Your thoughts on the fall 2015 election - endorsements, anti-endorsements

Others have had their say on what you should support, but now it is time for you to sound off. There are lots of important races on the ballot this fall including mayorships, city council, school boars and issues. Who deserves our vote and who should we stay away from?

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Budgeting. Budget Items Are Ranked . Citizens have online input on rankings , funding .
At our neighborhood forum , she stayed after , huddled with us . She delves into issues and people

Hicks -Hudson brought something to the table I haven't seen in years. Rational behavior while effectively dealing with the issues.

Glad to see issue one pass by a wide majority. Puts democracy back on the map. Issue 2 was poorly written to confuse. It was backed by the farm bureau and oil & gas to stop little people's initiatives. It adds another layer of government control on who gets to put ballot proposals to a vote by the people. Definitely a step back for democracy by the people.

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also to see the issues fell the common sense way. Hopefully Dewine is successful in repealing the Toledo pot ordinance too.

I was glad that the two obvious nut cases didn't get elected as mayor.

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