Crazed, Racist, Underachiever Guns Down Two White Reporters On Live Television!


Two White reporters were mercilessly gunned down on live TV this morning. The crazed, disgruntled Black man also posted a 27 page diatribe explaining for the most part, how and why the "Man" made him do it! A known under-performing co-worker of the two murdered reporters, the shooter/thug was constantly causing various incidents at work, trying to intimidate others for ethnic reasons, and everything else, according to interviewed sources on the news. Then he shot himself. Watch the copycat underachieving lunatics jump on this new bandwagon!

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Was the guy who shot the reporters a policeman?

No, just another angry black man who wanted to start a race war. I'm surprise he didn't tweet "We gonna burn this bitch down" like the Ferguson protesters. He's merely a symptom of a larger problem.


The articles said he was gay. Maybe he wanted to start a gay war. ban the rainbow flag.

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Or we could read his manifest where he specifically stated he wanted to start a race war.


The shooter, Vester Flanagan or Bryce Williams (seems he wanted a more Black name), is as much a sick racist killer as was Dylann Roof.

Let's hear you say that, Zeyad. I want to hear you condemn this sick racist killer just as much as you condemn all the others you've lambasted on this website... except in all those other cases, the shooters were White and the victims were Black.

This particular shooting puts the validity of Zeyad's opinion to the test. Will he pass the test?

I predict NO.

And I's time to disarm Gay Black Obama supporters.

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Dbbl post

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

I do condenm what this man did. No one has the right to take anyone's life. Compared to the thousands of situations that White America has imposed on people of color, it doesn't come close to the death and destruction that people of color have suffered at the hands of White America by terrorist, mobs and individuals.

That's not what I said. I said I want to hear you condemn that sick racist killer. Call him a "sick racist killer". I'll wait.

And what the heck do you mean "situations that White America has imposed"? YOU are responsible for where YOU end up in life.

ZC's comment displays the same victimology that caused this heinous crime. I wouldn't be surprised to see if ZC wants to see a race war as well. We all know he's an apologist for those who do want a race war.


WTF why are they not looting the liquor stores and burning buildings in Roanoke? Must not be the crackers' style eh? Maybe their too busy reviewing that quick knee-jerk decision on the stars and bars.

You post this like White America has never looted or committed other crimes. Review your American history and you will see, my friend, that White America has looted and burned down things because of race. Look up Rosewood, Florida. I'm expecting GZ and MikeyA to say that Rosewood and other such incidents that didn't happen this week, don't count.

You're pulling up incidents that happened nearly 100 years ago?

You might as well still be mad about the Wobblies.

You're right; outrages a century old, don't count. Just like slavery. And the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths. And the killing of Hector's son Astyanax.

And I'll end this posting by proposing that according to you, the Nips should still be mad at us for nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It is very common for White America to try destroy the positive accomplishments of people of color. It's a ploy to keep them at a subservient level.

Then why hasn't it worked. Maybe it's time to change tactics?

What accomplishments have been "destroyed"?


I am convinced MikeyA cannot read. I gave him the citations and he still doesn't get it. Just proves my point. If it doesn't fit his entitled agenda, it doesn't count.

You say it's "common" but you can't find recent examples. Not even one that would have happened with Queen Elizabeth as the UK monarch. Why don't you find something recent or stop misusing the word common.


You want something recent. How about the trashing of all the good things Obama is doing?

Such as?

Asking him for a citation means he'll claim you're irrational and waiting for "checks in the mail" whatever that means.


No No No. You said White America was trying to take credit for the achievements of Blacks. I'm asking you for recent examples.

Trashing is not taking credit for. In fact it's the opposite.

I will ask again since once again you've failed to answer the request.

"Please post recent examples of White America "taking credit" for the achievements of Blacks."


The trap has closed. You just admitted that White America has a history of taking credit for the accomplishments of Black Americans.

I wasn't trapped. If you want me to say that over 150 years ago hell even 100 years ago Whites were doing som pretty bad things to Blacks, oh yeah I admit that. It's well documented history. In fact taking credit for their achievements wasn't close to the worse things done.

But you are saying it continues today. I tell you it does not and if there is a case discovered it's certainly not accepted by majority of Whites.

You claim it does. So I'm asking for a recent example.


