Marcy Kaptur misses more votes than most other Ohio lawmakers

According to a Sandusky Register review of ProPublica data, Marcy has one of the worst voting attendance record out of any the other lawmakers in the state of Ohio. Only one is worse than her.

Hey Sandusky Register, who cares? Marcy could stop going to DC at all and she will still be re-elected. But Marcy does care about Timberstone Junior High students. She missed a vote last year to try to find them.
U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, has missed more votes during the current session of Congress than almost every other member of Ohio's House delegation.


"I left the Chamber to locate 226 high school students from Timber Stone Junior High School in my district, who were nowhere to be found on either the east or west side of the Capitol," she said. By the time she returned, it was too late to vote.

Read the ProPublica story at:

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I could add unwarranted. In your research, did you find an important vote Ms. Kaptur missed, besides the one for which she issued a public explanation? And the one referred to is from when? The article only said, "...from years ago..." How many years? And, yes, sometimes the safety of children does take priority over one vote in Congress! And why do you consider it important to point out that the missing students were from Timberstone Junior High?

Even going by the statistics shown, Ms. Kaptur was present for nearly 96% of votes. BTW -- I know that he's running for POTUS, but Marco Rubio has missed over 34% of roll call votes since October of last year!

Chris, whether you like it or not, Ms. Kaptur reflects the feelings of her district very well in her votes. You may want to know that she only ranked 137th in the liberal rankings in 2013, the last year for which this source had statistics. Here's a link:
And while most Members of Congress are millionaires many times over, Ms. Kaptur's personal wealth is listed as between "$170,017 and $522,641," placing her 302nd among House members. In other words, Ms. Kaptur is far better equipped to understand the problems of common folks than are people like The Donald and Willard.

Your other reference amounts to guilt by association. Just because some others have lame excuses for poor voting attendance, this should not tarnish the good name posted by Marcy Kaptur.

What's the real story, Chris? Are you paving the way for a run against Ms. Kaptur in 2016?

It is a legitimate issue and not a partisan attack. Marco Rbio and Barack Obama both have had to answer about missed congressional votes in recent years. So it's clearly not partisan.

Now me personally, I could care less as long as the politician I vote for votes the way ai believe they should. But to acts if this isn't legitimate is just righteous indignation. As a voter Chris has every right to ask these questions as he's done with Superintendent Hickey.


equate the two situations. You are partisan, and Chris shows his partisanship here. Marcy Kaptur has been an exemplary public official.
You both have every right to dislike the way she votes, even though, statistically, she is far from the most liberal Member of Congress. However, Chris has taken a very minor issue and blown it greatly out of proportion.

After that analogy, I hope that you are sanitizing your keyboard, Mikey!

How are the situations different? How is comparing them insulting?


sanitized that keyboard yet.

Sandusky Register partisan? Is Marcy the rep who has missed the second most number of votes? Yes. Sorry, it is just the fact, not partisan. I am very interested to see how this redistricting initiative works with Marcy's district. It has been gerrymandered so that she stays elected. If a district is fair, I doubt she could maintain her seat if someone like a Larry Kaczala ran against her.

I am not a spokesperson for Marcy Kaptur. Unlike many in Congress, she actually lives in her constituency, and is in the area A LOT!
The statistics you state are specious. The only MAJOR vote cited took place, in 2008! If Marcy were missing many important votes, this would be a genuine issue. Chris, please point out an important vote Marcy missed about which you are upset. Please note...I am not asking for you to cite votes about which you disagree with Marcy. That would probably be most of her votes!

As far as the Sandusky Register being non-partisan, do you think the same of The Blade? How about the Cleveland Plain Dealer? The Cincinnati Enquirer? MOST news outlets are partisan. I know nothing about the Sandusky Register, but one cannot assume that a news outlet is non-partisan just because it is a news outlet.

And, finally, but importantly, which political party did the gerrymandering of Kaptur's district? The Republicans!! Did she have any say whatsoever in the process? NO!!! That's YOUR party, Chris! This is YOUR website! Where has all of your pent-up anti-gerrymandering been hiding? I read on this site a lot. I have never read anything you have written about the evils of gerrymandering, especially as it has to do with the ludicrous boundaries which make up the Ninth Congressional District of Ohio!
And, as far as Kaptur's being electable from a fairly-configured district is concerned, didn't she get elected from 2002-2010 under previous district lines, also constructed by Republicans?
You must be preparing to run against her, Chris. I do respect you, but I will be on the other side if you are her opponent in that race!

