Afican Americans not only have to be fearful of gangs in schools, but also the police

Yesterday a Black teenage girl was attacked by a policeman while sitting at her desk in school. The video clearly shows that the girl did not try to physically attack the policeman .For MikeyA, and GZ, your arguments that Blacks are the problem is getting weaker and weaker. The use of video cameras is bringing out the truth.

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Serious question: Why can't Blacks behave in public? Why do they act like petulant children and get into pointless and illegal conflicts with police and other security officials? Do they need to be moved into exclusion zones en masse for public safety? After all, we might still do that. It's becoming clearer every day that that's in the best interest of everyone, Blacks and Whites alike. It makes everyone safer and puts people were they belong:

1. People who can behave civilly: You can roam the public space unimpeded.

2. People who can't behave civilly: You can roam the exercise yard set aside in your internment facility.

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Zey.

Thanks for your sick comments. You obviously
Didn't see the news casts pertaining to the incident. I understand what some people want. They want African Americans to be submissive so that denying them of rights, beating them and killing them is okay. Attention GZ, Jim Crow is dead.

Oh I read the news and watched one of the videos. It was yet another case amongst many of a Black female being obstinate in the face of "White" authority, first with the teacher and then with the security officer.

We employ security officers and other such people so that they are authorized to use force on citizens. When you don't obey their orders or are otherwise in violation of law ("White" law, sadly, as it's popularly seen in the Black community) then you will be legally subject to force.

End of story.

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You don't have the "right" to disobey legal orders given by officials. The Negro in the chair had plainly been told to leave the classroom. She refused. It's not even a case where there's a problem with her hearing or reading comprehension... it's more a problem having to do with:

1. By IQ metrics, about 85%-90% of American Negroes are below the average White intelligence.

2. Negro culture is intensely racist against Whites.

So what you do with criminals and retards is eventually use force against them. That's what happened to that Negro in the chair. And it's what happened to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc. When you can't act like a civilized Human, force WILL be used against you. And you either learn to obey legal authority and to act civilly in public (and in private, which sadly Jeremy Baumhower didn't learn either), or you're basically choosing to be roughed up and put into custody, or you're shot, and then it's either DEATH or some sort of LEGAL PROBLEM for you. The latter options are all the sort of results that such Negroes are choosing today.

Most Blacks don't cause any problems, but the establishment and sickos will treat all Blacks as if they are criminals.

You're making no point. Most Blacks don't wind up in jail. But about one in four do, at least once, at some point in their lives. And that's because they break the law, and give police officers problems.

In other words, you never have to fear the police when you:

- DON'T point weapons at police.
- DON'T disobey police orders.
- DON'T fight with or otherwise physically resist police.

Blacks sadly find these "don'ts" to be difficult to follow. That's why our courts and prisons are packed with Blacks.

You forgot one.
"Don't go out of the house while being Black"

You're just throwing anything out here because you know the facts don't support your argument.

In truth, Blacks are 40 times more likely to be killed by another Black person than the police.


Police are there to protect and serve, not injure and kill people.



Our courts and prisons are the new slavery.

If that's true, then why aren't I enslaved? Could it be that I don't disobey the law and otherwise cause problems with police officers? Yep.

Should you be? Maybe you hide well.

I'm out on the street and in my car as visibly as other people are. What's the difference? Well, I'm not committing crimes, and when approached by police I don't point a gun at them, fight with them, run from them, or disobey them... all which Blacks do with scary frequency.

Half of the violent crime in the nation is committed by Blacks, and those are largely young Black males (about 3-4% of the population). Crime in the nation has a color, and that color is BLACK.

When you've narrowed down the suspect population for violent crime where half of the crimes are committed by about one person in about 30 people, then you're morally obligated as a police officer to profile that one person. And if you corner one of these people, you treat the encounter with caution. And if that person runs, you chase him. Etc.

Everyone knows this, Zey... even Liberals, who indulged in White Flight as heavily as anyone did.

I don't associate with the kind of people you are describing. Go to an area of Columbus Ohio called the "Bottoms". The people there act the way you describe Blacks and they are all White.

Your anecdotes don't need to match the data, retard. The data rules, not your sentiments. The fact is:

Half of the violent crime in the nation is committed by Blacks, and those are largely young Black males (about 3-4% of the population).

Since half of the violent crime in the nation is committed by a mere 4% of the population (young Black males) then it's only rational to profile them. After all, they've profiled themselves. I expect the police to act accordingly, and they do. And I expect the general population to act accordingly, and they also do... in that case, the "according actions" are to not live near young Black males, not work with young Black males, and not send your kids to school with young Black males.

