Jordan Davis Murder Documentary

Last night I watched the murder of Jordan Davis Documentary. I was pleased with the jurys guilty verdict of Mr. Dunn, but I was amazed that the first trial ended in a mistrial. JORDAN Davis was shot and killed by Mr. Dunn for playing loud music and using profanity at a gas station. I quess you don't have to be eatiing Skittles and drinking a soft drink to murdered in Florida. It appears Mr. Dunn's action of entitlement got him life in prison plus 90 years.

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I would have given Dunn a pass on general principals. He asked Davis to turn that shit off, Davis turned it up instead (you ain' tell me what to do, honky), then got what he had coming to him. If Dunn could shoot rather than spray and pray, the rest of that crew would have cashed in their chips as well.

On a similar note, a friend of mine whom we'll call Joey, doesn't generally ask. He jerks the driver out of the car and either turns that shit off or takes a hammer to the stereo system, manhandles the driver and sometimes finishes by throwing the ignition keys down the street. All this is done in silence, but they get the message. Joey doesn't like loud music or the punks that play it.

Joey, by the way, is black.

Mad Jack
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bother me as well. But do you really want people who only irritate us to pay with their lives? Not me! Guess you're not one of those pro-lifers, MJ. Isn't incarceration enough?

BTW -- Has your pal "Joey" ever killed someone for being too loud, and/or too disrespectful? I don't think so. It's a matter of degree. And, "Joey" may be sued successfully one of these days for the damages and injuries he causes. Hey, It's his money!

A pro-lifer? Not hardly. Never have been, probably never will be.

Joey? I doubt Joey has actually killed anyone, but I suppose you never know for sure. Anyone trying to file a suite against Joey had best have their health insurance paid up, and make sure it includes dental. I'm betting they drop the whole business by the time the third finger snaps. And no, I'm not kidding.

I like Joey, but I don't spend a lot of time hanging around with him. It tends to be a bit dangerous.

As far as loud noise goes, I always vote for quiet. I once saw an elderly white man quiet a car load of blacks by judicious use of a shotgun - he put one into the radio. Not only did the rap music stop, but the Tyrone theater that generally follows was canceled.

Mad Jack
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"Joey" and the other person you mention might have a hard time breaking fingers or destroying property if someone shoots them. Everyone has the right to self defense. Last time I checked, breaking fingers is something that could draw a more violent response from the victim, which would be fully justifiable, especially with the current climate in America. Stand your ground!

It has been my experience that most of those who live a violent life, die a violent death.

Yeah, Joey's family worries about him. The thing is that drawing your gun and putting lead in the air is kind of tough to do when you're being battered by a heavyweight. In Joey's case, he'd likely take the gun away and sell it on the street later on.

As for the other instance, the guy had a shotgun. Nobody was going to give him a bad time over anything.

Now me, I don't want to get shot at by anyone, but frankly most people can't hit a thing with their pistol, especially under pressure. Shotguns are a different matter, and buck shot scares me. You're very unlikely to survive a blast from a shotgun.

As for Joey? Joey lives in a quiet neighborhood. Nice, huh?

Mad Jack
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When a cop tells you to do something, YOU DO IT, verstehen sie?

enforcement officers to leave the federal facility, if they refuse, whatever happens is their fault. Right??

Absolutely. If they stay, they stay at their own risk.

OK. It appears that you are consistent on this issue.

I have always been consistent on this issue. And I feel the same with regard to Waco, and Ruby Ridge. They got what they asked for.

Good for you!

The jury got it right. Mr. Dunn had another option he didn't consider. He could have just finished pumping gas and then drove away, leaving the loud music behind and enjoying the comforting sounds of traffic.

