Superintendent Patrick Hickey of Washington Local Schools

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So I have been at a distance watching the situation with Patrick Hickey because you know, there is life. Knowing the fickle nature of school board and education politics, I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after seeing a glimpse of what was really going on, I am pretty shocked. Whether it is arrogance in the Toledo Public Schools, or districts like the Sylvania Schools ignoring state laws and universally known campaign finance rules, a superintendent out of control really bothers me. Here is what I would bet on:

1. He lost a good deal of community support and if the school board were to vote again, he would be out of a job.
2. The school board looks like a bunch of wimps for not being a little more open about this whole thing and again we find that hiding the truth ends up hurting them too.
3. Someone who acts like Patrick Hickey usually has more skeletons in their closet and I would bet there are some other things going on in the district which are not OK.

So we have a district with a mortally wounded leader and a school board whose power was diminished by events last week and now looks weaker this week for ignoring this. It is safe to say the district is not in a very good spot. And with the vote of support last week, everyone is now stuck in a bad place.

*Hopefully Patrick Hickey will understand the situation he and the district is in and if he really loves the district he would resign.*

Regardless, I will be paying more attention to what he does from this point on because it is pretty repulsive when someone takes advantage of the situation and misleads people or does not tell them the full truth, in order to get what they want done.

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It was a harmless friendship that went awry . Hickey would not have contacted husband if it were otherwise . He'll be there a long time

Prediction: Nothing will be done about it. As a culture, we're aligned with Hickey, not with his alleged victim.

We put alpha males into these positions. Our cultural DNA demands it. The most aggressive males get these positions. And what do our most aggressive males tend to do? They tend to seek sex, even using force to do so.

And women tend to love it. That's the sickest thing about it.

In the old days, we had a sense of public propriety that punished those who became exposed for doing such things. That sense is gone. The alpha males strut around wearing cultural armor now. Nothing can be done about it, other than sheep-like bleating on message boards, like we're doing now. Hickey et al will just keep strutting, collecting massive economic and social benefits.

Our society is fatally sick. It just needs to die. Hopefully by 2050 AD a Muslim nuclear weapon will go off in New York City and finally put an end to our diseased civilization. At least Muslims embrace male aggression and don't pretend otherwise; if there's anything that's ultimately fatal to a technological civilization, it's a preponderance of dishonesty and delusion, which are easily seen to be our favorite current currencies.

description of society Guest Zero. I see it that people like Hickey bring their own downfall because they arrogantly think they can control everything, even the uncontrollable - therefore go out on limbs they should not be on.

Sorry you find the truth morbid. Get a helmet.

Hickey and his ilk may come to a bad end, but in the meantime they sup on our socio-economic nectar. And well they feed, my friend. Look at the bankers; after the well-orchestrated 2008 economic collapse, not one of the tens of thousands of alpha male assholes went to jail for their crimes. Nobody dares to put them away... at least, anyone with any power, who by no mean coincidence have alpha characteristics themselves. Odd, that.

What Hickey is accused of doing would result in any one of us common folk being escorted out of the door by an HR rep within five fucking minutes. The rules are different for the elite, and by "different" I really mean "they don't fucking exist". The elite inhabit a primarily lawless realm, and we can't be bothered to change that since we're terrified that it will negatively affect our stock portfolios.

We got exactly the sort of inbred sick civilization that we wanted, only we weren't smart enough as a people to know the outcome we were working towards. We know we wanted constant growth and super-wealth; we didn't want to accept that those things came at great social, cultural and ultimately environmental cost (to ourselves... I hardly subscribe to the "we're destroying the Earth" stupidity as espoused by undereducated Liberals). A civilization as dumb as ours, deserves every illness. Stupid people should suffer. How else does evolution work?

So you can't do dick about Hickey. He's the alpha male in charge and the system itself is really just too shit-scared of him to punish him for his 'transgressions'. The Board is clearly more afraid of Hickey than he is of them, with all their "difficult to replace him" rhetoric, if my memory serves. It's the same with government; government is more afraid of large corporations than the other way around. So guess who keeps getting free passes at the regulatory level?

This system can't be fixed until we fix ourselves. And there's little chance of THAT happening. In the meantime I watch Rome burn and I eat popcorn at the spectacle of it all. Fuck society. It's too dumb to merit my sympathy.


I know you know that those who take action can make a difference. I am doing my part. I put in an initial information request today to check out a few things about Superintendent Hickey's claims about this whole thing. I will let you know how it goes. I am also going to request some information on other issues too later this week.

I see GZ has gone to his warm fuzzy place.

Glad to know we now have a date. In 2050, according to Chicken Little, the American sky is falling!

Buffoon Alert! Buffoon Alert! Buffoon Alert!

Hickey is an arrogant asshole. He try's to get his own people elected on the board so they will vote his way. Hunter is one of them. He got all his kids and their spouses teaching jobs.
Hickey is now trying to get Lisa canales elected to the board now., (in spite of her DUI'S).
Anyone who still backs Hickey is a moron.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

How do you know she has DUI's? That's not good!

"I feel like it's the only personality I have." ~ Jim Harbaugh

Are we discussing Hickey, or Bill Clinton(AKA der Slickmeister) here?

that he is attracted to, and would like date, his own daughter?

Nope, we're talking about slick willie.

The Donald wants his own daughter!

about Washington Local. I will have more to post about :)...stay tuned.

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