(Nobody just climbs into the monkey cage at the zoo, either, for the same reasons.)

This is as good as "midget tossing" back in the day was.

are older white males! Here's one who is definitely our of control. And at least three people died because he, allegedly, shot them! If one more dies, at least that should be enough to initiate a full-flung Congressional investigation, right? Because aren't the Republicans in Congress are still investigating the four deaths in Libya from back in 2012!?


You Liberals WOULD fear such a population since they are leading the resistance to the depravity and degeneracy of modern Liberalism.

But the statistics are clear otherwise:

Half of the violent crime in the nation is committed by Blacks, and those are largely young Black males (about 3-4% of the population).

While Obama-wama was mouthing off about how "enough was enough" over 4 dead (in a "gun free zone") from one nutty White guy in Colorado, the usual weekend death tally in Black Chicago was about a dozen, with about 80 wounded. Obama is color blind. (Like most Liberals.)

Christian, too! Since they have taken over a Federal facility because, "The L-rd was not pleased," I guess whatever force is used against them is justified, according to Chicken Little, anyway. By breaking the law, they have abrogated the responsibility on the part of the legal authorities to avoid using force to enforce the laws. One member states that, "I want to die a free man." If the authorities grant his wish to die, should they be held legally responsible for his death? Or are the rules you love so much different if those who break the rules are whites who claim to be Christian? I'm at risk for eternal damnation, I guess. According to Ammon Bundy, he is in direct communication with G-d. Who am I to condemn him?
I'm waiting for your reaction, Mr. Empty Glass.

Here's a link to one of many articles on this breaking story:

First of all, things are getting better. Total violent crime is about half the rate it was a generation ago. Link #1:
Second, only a small fraction of the crimes for which African-Americans are incarcerated are violent crimes -- around 17%. Link #2:
So, the chances of an African-American male being incarcerated for a violent crime is about 1 in 6. I, for one, choose not to condemn an entire group of people for the actions of a small percentage.

Finally, if you believe that the concern shown for the deaths of 4 innocent victims [it is actually 3 at last count] is "mouthing off," Chicken Little, what do you think about the 3+ years long, multi-million dollar Congressional investigation of what -- you apparently consider to be -- a mere 4 deaths in Libya in 2012?

These are what we can commonly say are "violent crimes":

Crime-by-arrest / White% / Black%
Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter / 48.0 / 49.7
Forcible rape / 65.0 / 32.9
Aggravated assault / 63.9 / 33.6
Other assaults / 65.7 / 31.9

Now, if Blacks were on par with Whites, the stats would show about an 72/13 split in each case, merely matching their population shares. Sadly, Blacks demonstrate they are 3 to 4 times more likely to commit violent crimes, leading to the arrests as specified above. And it's not just arrests. This leads to Blacks forming yet another disproportionate statistic:

Black 37.7%
White 58.9%

Again, it's 3 times more than you'd expect from Black population share.

And you know this anyway, since Liberals like you do what Whites tend to do naturally: You don't live near Blacks, don't work with Blacks, and don't send your kids to school with Blacks. You avoid Blacks intentionally, even if you don't admit it to yourself.

Anything further you have to say on the subject should be directed at the "racist" FBI and BOP.

I live in an INTEGRATED neighborhood. One African-America family lives across the street from me. Another is about 4 doors away, around the corner. In addition, before I was a teacher, I worked in my father's very small jewelry store in Swayne Field Shopping Center. Our clientele was disproportionately African-American. And, many employees at the Kroger Store there, were African-American, and I became friends with some of them, including one, who went to college and law school, became an attorney, and was, at one time, President of the local NAACP! As a teacher, I worked with innumerable Africa-Americans and I taught innumerable African-Americans at both Cherry [now Rosa Parks] and at DeVeaux!
One of my former colleagues also became the local President of the NAACP. When I went to vote for her, two of my former students, a brother and sister, were passing out campaign literature for her. When I went for her induction at her church, not only were my former students there, but I sat with one of my teacher friends, and spoke with another who sang in a choir which performed there, and whose son was also one of my former students.

Get it? Your stereotype of liberals is just plain wrong!
But, go ahead, Chicken Little. Bury yourself in Egypt. You're happier there than in real life. As I've stated innumerable times, right here in the Swamp, I am sorry that you seem to have had so many negative experiences with African-Americans in your life. That has not been my experience. And, by omission, you admit in this post that the vast majority of African-Americans never do violence, even though you previously -- and often -- state that African-Americans are incapable of leading non-violent life styles. I thank you for that.

This man was shot outside of the Planned Parenthood Clinic, and went inside to warn those inside to take cover. Here's the link to the article:

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