Why does Patrick Hickey feel compelled to tell staff not to talk to board members?

Terri Kern also came across this particular nugget.

Late last week, Patrick Hickey sent an email to staff telling them not to communicate with a board member who was asking questions about his leadership.

I am not sure why he thinks this is appropriate because it is his actions that have aroused the curiosity of the board and community to try really to get to the bottom of what goes on in the district.

Read the full e-mail at: http://swampbubbles.com/files/hickey-email.pdf

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I thought that I had already addressed this. This Hickey character is an alpha male. He can cross whatever line of propriety that exists purely on that basis, and people will do more than just tolerate it, they'll even defend him. There's no point in criticizing it, since you're running up against a strong cultural imperative, and I'd argue it's really a biological imperative. So instead, we should resort to outright contempt. Lay it on, since you're not going to change his behavior anyway, and you're not going to change the attitudes of his numerous defenders. And what hits alpha males strongly is being laughed at. It's really the only social control that works against them.

I think you nailed it, GZ. I haven't been following this charade as closely as I might, but the man's actions make him seem arrogant to a fault, and there isn't anyone (or even any three) on the board that will challenge his behavior.

Now, if he were challenging the reprimand and the allegations (true or false) on social media, that might be something else.

Mad Jack
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Looks like he was thrown out of Addison High school in 1990 for having a sexual relationship with a student. Why this sexual pervert is still employed is unbelievable!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Donna, it's biology. Humans are enamored by alpha males. We must admire their boldness and resolve or something equally brainless.

Hickeys buddy Jeremy Bumhower got arrested for beating up on his wife again. Real stand up guy.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Yep. I looked it up. Sylvania Municipal Court, case number 1502239, dated Nov 3rd, 2015, showing a Jeremy J. Baumhower at 6357 Wedgewood Drive, accused of having violated ORC 2919.25, "domestic violence", a 1st degree misdemeanor. This is all public record.

Mr Baumhower's hearing on this matter is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 23rd at 2pm at the Sylvania Municipal Court (6700 Monroe St). Personally I plan on being there in the audience (which I assume is permitted) to see what this particular sort of asshole looks like.

I note that you can request a copy of the police report via a form "Sylvania Police Division, Request For Public Records". This covers all public records not exempt by law from disclosure. Apparently you need to fill it out and then present it physically to the office of the Chief of Police, Sylvania. I might as well do that on the same day of Mr Baumhower's hearing.


So, swords have two edges.

Public records are public, you know.

Bring it.

I try to stick to facts and political commentary.
I certainly won't troll to find friends of people and use personal information about them to attack someone I don't like.

Dale, If you have nothing to add to the topic at hand maybe you should sit this one out!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

have done wrong, and they are a public official, it is always correct -- even incumbent in a democracy -- to point out facts detrimental about that person. I do have a problem with pointing out things that friends of theirs are alleged to have done, and using this as a weapon of attack against your targeted person.

You, DH, have kept to the person himself. I hope that you are able to prove your allegations for your sake.

I don't need to prove anything, its all out there in public records. The hypocrites will be exposed.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!


part of the story: https://www.facebook.com/sue.baumhower/posts/10205103391210567

other part:

From what I know: It does not take much for someone to claim abuse and for the courts to want to take an extreme stand and it is pretty difficult for someone get their story out when this happens. I would suggest waiting for everything because the truth stands somewhere in between. The whole thing is messy and I pray that common sense rules the day because when things are done, and time passes, they will regret where things are today.

Hey Chris it appears those pages on Facebook were deleted already. If his wife is backtracking now saying it was no big deal, its all damage control. She was in fear enough to call the police at the time the incident happened. Just one of many women who are stuck in a abusive relationship.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Yes, and it's for trends like that (where women are basically spineless like jellyfish) that the state decided quite some time ago to not just leave domestic violence charges up to support from the victim. The state now pursues the charge on its own. The police report is pretty much serving as the victim as this point, and the state prosecutes for it.

Mr Baumhower from his blog believed that the citizens should take action against useless loudmouths that give this city a bad name.

So I did. Sadly for Mr Baumhower, the useless loudmouth that gives this city a bad name, was him.

Swords are great until you find out they have another sharp edge. Maybe you should spend less time swinging one.

I wouldn't like to get caught, either, Dale!

I don't understand why the WLS board even has to debate firing Patrick Hickey. He clearly violated the terms of his reprimand when he sent out an email to every WLS staff member-over 800 people - singling out Pat Carmean. It specifically said he was not to retaliate ANY person, regarding this manner. Forget JB he is a troll.

It does appear from the information provided that Patrick Hickey may have indeed violated the directive given him in the reprimand issued by the Washington Local Board of Education, the elected governmental entity, the employing entity, the "employer", that also has the ultimate "legitimate" power, authority, and responsibility. If the evidence does in fact collaterally verify that Patrick Hickey did violate the directives given and in that Mr. Hickey had been issued that official reprimand, the Board would be remiss and would be abrogating its responsibility if it did not seek further progressive corrective action with Mr. Hickey.

And properly so.

Nothing is going to happen to Hickey. He got his cronies reelected to the board ,(Hunter, Kiser and now Canales). They will vote the way Hickey tells them to. The only board member who has any guts is Carmean. WLS voters keep putting the same old sellouts in.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Mrs. Carmean has been the only one to fight for the truth in this whole debacle and you can see where it has gotten her. They want to bring in a mediator for Mr. Hickey and her. WHY?? She has not done anything inappropriate. She has listened to the citizens and teachers (who fear retaliation if they go public with their information), and followed up on the information she was given. The BOE has thrown her under the bus and is making her the scapegoat so they can save their sorry asses. The people in WLS who still believe in Hickey's "innocence" are sinking in number. Garcia has a petition to get rid of Carmean-I would love to see what "documentation" she has on her. Carmean did not retaliate after Hickey's email to every WLS employee, nor did she approach him when she saw him in the gym parking lot. (I would have had my cell phone in hand and clicking away). I can't imagine what they could possibly further investigate.

Hickey is not handling these things correctly and that he has put the district in a bad position. He has to be the one who is proactive in changing the environment, but it is clear he does not want to.

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