Who won the Republican debate?

I was pretty impressed with Cary Fiorina. Who did you think won the CNN debate last night?

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Carly definitely won.

I think others did well. Christie did much better as did Jeb but I don't know if either got the boost they need because their jabs at Trump didn't land as well as Carly's. Trump did well because the first half was exactly what we've seen before and only a few of the attacks will stick.

The big loser IMO was Rand Paul. He didn't bring anything new and people will remember Trump's attack on him.

Kasich looked bad against Cruz on Syria but beyond that both looked good. Walker and Carson both were good but lost because they were forgettable among a lively stage.


Kasich looked the best. I don't usually vote for Republicans, but he is a candidate I would consider voting for.

looked Presidential, I was really impressed.

They fell into the moderator s trap ,by fighting each other .
Yet this was a good night for the Repubs .
It was a highly viewed event , they came off well.
Rand Paul may be right in his non intervention statement

I wanted to hear more from those who only got six or seven minutes to speak. ZC, I liked Kasich too. He would make a fine VP imo. I also keep hearing he is getting support from several local Unions.

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