Actual advice to really help in a rare, but growing, dangerous situation

I am linking to an article about the best actions to take if you happen to be in one of those rare, but growing, mass shooting situations. I hope that no one here ever needs to use the information presented here, but life has a way of throwing us into situations which are unforeseeable. So just in case, here's the link:

I received this information by email from a friend. After I read the article thoroughly, it appears to be very well researched and the best advice available. As the article points out, each situation has its own dynamics, but the advice given will definitely help give one confidence in any unanticipated situation.

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If you're in a gun free zone , there will likely be no armed helper nearby .
That's a key element that shooters know . They target gun free zones

Speaking of gun free zones...why is it that gun shows don't want patrons carrying their loaded guns around during the show? Isn't it ironic that gun shows are "gun free zones"?

an unloaded gun can be made into a loaded gun in seconds . Plus there's a loaded gun sheriff there

And in a matter of seconds the next mass shooter could kill you and your family before you even have a chance to fumble in the magazine. A gun isn't going to help you one bit until it's loaded, unless you plan on throwing it really hard at your attacker.

The only real danger here is the "gun free zone".

The very name is propaganda. It should be called "disarmed victim zone".

Thanks Dale!!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

My posts' are far better than his, and yet, you've never thanked me for ONE!! I feel that you are discriminating against me, you hurt my feelings, and make me feel as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool on SB! Thank You(not)!

I would do everything possible to extricate myself from a situation like that without shooting! And that includes running. But if cornered, or faced with a gunsel about to kill an unarmed person, esp a child, I would act differently. But great care must be taken to prevent an innocent person from getting hit, or a perp that could holler discrimination in court.

article states, I've heard from every self-defense expert about any dangerous situation is: if given the opportunity -- RUN! Now if your life or the life of someone else is in imminent danger, it is natural to try to defend oneself and/or others in danger. But the first action, in most cases, is to get out now!
Police and other safety forces do the opposite. They run TO danger. That's one of the main reasons they deserve our support! After my wife and I were in a terrible accident, 4 years ago, I cannot say enough for the EMTs who helped us from the Richfield and Spencer Township Emergency Services. That next summer, we saw some EMTs from one of those departments at a community event, and I went up to them to thank them for what their colleagues had done for us.
I also worked closely with the police officers who were assigned to DeVeaux when it was a Junior High and I was teaching there. I really cannot praise them enough!

What to do depends upon your moral disposition.

You should get away. Sometimes getting away means fighting. If you must fight, use your surroundings as an advantage. Most of these shooters don't have advanced training and their "practice" revolves only around target practice not speed reloads or close confrontation.

If you must fight, distract. Throwing something of them will cause them to lose muzzle awareness and give you a chance to close distance. When their muzzle is pointed away push it further away and throw them off their balance, then fight over the weapon. At this point you're now in a generally equal fight the hope here now is that aid will come from others.

If you must run. Get as much distance as possible as quick as possible. In the first 50 yrds cover is not as important as distance. Once you get 50 yards away move from covered position to covered position. This is because distance is what will save you. Even if you're hit chances of it being a fatal position once you move over 50 yards are less and less likely. Most non-trained rifle-ists (because only a rifle will fire accurately over 50 yards) cannot shoot accurately with confidence over 100 yards in a rapid situation. Even for trained individuals in a combat situation keeping accuracy at +150 yards is tough if it's not a routine situation.

A good example of these are the Marines who stopped the shooter on the French Train. Given the situation they could not get away and were forced to fight to survive. In other situations there is generally more flight opportunities.


Your expertise is this area is most appreciated. Hopefully no readers here will ever have to use the tactics you describe, but if any do, you may have saved lives!
Nice going, Mikey!!

The good thing is most won't have to even deal with being in a shooting let alone a mass shooting event.

The most effective mass shooter would be one who plays paint ball regularly since it gives you a more accurate look into live-action of such an event.

I've planned and been in lone wolf training events. Where a shooter shot SESAM rounds followed by a "judge". The most important thing a potential victim can do is just act, whether it be flee, hide, or fight. Hesitation is what gets most killed after the first 5 seconds.


Thank you!!

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