration, fleeing the terrorism they faced in Eastern Europe, mostly years or decades before The Holocaust: http://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/suchostaw/TheTailorShop/Eastern_Europea...

And, please keep in mind that along with 6,000,000 Jews killed in The Holocaust, the Nazis gassed and executed in other ways an estimated 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 others they labeled as subhuman, or who were political enemies, such as Gypsies, the mentally ill, Christian clergy who opposed them, etc.

Don't ignore Stalin, (an oversight, I'm sure) and the 20 million murders he's been credited with. Russian Socialists get a pass, while German Socialists don't. My, doesn't THAT have a familiar ring to it!

The focus was on The Holocaust and Antisemitism. I, for one, am not "giving a pass" to Stalin in any way! Stalin was, basically, an equal-opportunity, cold-blooded killer. He forced millions into communes. Get it. He was a Communist, NOT a true Socialist. Stalin was an autocrat -- more like a monarch -- than any other type of leader.
And, even though the official name of the Nazis was The National Socialist Party, there was very little Socialist about the fascism of Nazi Germany! There was no attempt at income equality. And, rather than government ownership of businesses, fascism featured government cooperation with private companies. In fact, the first target of the Nazis when they were struggling to gain power in Germany were the Socialists and the Communists. I repeat, "FIRST they came for the Socialists..." Read about the Reischstag Fire. Here's a direct quote from Hitler. following the arrest of the man who was blamed for starting the fire: "The German people have been soft too long. Every Communist official must be shot. All Communist deputies must be hanged this very night. All friends of the Communists must be locked up. And that goes for the Social Democrats and the Reichsbanner as well!"
Here's a link to the entire article about how Hitler consolidated power in 1933: http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/riseofhitler/burns.htm As I stated before, your unwillingness to read things that you find to be unpalatable, (or are you just too lazy to do this reading?) dooms you to be ignorant on many topics. But, just like with The Donald, you won't allow your own ignorance to stop you from making inane statements about anything you want. That's OK. We do have freedom of speech, at least unless and until The Donald is in charge! The Donald has made it clear that he doesn't really like the Constitution, and won't be constrained by it should he be elected POTUS! You'd better watch what you write then, G-MAN!!

terrorists have targeted both Americans and Europeans for many years; however, Daesh is always recruiting. From what I have read, Daesh has recently started to lose followers because of the Daesh leaders being so extremely harsh upon its own members, as well as the general population over whom Daesh has been ruling.
Remember, The Donald -- because of his egomaniacal, consistent and persistent self-promotion -- has been a world-renown figure for years, if not decades. The Donald is famous! Duh! And now, he is the leading candidate for the nomination for the Republican Party for POTUS. He is at least even with Hillary in the latest polls for the November election.
The Donald's growing popularity and status make his pronouncements sound like American policy. When The Donald states that the United States should bar all Muslims from entering this country, and this makes The Donald more popular than ever, this further cements this in the minds of most Muslims worldwide as American policy! And Daesh can go to other Muslims and say, "See! Just like we keep telling you. The Americans hate all Muslims! The Americans want a new Christian Crusade against Muslims in The Middle East and worldwide!"
Meanwhile, well-intentioned victims of terrorism, right there in the Middle East, would not be allowed to enter the United States. The only sense these statements by The Donald make, is nonsense! And, I'm sorry, but anyone who does not believe that The Donald's pronouncements are being used as a recruiting tool for Daesh and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East is, himself or herself, living in Egypt! The Donald is making America LESS SAFE!

You're wrong. It's when we are attacked and Donald says we need a ban on Muslims entering for the time being that he becomes more popular than ever. That's the difference.

The middle eastern victims of terrorism would actually be better served taking refuge in Jordan and Turkey countries with a short distance to travel who share much of the same culture. The US could assist with the relocation. Then allowing refugees after they've been fully vetted would be perfectly acceptable.

There is no proof that Donald's comments have made the US less safe and I actually believe the opposite. Muslims fear strong leaders. Donald is viewed as a strong leader hence his rise in popularity.


