Education Is an Effective Investment in the Future.

I am providing a link to an article which shows -- unsurprisingly -- that those states with the highest percentage of citizens with college educations, also, generally, spend the most on k-12 education, AND have higher median incomes than do most other states.
Here's the link:

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Is there a point you're trying to make here? Or only a mere platitude?

best investment we can make as a society is in the best possible education for the most people. The more people get educated, the higher they go in getting an education, the more they benefit personally, and the more society benefits from the values they add to the economy directly and to society as a whole.
People sacrificed when I was young to support a strong, free public education from K-12. That level of education still works for many in our society, but more and more 2 year, 4 year, and graduate college degrees are needed. We either make the investment necessary, even if we must make some personal sacrifices to afford to do this, or the future of our children and grandchildren is greatly at risk.
Dr. Ben is a great example here. He grew up in Detroit. He spent his formative years being educated in the much maligned Detroit Public Schools. Some who post here would have written him off as a lost cause. If his biography is to be believed, he fit the stereotype of the angry, black youth. Yet, both he and his brother became educated professionals. Of course they, and their then illiterate mother, a wonderful, determined, single parent, deserve the lion's share of the credit for their success. But the Detroit Public Schools deserves some credit for educating these two motivated minority youths. In my 35 years as a teacher, I never had one student who came to school wanting to learn who was not successful. Some overcame great odds to be a success, much like Dr. Ben and his brother.
Every child has potential to contribute in a positive way to our society. When we give up on them, they become a burden, and/or even a danger to us. What sense does that make? Too many want to use precious tax dollars to build and staff more prisons. It is a better use of those precious tax dollars to invest in education and counseling for our youth. Properly educating children saves society huge expenditures on many of these same individuals if they become adult criminals. Education is a great investment!
The article to which I linked proves the value of this investment to those states which have been making the best investments in traditional public education for many decades now.

Dale is simply wrong, as usual.

There's no point in applying more and higher education on a populace in the throes of a massive efficiency drive created by information technology and robotic automation. You only end up with an Education Bubble... like we have today, with more and more millions of people buried in education debt who can't find paying work that compensates them for that debt, much less their combined living expenses, education debt, and promised increased style of living.

Dale is a part of the Education Mafia. Of course like all such people, he's going to talk up his own scam. But the facts are clear: Education today is becoming more and more a lottery ticket whose price keeps going up while the payoff keeps going down.

Getting people out of the useless, feminized, shit-degrees like Liberal Arts won't help either. Having millions more STEM grads sitting around with huge education debts and no jobs, is the same sort of lunacy in general.

Now I'll leave you to read Dale's angered response that will revolve around me not having credentials to speak on this issue, not having any data on it, blah blah blah. And yet you know I'm right, and he certainly knows I'm right... but he's part of a criminal organization run by unions, and he can't ever admit I'm right about these things. Heavens to Betsy, imagine if millions of Americans just DIDN'T go to college to learn useless shit like Liberal Arts, and DIDN'T run up $30K in education debt that follows them around for life. They might just do things on their own and for themselves, all without the guidance of Liberal professors and their insane ideology. Why, they'd learn quickly about self capitalization and become RIGHT WING. Dale and his crooked compadres can't let that happen.

You once again state ridiculous, vacuous opinions and claim that just because you state them, you are right. The simple fact is, that most of the states which have the highest level of education among their citizens are also our most prosperous states.

GZ obviously needs an edge ga ma cation.

Of study, or they will be stuck under big debt , as Mike DeWine noted last week .
Let's go back to the old way of mentoring under a lawyer , businessman

the past. The pursuit of a degree in an area of interest should be as free of monetary considerations as possible. The saddest people I have known are those who go to work at a job they hate so they can earn a paycheck, not because they enjoy what they do at work.

Tuition should be tax deductible, not student loan interest. To do that would undermine the loan system and make tuition less likely to have a "bubble".

Of course, liberals hate this idea.


is the military and weaponry. Your post here makes no economic sense.

See the libs won't have it. Primarily because it would reduce taxable income.

Who could benefit the most financially from tuition being tax deductible? Quite possibly the middle class, those with the means to send kids to school yet must pay a large sacrifice to do it. By capping such a deduction it would benefit community colleges and technical schools more than private expensive universities. The cap would curb rising tuition rates and take the wind out of the sales of loan companies.

For the low income and students who pay for college themselves through pell grants they would see a larger return check in the spring.

Plus this would be an investment in education and this our future.


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