"Armed citizenry protects Detriot": The Police Chief!



Oddly enough, many Chiefs' of Police Departments are advocating SECOND AMENDMENT rights for residents of larger cities!

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Don't dress this up to be more than it is. The Police Chief of Detroit knows three basic things:

1. He doesn't have the resources to be a real police department.

2. What resources he does have, will be largely wasted by union rules.

3. Detroit is too dangerous from minority rule to attract a better tax base (i.e. Whites and White-run businesses).

Hence, he's just happening to verbally support one of the most basic laws of our land.

In modern times, command-level police officers made it a point to DENY that people have gun rights. In part, that's helped to fuel a resurgence in citizen action to assert those rights. Command-level police officers are part of the Liberal Establishment, that was clearly coming to take our guns away. Hence, that's how I knew the three points above when the Detroit Chief spoke. If he had the funding to lead a real police department, he'd be all bluff and bluster about citizen armament.

It's the same way with politicians. Politicians are loathe to admit we have gun rights. Even the right-wing ones aren't that vocal about it. And that's WHY we have gun rights, since a revolution was fought over them... the citizens knew they needed the right to keep and bear arms, that always puts them at odds with government, and the government always knows it, which is why the government in all its officials is at least taciturn when it comes to the discussion about gun rights.

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