There are well-meaning Muslims everywhere. Those who desire peace and freedom for all, outnumber terrorists and their sympathizers at least 3-1! If you read the full story, you will see that the al-Shabaab group is officially aligned with al-Q'aeda, the infamous terrorist grooup which is too tame for Daesh. Al-Shabaab is headquartered in Somalia, very close to this part of Kenya, and wants this part of Kenya to become annexed to Somalia. The article also points out that, in the past, Al-Shabaab terrorists have killed both Christians and Muslims alike. So, the Muslims on board this bus who refused to separate themselves from their Christian brothers and sisters, were, indeed, risking their own lives in doing so. They lucked out. They were brave beyond all reasonable expectations. But, then again, most Muslims oppose terrorism everywhere in the world!
Here's the link: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-kenya-attacks-somalia-idUSKBN0U41LD201...

On a daily basis I am in a room with at 12 or 15 people from the Middle East who are Muslims. I haven't had any terrorist activities or any other types of disruptions. I suspect there may be some people in the room who don't like us Americans. Two thirds of the people in the room don't like people of color or foreigners.

obviously, DO know Muslims of Middle Eastern extraction personally, and you DO have a basis for your feelings about them. It is fascinating that many of the Muslims you know feel the same way about people of color and foreigners as do so many of The Donald's supporters! I wonder how many of those Muslims you know would vote for The Donald if given the opportunity?


I'll tell you a concern I have. Everybody is worried about Muslims entering this country. How do people feel about a East European living in the Whitehouse? If Trump wins the Presidency that's what we will have. It has been demonstrated throughout the history of the world having foreigners in the seat of power in any nation is dangerous. In addition, Newt Gingridge was criticized for having several wives. Why isn't the Donald being criticized. I know why. Trump is going to institute a "Contract With America" that no one knows what is in the contract except Trump.

And how exactly do you know 2/3 of the people in the room don't like people of color or foreigners? Did you conduct a poll? Ask one of your friends? Or can you simply take one look at them and tell? Honestly, Charlie Z, will you share your method with the rest of us?

I have ears, my friend, and I can hear them talking. I also see how the people in the room recruit and organize their research teams.

of The Donald's vow to ban ALL MUSLIM immigration to the U.S., who are mostly the victims of terrorism in the Middle East. Al Shabaab is using the words of The Donald as a tool to recruit more fighters for their extremist group in Somalia. Al-Shabaab is affiliated with Al Qaeda. If you read the article to which I will link in this post, the extremists refer directly to a statement about how racist America is, stated by a treasonous turncoat from America, who was killed by a drone attack in 2011. The Donald is making that scumbag look like a prophet!
Here's the link: https://www.yahoo.com/news/al-shabaab-releases-recruitment-video-featuri...

As I stated above, The Donald is now speaking as the leading candidate for POTUS, at least among all Republicans, and, perhaps among all Americans. If one of us common folks makes an inflammatory statement here in the Swamp, who really cares? But, when The Donald makes such an extremist statement, and it is telecast and posted worldwide, and he also rises in the polls, it is taken as American policy, if not now, at least in the near future. By making such extremist statements, The Donald makes us LESS secure!

Again, Dale, you are right on pont. It's good to see a level headed person on this site to refute Clarabell and Bozo.

Muslims aren't going to take a hit in this election. P-C however IS going to take a hit, and this has finally started, months ago.

BTW, I never read the Koran or the Talmud, either. And YOU CAN'T MAKE ME read anything I don't FEEL like reading!

Ignorance is bliss.

Tell us what you think about the AA Bible, commonly referred to simply as the "Big Book of AA"? Or "The Twelve and Twelve", or "As Bill Sees It"? And tell us a bit more about "bliss".

already agree. You read to reinforce your own beliefs.
Remain ignorant. You will remain in a state of bliss. So glad for you!

Ignorance might be bliss, but I don't have to pay for it at the carryout!

