Accused! No proof/evidence! Ever! Child taken!

Corrupt Toledo magistrates!
Toledo magistrate took my wife's son from her because my wife's mother is obsessed with my wife's son (my wife's step father is also an attorney in toledo). My mother in law claimed I abused my wife and her son. (Never have I...EVER) so child services were called and we were cleared three times, mother in law pursued ,wife's son has been taken. We are a normal everyday family- no drugs- no violence- no police reports ( unless you count me placing one due to someone slashing my tires). We had court, seemed to go well... Then the ruling came! Sorry you lost your kid!
I would like to know how someone can make false accusations, and with no proof or evidence have your child taken from you!
My lawyer bills are at 40k just in the last 9 months, I make maybe 90! I'm pretty sure if I was abusing my wife or her son, I'd save the money!
Total bias on the magistrates ruling, I wonder how much my wife's step father who knows the magistrate was paid to rule the way she did!
This has been going on for ten years!!!!!
My wife left me ten years ago because her mother threatened to take her child, my wife left, her mother still got custody of her child! We got back together last year and remarried, and here we are! screaming with no one listening! I just want someone to hear a sincere cry for help! How can you lose your kids with someone just stating allegations! And NO RECORD OF ANYTHING!! Period! Unless someone's getting paid off! I mean it happens!!!
I truly know what it feels like to be convicted when your innocent!

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