Is the library needed anymore? Amazon Prime is cheaper for me than county library

I was recently asked a question about renting videos recently, and it got me thinking about how much I pay for the Lucas County libraries. After some investigation and understanding how much subscription services cost, one has to wonder if the library is even needed anymore.

Currently, I pay around $200 a year in taxes to the library system. I could sign up for Amazon Prime and Kindle books for $120, and I would have almost the same selection and would not need to drive and pick up items I would like to check out. Are we soon at the point where the library does not make financial sense for taxpayers? I would say this may soon be the case.

The county could close the libraries and bid out book rentals and videos to Apple or Amazon. At some point, this case gets even more powerful - are we at that threshold yet?

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I've made suggestions to the library to have users pick up more of their services in fees, but you know how it is. They just ignored me. The library is a heavily Socialist institution. They'll never change.

and where would "z" go to use the computer?

As a conservative, I know that you want less government, but I believe that you are taking a very "small picture" point of view in this case. The library system does not exist primarily for those with the means to pay all of their bills every month. The library system exists to provide services for little or no cost to those who have difficulty paying their monthly bills.
It may, indeed, be cheaper for you, Chris, to rent movies than to get them for free from the library at the annual cost of your property taxes. But, there are many others who take advantage of other resources than just movies from the library system. I, personally, love the library system we have in Toledo-Lucas County! Not only do we take out movies, but we take our grandchildren to "story hour" at the library as well. I also find use of the financial services and tax forms I can get there. Before I had my own computer, I went to the library 2 or 3 times a week to use theirs. There are so many other free resources available, as well. And guess what, Chris? There are a LOT of books there, too. And one does not have to purchase them -- even at discounts -- from Amazon!
Here is where we really part company. I believe that, as a member of society who can afford to get these resources on my own, I still have an obligation to have a viable library system for those who have more limited resources. And, therefore, why should I not take advantage of those resources myself? I do NOT belong to Netflix. I do NOT belong to Hulu. Look at all the money I save right there! I can afford to pay the taxes necessary to have a first-rate library system for ALL Toledo-Lucas County residents!
I truly believe that having a viable library system enhances the Greater Toledo Area, which positively affects all of our property values and lifestyles. Again...we just have to agree to disagree on this issue. And, I will admit, at least to some extent, this is a matter of ideology.

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It is important to always have printed books. Digital books are too easy to censor.

Remember when Amazon deleted Orwell's books from Kindle. How ironic that they would have done it with Orwell.

Here's a link-

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