Don't tell all the Pastry Chefs, but sugar ruins your brain!

"How Does Sugar Affect Your Brain? Turns Out In A Very Similar Way To Drugs And Alcohol"


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When it really comes down to what substance Americans ingest which does us the most physiological damage, sugar is the runaway winner. As with most substances, it's the abuse of sugar that is the problem. However, since there are no controls whatsoever on the use of sugar, Americans are more likely to abuse themselves with sugar than with either alcohol or marijuana!

And, indirectly, we all pay. We pay in the form of higher health care costs, more time lost on jobs, more folks on kidney dialysis, more friends and family dying too young, etc. Simply put, sugar kills!

I object to the conclusion. Excess viewing of CNN is the highest cause of physiological damage by virtue of its repeated toxic nature.

And also probably contributes to brain diseases as well.

I have a theory that watching CNN AND MSNBC even a little, IS the cause of the rising number of brain cancer diagnoses.

that watching "even a little" FOX News leads to more brain cancer!
Have you ever been checked for such a tumor, G-MAN?

does kill brain cells. That may account for many of your posts, G-MAN.

How many of yours' remain?

A LOT more than yours apparently, G-MAN!

I have to disagree.

The truth hurts, huh?

It doesn't hurt me, since I hear so very little of it! Maybe it hurts more if it is told to an impaired person, though.

"You can't handle the truth!"
Plain and simple, G-MAN.

Ha, thanks Dale. I was just playing around showing how stories can be spun in different ways. Of course I don't claim to be an expert on spinning stories like Fox news does.:)

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Spin away!

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