I guess Black America is supposed to forgive the reign of terror White America imposed on them. It doesn't make any difference if it were one-hundred years ago or five minutes ago. Past behavior predicts future behavior. And further more, does something have to be accepted by the majority of White America in order for it to be true? MikeyA, the hole you dig keeps getting deeper and deeper.

I guess Black America is supposed to forgive the reign of terror White America imposed on them. It doesn't make any difference if it were one-hundred years ago or five minutes ago. Past behavior predicts future behavior. And further more, does something have to be accepted by the majority of White America in order for it to be true? MikeyA, the hole you dig keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Unlike you I respond to direct questions with direct answers. No need for a ruse.


It looks like ZC isn't going to answer your question, just like he didn't answer mine. Oh, well.

Maybe I'm not providing the answer you want to hear.

The answer is a recent example. You're giving NONE.


the positive accomplishments of people of color

Name three.

We've now had three African-Americans as Mayor of Toledo. The only one I have known at all was Jack Ford. He was a very bright, capable person. Before he became Toledo's mayor, he was elected as the Democratic leader in the Ohio House of Representatives by his colleagues.
Before Mike Bell was Mayor of Toledo, he was the State Fire Marshall, and the Fire Chief for the City of Toledo; both highly responsible positions.
WilliAnn Moore was a long-time teacher at Scott High School and won a contested election to become the President of the Toledo-area NAACP. While she is retired from both positions, she remains a well-respected local leader in our entire community.
I was privileged to work with Judge Charles Doneghy's wife, Lera. Although I came to know Judge Doneghy better through his spouse, I first met him when we both served on a committee headed by Dr. Samantha Adams when she served on the Toledo Board of Education. I deeply appreciated his contributions to that committee, and I told him so.
Dr. Adams was also extremely impressive. Not only was she a successful doctor, she had three daughters, all of whom were in education at various levels. I have know all three of them, and they are most impressive people.
I was also most privileged to meet Mrs. Ella P. Stewart. She was the first African-American to attend the University of Pittsburgh. She attained her PhD and became the first African-American woman to be a licensed pharmacist in the State of Pennsylvania. After moving to Toledo, and opening Stewart Pharmacy, Mrs. Stewart became the first African-American pharmacist in Northwest Ohio. A successful entrepreneur, Mrs. Stewart was most proud of having a school named for her. She had her own office in the school which she frequently visited, and carried on correspondence with civil rights leaders throughout the nation from her desk in that office.
I was also privileged to know Emory Leverette. He was the first African-American to be the Deputy Superintendent of Schools in Toledo, and has a school named for him. Among many other interests, Mr. Leverette was active in the Two Toledo organization, celebrating the ties between Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain.
And, I also know the first African-American to be the Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, Crystal Ellis. I consider Mr. Ellis to be a friend as well as a former colleague. The one thing I remember most about our personal conversations was that Mr. Ellis always kept in mind how the decisions he made would affect the delivery of the services to TPS students in the classroom.
Once again, I could go on, and on, and on...

Interesting. None of those achievements were stolen by "White America".


I answered the question asked above my statement.

I was referring to ZC who claims White America is stealing the achievements of Blacks.


And only under the most liberal construction are any of them "achievements".

What do you think of Dr. Ben?
Just curious.

I will start with Garret Morgan, who invented the first workable gas mask mainly for fire fighters, and went on to also invent one of the first workable traffic signals to help prevent vehicular accidents.
Charles Drew was the first person to successfully separate white and red blood cells from plasma. This allowed for both longer storage of blood, and for more precise usage of stored blood.
Barack Obama, as the first African-American POTUS has turned economic chaos into a growing economy. The latest unemployment rate is 5.1%. He also oversaw the first major change in health care which allows millions of Americans to be covered by health insurance who never had health insurance before.
Oprah Winfrey has become one of the richest and most influential people in the world. Among other things, Oprah has employed hundreds of people in her entertainment projects, and has given millions of dollars to charitable organizations, especially those who help girls become educated.
How about Dr. Ben Carson? He grew up in the slums of Detroit raised by a single mother who was illiterate. He became a world-renowned pediatric surgeon. He is currently a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for POTUS in 2016. You, Chicken Little, would have given up on him when he was a youth! BTW -- Dr. Ben's brother is a successful engineer.
If you want me to do so, I can go on, but this is so typical of to you is just an "empty glass."

You [...] would have given up on [Ben Carson] when he was a youth!

