Hickey placed on leave again

According to the Blade:

Washington Local Schools Superintendent HIckey placed on paid leave again

The Washington Local Schools board of education has launched a new investigation of its embattled superintendent and placed him on paid leave while the board looks into new, unspecified allegations against him.

Patrick Hickey left the district’s administrative center on Lincolnshire Boulevard after a closed-door executive session tonight. He did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

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What's that saying about smoke and fire? LOL

Smarter around women . Though this seems to be much ado about not much

Hickey is going to be history.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

according to those in the know, he is going to be dismissed on Friday. He should have resigned, because he created a very distracted environment. I know a fresh start at Washington Local will give more confidence to everyone.

It's amazing the effort it takes to get rid of some alpha male. If I had done what Hickey did, I'd be out on my ass in 2 seconds, ushered by smiling HR people. Superintendent or not, Hickey is still just an EMPLOYEE of the school system, and unless his contract specifically permits him to perform sexual misconduct, HR should have done the same to him.

This is blatant elitism. I take a big shit on the voters of the WL school district for having installed ball-less wonders on their school board.

yourself on this issue! I will not repeat all of your pronouncement of 10-10-2015 which has, what I consider to be, inappropriate language. But, you do stereotype all women as being weak (using a different, insulting term). So like The Donald, you seem to believe that the use of strong, personally insulting language, somehow makes your argument better.
I did find this, however. On 09-24-2015, you wrote, Chicken Little, "Prediction: nothing will be done about it [Hickey's alleged inappropriate activities]. As a culture, we're aligned with Hickey, not his alleged victim." You, Mr. Empty Glass go on, "We [who? you?] put alpha males into these positions. Our cultural DNA demands it. The most aggressive males get these positions. And what do our most aggressive males tend to do? The tend to seek sex, even using force to do so." But you go on to state, "And women tend to love it. That's the sickest thing about it."

You do go on, Chicken Little, but I think readers here can get the picture. It is not within my professional purview to psychoanalyze you by what you state on this topic, but I'll bet some psychologist or psychiatrist could have a good time doing so!

In my personal experiences, I have found women to be strong, effective leaders. I guess that hasn't been the case for you, Mr. Empty Glass. You just must get a wider range of experiences before you go spouting off about what you perceive to be reality based upon your rigid, ill-informed stereotypes of humanity!

You have a bad habit of not dealing with the issue at hand.

Hickey remains in power today, simply because he's an alpha male. If any other sort of man tried what he has done repeatedly, HR would be escorting them out the door within a few days.

The rules are different for alpha males. Period.

And the existence and support of alpha males illustrates the weakness of women, and also the weakness of non-alpha men.

" So like The Donald, you seem to believe that the use of strong, personally insulting language, somehow makes your argument better." And I know someone else who copies the Donald to the tee, in this procedure.

As a person who has been very vocal keeping this issue in the public eye, I appreciate your effort to report updates, Chris!

I realize that the tone of my blog was, at times, every emotional and combative. For that I apologize! I am neither a professional writer nor an experienced blogger and I learned a great deal through this process.

This has been extraordinarily difficult trying to get the community and the BOE to realize that there was evidence out there that Hickey has behaved inappropriately for a very long time. I do know that that evidence has been uncovered and presented to the proper authorities. I do believe that Hickey will be removed on Friday and I, too, hope that he moves on rather than try and save face by filing a lawsuit. That would be the ONLY reason why he would, because I uncovered some of the evidence myself and it's damning. He'd be wasting his own resources.

Chris as soon as I know anything I will certainly share it with you. I see Baumhower is spewing his spin on it, although he has his own legal issues to contend with currently.

The sooner this is over the sooner we can all move on to a healhty community!

Thanks again! (DonnaHoney you are awesome!!!!)


“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton


Are welcome. As a citizen and taxpayer, you have a right to discus what goes on in your district and to ask questions. No one is perfect, but you are entitled to your opinions, that is what is great about America. Everyone learns and it will make you better. You did uncover some unique things which I referenced here. If anything, it will help everyone for citizens to learn more about their government so the district will be better off for it.

It shows just how productive you can be when you concentrate upon putting facts forward, rather than trying to make an ideological point.

Terri deserves credit for investigating background issues and bringing them to light. And Donna has been so supportive of her efforts! I would caution both to take Chris's advice on these matters and stick to facts which can be proved if necessary. Everything else is alleged and hearsay and should be labeled as such.
For example, we can all say that Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile. He was convicted of this. We can also say that Joe Paterno looked the other way for many years. But, when referring to what Paterno actually knew, we can only say that some "allege" that Sandusky could not have done what he did with Paterno not knowing that Sandusky was doing something illegal and immoral. That is hearsay, and has not been proved.
This can be a very fine line. Take care!

Great advice, thank you. I depend on all of you to keep me in check because I am SICK of this man and his sidekick Baumhower and just want them gone so we can move forward.


“One person's craziness is another person's reality.”
― Tim Burton

For having the guts and courage to expose that phony, rotten SOB. If it wasn't for you Patrick would of had the gutless BOE members, (except Carmean and Langenderfer) give him a raise and contract extension. I heard the charges against him where not only about his sexual perversions but also involved questionable spending of taxpayer money.. Wonder how much Patrick paid Bumhower to run interference for him? I still have a few problems.
How many hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on Ron Clark at Patrick's insistence? A charter school grades 5 thru 8. WLS and this schools have lot in common huh? The only thing that they got out of all these trips were suggestions to paint their classroom walls. Another epic waste of money. Wonder if Patrick was getting "finder fees"
for booking these gigs? Maybe Patrick had the hots for Ron.
Another thing that bothers me is the fact that the BOE knew back in 2007 that Patrick was dirty but turned their heads. Wonder why? Who was on the board back then?
Lindsay Webb should resign in disgrace also. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Ha, one of Patrick's cool aid drinking parents filed a complaint to the board saying that Langenderfer leaked info about Patrick's allegations to people on social media and that is affecting the boards decisions. Another smoke screen diversion? Questions:
How does this parent know this to be a fact? Is he just making up shit?
If all the allegations about Patrick are true. Who cares what got "leaked out" if in fact anything did. From what I understand Patrick was the one leaking out information To Bumhower .
To the BOE,
What is so difficult here? If you found out in your investigation that Patrick is guilty of what has been alleged, fire his ass and don't pay him a cent. If you find out it that none of it can be substantiated or proven true, apologize to Patrick and continue to kiss his ass and do what he tells you to. Pretty cut and dry.

Patrick is filing a ethics violation against Lang. and Carmean. All he is doing is causing more confusion and dragging WLS through the mud some more so the BOE buys him out.
If he he loved the district so much as he always claimed he would of resigned a long time ago.
Supposedly Patrick asked the board to buy him out back in April. He knew the shit was going to hit the fan.
Hunter did a podcast with Bumhower after the first allegation. Maybe he leaked information.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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