You have to run from the police to get shot, Just follow their instructions and you will get shot anyway

It's all over the news, but I'll post it anyway. If a Black Man during a routine traffic stop runs from the police he will get shot. If he follows the police's instructions he will still get shot.
To all those wonderful posters who insisted that the Black Man in S.C. should have stayed in his car, what explanation do you have for the murder by a policeman in Cincinnati?

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isolate themselves from African-Americans, I have worked with many and socialized with many. And I live in an integrated neighborhood. I have been enlightened as to how the lives of African-Americans are more challenging just because of their skin color. In addition, being Jewish myself, but not "looking Jewish," I have heard innumerable anti-Semitic slurs over the years. I can only imagine what my life would have been like if I had to wear some obvious identification, immediately identifying me as Jewish.

If you don't believe that minorities, when identified, have a tougher road in merely living day to day, you're living in Egypt. It's like those folks who say that flying the stars and bars is only a historical reference, or is just to show a general attitude of rebellion against authority. Yeah. That's why two "white males" placed Confederate battle flags at the church where Martin Luther King Jr. used to officiate. Here's a link to that article:
I guess that was just a historical reference.

The incident in Cincinnatii reminds me of a scene in the movie Apocalypse Now. Martin Sheen asks the gunner on a helicopter why is he shooting people as they fly by. The gunner says, if the people are running that must mean they are Viet Cong. Martin Sheen then asks, the gunner what if the people are standing still. The gunner says they are well disciplined Viet Cong.

You're thinking of Full Metal Jacket.

The difference in the situations is the cop has been charged immediately with a crime and tried to cover it up as his and the other officers reports conflicted. I don't believe the force used in this case was justified seeing the video I saw. BUT they made a mistake charging first degree murder. I don't think they can prove that. Now I can't say if they over charged hoping to get a lower verdict.


This Dubose character in Cincinnati had over 60 previous arrests. Smoke, fire. He was trouble that was waiting to happen, and so it happened.

Zey, you will never buy immunity from law enforcement for Black men.

That's the only place you're trying to go with all of these news stories, and we'll never let you go there.

Americans know what the real problem is: Black men behave badly. They are prone to being criminals, prone to having records and legal "issues" (meaning suspended licenses and warrants and drugs on their persons), and quite prone to giving police officers problems during traffic stops.

During a traffic stop with a Black male, the high tension that results is solely a creation of that Black male. And in incidents of high tension, people tend to get hurt.

Its not about immunity, its about stopping the murder of unarmed citizens. It s about stopping the execution of people for non capital crimes. It s about stopping punishing people because people of color are driving. It s about stopping vigilantes from killing teenages for eating skittes while walking home. Do you get it GZ?

No, it's about people like you seeking special treatment for Blacks much like you sought special treatment in government hiring practices.

We'll never let that happen. (Affirmative action is also going away.)

Therefore Blacks will continue to die from police bullets. Black culture as promoted by you, demands that sort of outcome.

Of course Blacks kill Blacks at a much, much higher frequency than police kill Blacks. Naturally for you Liberals that's a verboten topic.

That's great that affirmative action is going away. What that means is that White America will stop hiring people just because they are White men, when the other more qualified candidates are minorities and women.

See GZ, he is completely unhinged and deluded.


Less qualified White men, who are inundated with feelings of entitlement always think they should be hired before a more qualified minority or woman. Entitlement is a mental disease just like paronoia or schezophenia. Rejoice, my brother. There are trained professionals out there to help you.

It happened again. A City of Toledo employee, who is a White male, was demoted and then given a raise worth thousands of dollars. Affirmative Action is alive and well. This is an employee who was reprimanded for coming to work intoxicated, driving City vehicles while intoxicated and providing joy rides in City vehicles to several, young female employees. If he were working in the private sector he would have been fired.

What was the name of this employee? Or is this another unsupported annecdote?


Toledo Blade reported this .

Oh it did. Well I don't read the blade. You don't give enough information for me to provide an adequate search.

So why don't you provide a link?


I'm not your personal reference encyclopedia.

Sure sure.

More bullshit stories from ZC. ZC WHO claims to have a graduate degree yet can't prove anything he says. I will give you credit you do follow the adage "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."


MikeyA, It's not that I can't prove anything, it's more like you can't accept the truth.

Post it and I'll accept it as truth.

You insist on stalling. And we both know you won't post it because the source probably contains information showing your point is b.s. yet again.

So again I'll challenge you to put your money with your mouth is and prove me wrong.


About the city worker driving around drunk and getting away with it--blame the union for that one.

It probably was the incident he was talking about. That explains why he wouldn't provide a link.

ZC is so full of bullshit.


MikeyA has the understanding that anything that isn't documented is false. Yet there are millions of documents out there that are false.

GZ, it's people who have ideas like you who make this country weak. Divide, so someone else can conquer. It's time for you to step up and help this country be great.

No: We're divided and weakened by your Liberal viciousness and stupidity.

Stop being Liberal. Then we can be united and strong again.

There will be no more warnings.

Over the weekend a Memphis policeman was shot and killed during a traffic stop. Authorities say the policeman interrupted a low-level drug deal. If the policeman was killed how would the authorities know that? Or, , maybe the assailant feared that he would be shot and shot first.

The longer that Blacks insist they aren't subject to the legal authority of police, the more Black lives are taken. There's only one party to blame here for that: Blacks

Just obey the police officer. How hard can that be? Whites don't seem to have much of a problem doing that. Why do Blacks have so much trouble with that simple concept? Even Blacks with their low average IQ can comprehend such a simple concept. Right?

On the other hand, ZC seems to condemn all police. To me, they're both wrong.