No, there's a huge difference between giving up on someone, and just not being responsible for their upraising. There are some parallels between Carson's raising and my own, and I don't expect that anyone was responsible for me. That's really the difference here that you Liberals can't wrap your twisted minds around: Nobody is supposed to be responsible for you. You're supposed to be an independent Human being. You're not supposed to effectively be a child for your entire life, sucking at the teat of Mother Government, raised on welfare.

Some people take the position that Carson's views on the welfare system that he allegedly used to advance himself, are hypocritical. I can't agree. Whatever happened to you in your youth, you must come to form your own compatible ideology within our Republic. There's really only one such ideology that doesn't destroy the Republic, and that ideology is called Libertarianism. Most Americans should be Libertarian; they should believe in what the system had produced for them from Libertarian principles. They should prize private property over collective utility, for example.

So Carson's dim view of the welfare system that supposedly benefited him, contains precisely zero hypocrisy, since as a welfare system in the first place, it was a gross abuse of the Republic. The function of our government should not be to tax from one man and spend on another with the aim of pure redistribution that ignores socio-economic and racial realities. In other words, our government should not be penalizing makers for making, and then rewarding takers for taking. Carson is quite right that that system needs to change, or we just won't have a system anymore once it fills up with too many takers.

African-Americans, especially those from the inner city, and particularly those from Detroit, have a "thug mentality" which they bring with them wherever they go.

I stand by my statement.
You may love the man that Dr, Ben Carson is now,
BUT you would have given up on Ben Carson, the Detroit inner city minority male child!
(And his brother, too.)

Preach on, Brother!

Firstly these accomplishments are just people doing things. Nothing stands out. Jack Ford? He was another political hack. You might as well name Carty's terms as a "positive accomplishment" that somehow aggrandizes Whites (which they do NOT do).

Secondly which of those positive accomplishments have been routinely stolen by "White America" (whatever the fuck that is)? That's part of your sermon. Where's the meat?

Thirdly, Blacks are 12-13% of the US population. Their "positive accomplishments" is a list much smaller than that population share. That's my way of pointing out that the Black average IQ of 85 (and concomitant cultural contempt for education) is a clear indicator of a racial mark of underperformance. And that's not racist coming from me at all, since I freely admit that Asians score and perform higher than my own race.

The sad fact remains that if you enter the halls of performance in this nation, you're going to find White males there (suspiciously often of Jewish persuasion) and a scattering of Asian males. (Disclaimer: I'm not Jewish.) Women are under-represented, and that says something, not that Liberals will admit it. Blacks are also under-represented, and that says something in the same way, not that Liberals will admit it either. Get it? This civilization was designed and built by WHITE MALES, and your intention of somehow removing them from operating this civilization is leading to its downfall.

Jared Taylor has the right idea; we have to stop you Liberal fools from your attempting to re-write history and your shunning of biological truths about Humans. It's clearly destroying what little remained of the dignity of Western Civilization. I find myself daily thankful (to nothing, BTW) that the Atlantic Ocean is as wide as it is, since it keeps our shores from the much news-covered brown tide that is now washing up onto Europe from Africa, a tide made from component organisms who claim to be fleeing war, but are in reality only looking for benefits created by taxing the productive labor of WHITE MALES. Not having that particular threat, all we have to fear is the brown creeper coming over our southern border; walls and remote-controlled machine-gun turrets would help to fix that little problem.

Oh yeah, I just said all that. It's about time somebody did.

of people of color.

I named more nationally, and more locally.

I forgot. When were you elected ANYTHING?
When did you have a school named after you?
When did you head an organization of thousands of employees?

GZ -- Just an empty glass!

You're just SO BITTER!!

Did your list include Philip Copeland? If so why, and if not, why not?

Better than Bob McCloskey!

Bitterness is usually an innate trait of someone with no talent. Therefore, they can only think they are entitled. Ask MikeyA. He knows what entitlement is.

What am I entitled to?

If I have a sense of entitlement then by logic I should feel entitled to something. What would that be and why?



Is that supposed to be an answer to my question?


It's not the answer you want to agree with. Typical MickyA.

Well ok, I'm assuming that's a yes.

So my follow up is how? Now for one to be superior that must mean I support making others inferrior. So, what positions do I support that involve making others inferrior or create an unfair system?


You know everything, don't you?

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