Washington Local School Board race

Other than the Toledo Mayoral race, the next election that is getting the most discussion is the Washington Local School Board. Here is why this election is important:

School boards need to be the group in charge of a school district, and when you have an administration that seems to run roughshod around rules without care for consequences, it is time for the school board to re-assert itself. The superintendent is an employee of the board, not the other way around this is a fact that some out there seem to want to ignore.

There there are many instances of a "too friendly" board, creating a bigger problem by not being a proper school board. One has only to look at what the Toledo Public School board did when Eugene Sanders broke the law, the school board did not care about it as long as if he generated the headlines - things were OK - it ends with the district being embarrassed and considered a joke. It is clear that not all is well in Washington Local, and the only way to get it well again is to have a board that the administration is afraid of. Clearly, this does not exist now since they turned and ran the other way at the sign of trouble.

In a nutshell, the district is not in a good place, and there seem to be too many school board candidates willing to give Patrick Hickey free reign. The community won't come together unless the board does its duty and becomes a boss, not a friend of the superintendent. I would suggest understanding the opinions of anyone running for school board to be sure they understand what is the proper role of the school board - you will be surprised on how many don't because Washington Local needs a strong school board, not a weak one.

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Why did Hickey leave Addision high school in Michigan in 1991 ? School districts just pass their sexual deviants onto other schools. They should pass a law not letting this happen.
Hickey has been fooling a lot of people for a long time.
It was reported that one of the school board members were talking to some teachers and staff about Hickey. He sent an email out telling basically telling everyone not to talk to the board member. He just don't get it.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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