Neighbor watches skels suspicious activity, didn't call cops, afraid perps would holler discrimination!!

Tagged: PC is going to help OUR COUNTRY get defeated in the end.

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I read this one. Whatever the cost, we the people must never, ever racially profile someone. Otherwise THEY might... I don't know, call us bad names?

The commercial media is something to fear in a case like this one. Say the wrong thing and they'll try and roast you alive. But then we have this case: New Orleans Shooting. I hadn't heard a thing about it until very recently - I wonder why commercial media isn't giving it the attention it deserves?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Is that suspicious activity? A bunch of Arab guys going to a home won't raise the cops suspicion

Otherwise, some here may turn you into the FBI for surveillance!

Seriously, the terrorists win when we act in ways which are not normal for us. Paranoia is one thing they want to engender. The more "normal" we are in our daily activities, the better.
Of course, we must always be aware of our surroundings and things that are too far out of the norm, but, by living our lives and enjoying the freedoms here, which are greater than anywhere else in the world, we do the most to flaunt our open, free lifestyle to those who do not believe in such freedoms
It is important to realize, that, just as with every other religion, those who practice Islam, are allowed to practice their religion here in a freer way than they can in any other country in the world, including those which have a majority of Muslims!
Of course, if The Donald gets elected, this may well end. and the terrorists will have the best recruiting tool they could ever add to their recruiting arsenal.

But they will be kept the hell outta this Country.

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