I just watched this documentary. Dunn is a gutless moron who will spend his reaming days
on this earth in a 6x10 cell. Great decision you made there Dunn or should I say Dunnass.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Yeah, you suck right up to those Moonbats, DonnaHoney.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

You are known on here as well as TT as talking out of your ass most of time. Your opinions
are not necessarily facts. Here are the "facts" of this case.
1) Dunn instigated the whole thing. He could of parked further away and mind his own business.
2) Jordan Davis could of been a cocky, disrespectful punk, but he didn't deserve to die over this.
3) Those boys had no gun. Dunn lied. Dunn is a moron. Dunn is a COWARD.
4) Do you think Dunn would of approached those kids if he didn't have a gun? Answer NO.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

It's not unusual for some people in America to think that anyone who doesn't behave in a manner that they approve of deserve extreme penalties. This reminds of the two men in Milwaukee who were pulled out of a crowd of people jay walking and beaten by police for jay walking.

Well-stated, Donna!

Really, this is what you Liberals are trying to hang your anti-gun hats on? His White killer was found guilty of murder and was imprisoned for it... among many others who are Black and commit the same sort of crime at a four times greater frequency.

We Libertarians and other sensible people had condemned Michael Dunn for the shooting. He wasn't shooting in self defense. We said that many times. But you Liberals have such a huge racism slant and combined with your standard anti-gun lunacy, well those don't allow you to hear our voices.

Somehow, some people in this country exhibit that they are ordained to make decisions for people of color and execute them at a whim. America's past reign of terror of the past has not been forgotten because people like Mr. Dunn keeps reinforcing the idea that White America is entitled.

What exactly is the problem? The shooter was found guilty of murder and was imprisoned for it. What more do you want?

For people like Dunn to stop behaving as if they are entitled to control the lives of minorities.

We'd be better off, statistically, if we had people like Mike Brown stop committing violent crimes.

You can't stop Human behavior in a free society. All you can do is punish transgressions. Liberals want to stop behavior before it occurs. There's a name for that sort of society: Fascist.

We would be better off if we had people who are assigned to protect and serve us from killing unarmed citizens. And, I see you admit that the police may be Fascist.

You're so lost in Liberalism that you can't even see the Fascist nature of your suggestions.

So what do you really envision, some sort of armed man on every street corner ready to stop anyone from firing a gun at anyone else for any reason? Call him a Peacekeeper who answers to nobody, not even police?

The sad irony is that in a nation with the right to keep and bear arms, you could already have something like that, when people freely arm themselves without (illegal) interference from police and politicians. (Of course, that's what I call Fantasyland. The government will ALWAYS try to disarm the citizens.)

Your Liberalism is 100% lunacy. It's people like you that makes people like me go out and buy another gun or more ammo.

We have also determined that your reading comprehension sucks!

Yeah, and those people are entitled to peace and quiet, too.

amounts to a capital crime. How do you feel about the young woman who was a designated driver and was shot and killed in a road rage confrontation? Did she deserve to die, too? After all, she had the temerity to drive a car in which some passengers apparently said some bad things. Should capital punishment have been her punishment, too?

Sure hope nobody on my street ever plays music too loud or yells obscenities. I might just have to kill that person. Oh, wait! I've lived here over 40 years. That has actually happened twice in 40 years, and I didn't kill anyone. WOW! Am I tolerant or what?!

Maybe we should lobby for a law de jour. Those entitled people can kill anyone for anything. I would imagine jaywalking would be a capital offense.

Utter nonsense.

Well, if they j-walk on your street, right in front of your vehicle, you may just "accidentally" run them over and kill them. They would deserve it, after all. If playing loud music earns one the death penalty, why wouldn't J-walkers get the death penalty, too?!

They sound so moderate in their statements! Here's a link to an article:
I wonder what they would say if a group of American Muslims took over, by force, a federal facility in order to protest against the limitation of Muslim immigration into the United States? I have a funny feeling that they would be calling for the federal government to attack the compound immediately, and condemning domestic "Muslim terrorists!" And stating that this is why we need to stop Muslim immigration into the United States!
And, they would condemn Obama for not acting quickly, too!

Don't you mean they would raise hell about obama not acting AT ALL? Because that is exactly what would happen.

Daie, you have a point. If this weren't an entitled group they would have blown it to pieces by now.

No, because when the entitled are young, we all take an oath to never do harm to any of our other entitled brothers and sisters. It's an entitlement thing, you wouldn't understand.

Your other entitled brothers and sisters? I guess making up the rules on a whim is okay. That's called a sociopath.

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