Taking time to actually read the Sandusky Register article: Kaptur misses votes more often than most Ohio lawmakers by Tom Jackson, I discovered that it's a summation and commentary about another article, The Dog Ate My Vote: How Congress Explains Its Absences by Pro Publica.

Again, taking time to read (and comprehend) the Pro Publica article, I found the following quotes:

Marcy Kaptur, a Democratic congresswoman from Ohio, missed a 2008 House vote because she was searching the Capitol for high school students visiting from her district.

So a bunch of high school students ditched their chaperons (wranglers?) and were off doing what teenagers are wont to do. Big surprise here, right Dale? How about a few words of castigation to the incompetents who were escorting the students?

The ProPublica app shows that among Ohio's 16 House members, republican Steve Stivers, who represents the 15th District in southeast Ohio, has missed 7.0 percent of his the votes in his Congressional career the most of any member of the delegation. That's followed by Kaptur, who missed 4.3 percent of her votes.

I can just hear the Moonbats now. Ah-Ha! Told you so! I win!!-I win!!-I win!!!!!!! A Republican (that would be a hardhearted, devil worshiping, tail chasing Wingnut) missed the most votes. That means that all the Moonbats get a pass on all the votes they missed, if any, and if they did miss any votes it was because the vote wasn't important anyway and they had better things to do.

Keep reading.

Stivers is a colonel in the Ohio Army National Guard. A spokeswoman explained that he has missed votes while on military service. Stivers won a Bronze Star while serving in the war against Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It seems our villain was off serving his country - not looking for lost teenagers who didn't want to be found.

ProPublica has compiled a database (Personal Explanations: When Members of Congress Miss Votes, and Why) of missed votes including the reasons listed, if any were given. Most congressmen didn't bother giving a reason, being too important to be concerned with such mundane tasks.

Examining the facts about missed votes reveals that the Moonbats outnumber the Wingnuts by a huge margin. This is why electing a Democrat is such a good deal, because they automatically know what's important and what isn't, and report for work accordingly.

Marcy Kaptur is being paid to vote and represent our best interests. When she doesn't show up to vote or to voice her opinion on a particular issue, she's collecting that paycheck and not working for it. I've had enough of Kaptur. I want someone else.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

important vote Ms. Kaptur missed, besides the one cited in 2008, which disturbs you!
You read the article thoroughly. You, obviously, did not read my comment thoroughly.
Marcy Kaptur casts votes on every important issue in the U.S. House. And she has done so about 96% of the time. Since she has voted against innumerable pay raises for Congress, and donates her increased pay, I guess you could say she well earns the less than 96% of her pay she actually keeps.

I guess you would like a wealthy Republican, like Very Rich Iott, to take her place. Remember, just because Ms. Kaptur does not vote the way you or Chris want her to vote, does not mean she is anything but an exemplary elected official. She reflects the feelings of the vast majority of her constituents in her votes, AND is in her district more than the average Member of Congress!

If the U.S. House is voting on an issue, I'd like to think the issue is important. We are not talking about the Berkey, Ohio town council voting to change the date of next year's tomato festival from October 1st to October 7th because of a conflict with someone's birthday celebration; we're talking about the U.S. House. Right?

But what you seem to be telling me is that our elected weasels should only vote on bills affecting issues they think are important. And if the issue isn't important, they need not vote. Importance is a relative thing, Dale. What's important to me is that my dutifully elected representative show up and do the job he was elected to do. That means missing family functions, funerals, weddings, first communions, shopping center openings, ribbon cutting ceremonies and the bestowing of honorary awards. But that's the way the job works.

The point here, and the point that Chris was making, is that Marcy Kaptur hasn't done that and she should have. No amount of weaseling on your part can change that or minimize the damage done. Nice try, though.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I guess you cannot find any important votes Ms. Kaptur has missed.

FYI -- There are innumerable votes in Congress (and in the Ohio General Assembly, and in Berkey City Council) which are procedural in nature, and are voted upon with overwhelmingly one-sided, bipartisan votes.
I get it. You, like Chris, hate the fact that Marcy Kaptur is the long-time representative from the Ninth Congressional District. I suggest you do as I believe Chris is planning to do, and run against her. Or you are free to support Chris when he does so. If Chris wins, I will be upset just as you are now. Hopefully, I will find substantive issues upon which to base my opposition to Chris. Of course, if he decides to miss, like 20% of the votes in Congress, all bets are off!

Why don't we have remote-voting procedures in place? Demanding some particularly busy people show up physically and frequently to cast votes on legislation, is a throwback to an earlier age. Setup a simply phone-conferencing vote system, for fuck's sake!

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