I do have one glass of wine a night. Had one last night. In my last blood test, my HDL ("good" cholesterol) was higher than my LDL ("bad" cholesterol). And that' s about a year AFTER my primary care physician cut one of my prescription cholesterol medications in half! Guess something is working. Remember, I did have angioplasty 20 YEARS AGO!!

Once again, it seems that you have a problem accepting the fact that ANYONE can have one drink every day, and not take another. That would seem to indicate that you know at least one person well who cannot limit himself or herself to just one drink, once he or she takes one. I wonder who that person could be?

On another note, it is a sign that you're losing an argument when you refer to what you fallaciously believe is a character flaw in the person with whom you have a disagreement. In fact, it could be a sign of a deep character flaw in the accuser. I suggest that you consider professional help.

And what character flaw is it when you think anything a person says, is a personal attack against you?

I guess I must be hitting too close to home, huh, G-MAN?

What is obvious to your mind, anyhow?

The entitlement gene seems to consume GMan. This reminds of an incident some years ago. Myself and another gentleman were having a discussion when a strikingly beautiful African American woman walked by. He looked at me and said, "I never thought much about sleeping with a Black woman, but I'd sleep with her." I replied to him by saying, "first you must get her permission". The gentleman never spoke to me again.

What color was your friend? YOU are the one who brings "entitlement" into every post you write. I'm as entitled to my seat on the Gravy Train, as well as any other train in the Country.

So are you admiting you are entitled to sleeping with this woman without her permission?

Did you twist what I said, or did Dale do it for you? I've never done anything like that, and wouldn't now. Besides, I never had a TV show, or been President of the United States.

Do you feel the same way about the women to whom you are related?

The Donald has also been married 3 times. How many for you, who admire him so? Even though he's on his third marriage, The Donald flirts with the women he finds attractive, usually MUCH younger than is he, and criticizes the appearance of older women, especially those who have the temerity to run against him for POTUS!
Your hero, G-MAN!!

There is a movement to encourage voters to vote for Trump in the primaries to make sure he is the Republican candidate for POTUS regardless if they are a Democrat or a Republican. They say that Trump is the easiest candidate to defeat in the General Election because America is not mad and Trump is truly a madman.

Those who do that will regret it. Trump has proven an effective campaigner.

The Democratic nominee benefits the most from the GOP nomination taking longer. The earlier Trump sews it up the more time he has to get the backing from the base and attack the Dem candidates.

It's true on the flip side as well. Any Republicans who want to flip on the primary to ensure either Hilary or Bernie gets the nod are doing themselves a disservice.

Back to Trump. The scariest thing about Trump is how masterful he is over the media. He's only JUST NOW started spending money on things other than organization. He has a war chest he hasn't even touched. That's because he finds a way to dominate the headlines. The media hasn't even realized he's been playing them until about a month ago.


Good Idea!! That will be the end of Trump once and for all!

The meltdown that will follow President Trumps election will only be dwarfed by the meltdown that will occur after he writes some Executive Orders.


And cancels a few others!

If Trump gets elected I'm very sure Congress will keep him from overindulging in the Citizen's Piggy Bank.

he'd better do a better job of monitoring his own Twitter feed. Here is an article showing a re-tweet on The Donald's personal Twitter account that originated at a current Nazi site. On that Nazi site are references to horrifyingly anti-Semitic propaganda, including references to The Holocaust, and links to laudatory descriptions of Hitler.
Democrats really don't have to make any charges at all. All the Democrats have to do is refer to The Donald's own Twitter account!

Here's a link to the article: https://www.yahoo.com/politics/trump-retweets-support-from-neo-nazi-whit...

Trump and Cruz's candidacy should open our eyes. We must remember that Germany was a democracy prior to Fascist rule. The democratic process allowed the Nazis to flourish and eventually ban all other political parties. America needs to be careful that the same thing doesn't happen here. I find it interesting how right wing extremist have the idea that someone took their country and they want to take it back. Realistically, their underserved, self righteous, perceived entitlement is being challenged.

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