It's no wonder why the Dem frontrunner doesn't answer questions.

It's no wonder the Dem front runner doesn't answer questions. Have you seen the liberals on here. Just getting them to answer a specific question is almost exhausting.

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... where as the Republican frontrunner has been very specific with his policy positions. His positions on taxes, the environment (oh, wait, you guys don't do that one), foreign policy, education, etc. - all quite clear.
Whatsa matter Mike, don't want to salute a female Commander in Chief?

If you recall I was very favorable of Hilary's '08 run. In fact, I could have voted for her if an unacceptable GOP candidate had been nominated.

I am not a Trump supporter. I will not be voting for him. If she's the Dem nominee against him I will be voting third party.

I fully answer questions on here and when I don't I explain why.


I'm glad my friends call me a conservative.

the answers!

Sorry for posting facts you don't like, Mikey.

Correction you respond to every question. It is respectful and I give you full credit for that..

ZC is just lost.


Maybe you have a problem with reading comprehension.

No, just because someone responded to a question does not mean they answered it.

You do this routinely. In the other thread I asked Dale how his "plan" applied to any of my examples. He has never answered that. He responded but did not answer the specific question.



We most often agree to disagree.

The answer she gives the most is "I don't recall" How typically " Clintonian" of her!!

It's now to the point they HAVE to find someone else.

I don't think Bernie can win the GE. If Biden or another candidate doesn't get in by Oct it'll be hard to build the organization needed to win the nomination.


The dems might as well just sit this one out

except white Christian and Jewish males!

I'll take Hillary over of those insane GOP candidates.

I'll even vote for her in the primary, like I did once before.

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