First of all, to me, the problem of high crime rates is mostly an economic one. More people of color are poor; therefore more people of color commit crimes. Duh! Statistically, about 2/3 of people of color will NEVER be in jail. That's a fairly large majority. And, there is strong evidence -- you know, actual facts which ideologues hate -- that people of color are disproportionately targeted for enforcement of laws, especially drug laws, and are disproportionately given longer sentences for the same crimes as are non-minorities This would mean that EVEN LESS people of color should be incarcerated than they are. Here's a link to the article:

On the other hand, I have always believed that most police officers do a very difficult and dangerous job well, and they really do want "to protect and serve" all innocent citizens. I refuse to taint the entire group for the actions of a few. In fact, many police officers do kind things every day. Here is a link to an article about just one of those kind services. Please note that the pregnant woman is a person of color, and the police officer is white:

The bottom line is that we must judge people as individuals, and not stereotype all or most of any group for the negative actions of a few. If we would all do this, wouldn't the world be just a little bit better place?

BTW, Chicken Little...still waiting for the "thug" mentality to take over my neighborhood.
Still waiting...
Still waiting...
Been waiting for over a decade now, and...
Still waiting...

Millionaires rob carry-outs and mug people all the time.




When these nice young men and dutiful fathers are behind the wheel of a vehicle, could they be victimized because of their skin color? Somehow, they don't look like "thugs" to me. In my neighborhood, just yesterday, I saw a young man pushing his baby around the block in a little car with a push-bar attached. He and the baby are African-American. They could very well fit into the linked picture.

Still waiting for the invasion of the "thug" mentality into my neighborhood.
Still waiting...
Still waiting...
Been waiting over a decade now, and...
Still waiting...

This happens many times EVERY DAY. Some police officers -- and I emphasize SOME -- like some other people, are just jerks! Here's a link to a real-life occurrence. It has good advice in it for African-American males, too.

isn't it pathetic that some citizens have to call the police (911) to protect themselves from the very people who have pledged to protect and serve. I witnessed an incident some years ago where two brothers decided to practice their boxing in their back yard. A neighbor called the police and when the police arrived the police beat both brothers to a point they had to be hospitalized. In addition, people in the neighborhood became curious and gathered to see what was going on. The police called in more police even though the crowd was just observing what was going on. The police began poking observers with their night sticks for no reason and some people verbally let the police know that they were displeased. The police then attacked the crowd injuring and arresting six more people. An man about eighty years old told the police they ought to be ashamed of themselves and one of the policeman broke the elderly gentleman's hand with his night stick. This is an example why African Americans have no respect and do not trust the police.

is so sad for the majority of police officers that there are too many who are racial profiling and/or on a power trip. There are nearly a million sworn local, state, and federal officers. If 95% of them are balanced mentally and truly objective, which is probably a high percentage, that means that there are, at minimum, nearly 50,000 police officers who are likely to do the wrong things. That's a LOT of off-the-hook folks given the power to use force -- even deadly force -- legally.

The saddest thing is that, if African-Americans could really trust police to do the right things, they would be more willing to cooperate in criminal investigations. Along with the intimidation factor of the perpetrators of crime, many African-Americans will not cooperate with police because they neither trust nor like them. And, as has been documented many times here, African-Americans are disproportionately the victims of crimes.

Even those of modest incomes have cell phones. If stopped for no good reason while DWB, call 911!

story, but on its surface, it looks like yet another needless death, no matter what the circumstances. This young man was a college student and football player. We all know that some 19 year olds do stupid things. We all know that some athletes do stupid things. But, whatever Christian Taylor allegedly did, should he have died?
We do know that Christian was unarmed. The police say there was "an altercation." We do know that Christian was shot by a rookie officer, [albeit a 49 year old rookie officer], under the supervision of an experienced officer. Was the rookie "trigger happy?" Was the rookie unduly fearful because Christian was a male of color, since Christian was unarmed?
While I really do not think that this was a situation where the rookie police officer was a racist white man looking for an African-American to kill, it seems likely that the race of the victim was a factor in his needless death. Where's all of that makeup Eddie Murphy promised to dispense so many years ago on his SNL sketch?
Here's the link:

"A neighbor called the police and when the police arrived the police beat both brothers to a point they had to be hospitalized."

Unsupported anecdote. Try again.

I see you are in your happy place again.

Police will harass and or shoot unarmed African Americans no matter if they are a college professor or a street person. You don't hear about police shooting an unarmed Blood or a Crip.

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

building, waiting for a ride when he is tackled and brutally handcuffed by a police officer who has been sued before for using excessive force. Oh, that's right. Blake is an African-American, after all.
Please point out what Blake was doing wrong, that is, besides walking around looking too much like an African-American? I would LOVE to see a photo of the person for whom Blake was said to be "mistaken." And, did the police officer approach this suspect in a respectful manner, and ask even one reasonable question before using force? NO!!!
At worst, Blake was a SUSPECT, who was doing nothing at the time which implied that he would be violent. What could have possibly justified this obvious case of police abuse? Why was this person still allowed to be a police officer? He obviously has severe problems with understanding exactly how he is supposed to conduct himself in a professional manner.

Here's a link to an article with video:

Thank God he didn't try to escape the attacking stranger. He might have gotten shot five times in the back. It appears that if you are an African American doing nothing it makes you a suspect.

Look how menacing he appears just before the tackle!
Scary dude!

It appears that GZ's rants are right on point, right? All African Americans are uncooperative with the police. Maybe African Americans should go to the police station and just turn themselves in for crimes they didn't commit. They could be put in facilities that use them them for slave labor. Oh, I'm sorry. We already have that system. It's called the American Prison System where an African American might get a five year sentence for jay walking.

very articulate way on the topic of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. I urge you to watch the video. The text leaves out some parts. And, yes, as Richard Sherman states, there are some great police officers out there!
Here's the link:

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