When talking about a public figure goes from free speech to libel

There is a site out there about Patrick Hickey and Jeremy Baumhower which probably steps across the lines of what is acceptable and what is not. Public figures have a high threshold to prove slander and libel and they have to prove there is malice in the presentation of speech. In this context, the phrase refers to knowledge or reckless lack of investigation, rather than its ordinary meaning of malicious intent.

The way this particular site is choosing to deal with information, the person(s) behind it most likely won't have a case if it came to court. It is not a problem if you keep discussions to the issues, but once you start doing what this particular site does, there is no support for you. By reading this particular site, you can tell it was created out of spite most likely is only relying on hearsay information, and presenting it as fact to personally harm someone. Which means the extreme personal attacks and the spreading of the unverifiable information as fact, without regard to proof, most likely steps across the line. While there is at least 1, (and maybe 2 real items) on that site, but it does not provide you cover for everything else and someone telling you something only works if that person is willing to go to bat for you. Many times "someone told me" ends up backfiring.

Don't think that you can hide behind a private registration - you can still be identified. Domains by Proxy has handed information over without court orders in the past. I have no horses in this race, but doing things like that hurts the credibility of all online sites, and you should reconsider your approach in order to gain any credibility.

Our first amendment rights protect free speech and protects our right to hold public figures accountable, but it can't be construed as free reign. People ask what crosses the line on the Internet and I would say that this particular site is as close to abusing the first amendment as you can get.

Update 9 pm, added more information and explained position more.

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Well stated, Chris!

Someone must have initiated some legal proceedings because the site is empty.

or maybe they read this site :)

This makes sense Chris!

Interestingly, Baumhower started a facebook page and gave out my address, phone number, and encouraged people to call the city and complain because we park on the lawn in between the driveway and the gate, as we were working on our garage.

This entire WLS mess has been caused by the Board of Education's lack of guts in firing Patrick Hickey for multiple infractions of violating his letter of reprimand, for nobody standing up to Baumhower (which will change on Wednesday after I meet with my attorney) and Addison Community Schools throwing this load of crap in the laps of the WLS community.

Wish us luck!

“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

That seems pretty petty.

Yes, I agree the WLS board does not see very strong - we will need to see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

Let us know how the meeting goes.

This is not the first time rumors have gotten Baumhower into hot water.

A friend reminded me of an incident that I looked up. Baumhower was the source of a lawsuit between the Blade and Denny Schaffer where Shaffer accused JR Block of dating a blade reporter.

At the time Baumhower was a producer of the show.


I made a mistake.

Baumhower was the producer of Troy Neff's show. Not the Breakfast Club.



Hope I didn't offend anyone!

WLS BOE emergency meeting tomorrow night. Be there or be square. Will they finally throw
that pervert out or turn their heads as they have done in the past. Stay tuned.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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