Superintendent Patrick Hickey's lawyer asks resident to remove critical posts

Washington Local Superintendent has threatened to sue a resident of the district for critical posts she made on her blog and on social media. Today, a lawyer for Superintendent Patrick Hickey asked Washington Local resident to delete blog posts and comments she made on social media about Hickey. This morning, Terri Kern was sent the following cease and desist letter by Dennis Pergram of Delaware, Ohio:


Ms. Kern:

I represent Patrick Hickey in connection with defamatory statements that you have posted on Facebook, Twitter, and a blog.

Your defamatory statements have already damaged Mr. Hickey’s good name and reputation, and by leaving those defamatory statements up or by making further defamatory statements, you will damage Mr. Hickey even further.

It is hereby requested that you immediately remove the defamatory statements and that you cease and desist from making any further defamatory statements.

It is up to Mr. Hickey whether he chooses to sue you, and by not removing the defamatory statements or by continuing to make defamatory statements, you increase your chances of being sued.

Dennis L. Pergram, Esq. | Manos, Martin & Pergram Co., LPA


I had a chance to talk to Terri about the letter and she said that she did not feel that Superintendent Hickey was justified in sending the cease and desist threat. She said she was not sure exactly which comments Hickey was referring to but it could be from her belief that there is a pattern to Hickey's behavior, especially the "too familiar" leadership style which earned him a reprimand by the board.

I asked Dennis for a statement from Patrick about the letter and why he feels justified in threatening a citizen and taxpayer of the district - there has been no response yet.

From my own experience, a public figures like Hickey will have a hard time proving defamation because citizens are entitled to their opinions on the abilities of public figures. He is not your quiet neighbor down the street, and with his recent reprimand, there is justification in people questioning his leadership. Public figures have a very high threshold they have to meet to prove defamation, but that does not stop arrogant people like Hickey to try to silence critics because it only costs 100-200 dollars to email a threat.

Dennis also called Terri a "Nut Job!" in response to a follow-up from Terri. I am sort of surprised a lawyer would call her that and I wonder if Hickey supports this behavior.

On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 4:17 PM, Dennis Pergram wrote:

Nut Job!

Sent from my iPhone

It appears that Hickey is trying to bully his critics into silence. And for people like Terri who may not be aware that the Constitution assures that she has the right to talk about public figures and make her voice known, she may get nervous when receiving such a threat. Her posts and comments were very critical of Hickey, but that does not give him the right to threaten to sue her.

Besides, it seems like *HE* is doing more to "damaged Mr. Hickey’s good name and reputation" than Terri ever could.

For someone in his position, he sure does not have thick skin and he should understand the Streisand effect usually brings more attention to an issue.

I will keep you informed of any updates to this.

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I'd be interested in reading the response that Ms. Kern sent to Mr. Pergram in order to make this story whole.

I have the thread and did not post all of it just yet. It did not rise to the level of calling someone a nut job.

Keep up the good work

Here is a direct link to the Terri Kern blog:

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Someone told me that With perks Hickey makes in the neighborhood of $275,000 a year.
He has had the school board in his pocket for years and is trying to his crony Hunter back in
along with his stooge Canales. Spending a couple of hundred bucks to maintain that gravy
chain to silence the opposition is peanuts.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I'm sure it's true, but the Kern family is well off and Terri has a strong reputation in the community. She has a deep resource pool to support her should a lawsuit come to fruition.

He has picked the wrong person to try and intimidate. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

That is true among other incentives. .it is all public record ask for it yourself

I keep saying it, but I keep being ignored: This is what alpha males do. They're bullies. They're assholes. And yet, society just loves them; it promotes them, it protects them, and it showers them with praise and most specifically, EXCEPTIONS to the rules we claim to live by.

If the candy-assed Board won't remove this twit, then it's ultimately up to the district voters to replace the fops on the Board with hard-nosed men (not women, who are naturally candy-assed) who will run a tight ship and enforce the moral rules by which an organization is supposed to operate. You can be hard-nosed and dutiful, and NOT be an alpha male.

You are spot on! Minus women being naturally "candy assed." Terri is a female and clearly she is going after this full-on.

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Hey GZ, you just described Hickey to a "T" !

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

WLS had a employee recognition dinner last. Hickey was his usual self hugging everyone in sight. Old habits hard to break. He still feels he doesn't need to keep his hands to himself.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Why should he stop? He's an alpha male. Nobody dares to stop him. Not even you.

We can't change our culture until we change ourselves.

View it here.

The only reason the incompetent WLS board members (all who should be thrown off the board) gave Hickey a letter of reprimand instead of firing the sex deprived pervert was that they were scared that the rabid Hickey fans would burn down their houses. The board led everyone believe that his banishment from WLS property for two weeks was because he didn't get permission for the Brondes deal. If they were open about the charges against
Reverend Hickey from the start, they might of been able to get rid of that pervert. Apparently
the BOE of Addison High School in Mi. were successful of removing this loon from thier system. Can't WLS pass him on too?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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