Toledo Interim director of economic and business development has income tax liens

Calvin Lawshe, the newly named interim director of economic and business development for the city of Toledo, has two active Ohio income tax liens.

A search of the Lucas County Clerk of Courts finds that Lawshe has a lien filed on his home for back Ohio income taxes of $2,901.34 (filed in 2012) and another lien for $35,105.80 in unpaid Ohio income taxes (filed in 2011). And this man is supposed to be an economic developer?

I'm sure that Mayor Hicks-Hudson and Lawshe will have some convoluted excuse for this situation, but if Toledo is willing to allow a person with these financial issues (Lawshe also had two previous liens) to assume a role in the mayor's inner circle--you may as well put the final shovel of dirt on the City's grave.

Lawshe's a longtime crony of people like Larry Sykes and Pete Culp and gets put into these jobs by virtue of his position in the local African American political community. The irony is--he doesn't live in Toledo. What an amateur City government Toledo has.

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Good information to know. We should also know that Carty hired Lawshe. Should we also question Carty's values as well? In addition, White Americans hire White Americans all the time because of their position in the community. I guess it's wrong when African Americans assimulate.

I would ask you to re-read my comment to which you referred because I think we're actually in agreement. I think people are often given positions based on the community from which they come. In this case it is the African American community--in other cases it's other communities. I don't condone cronyism in any form. People should be chosen for their abilities related to the position. I'm saying Lawshe's inability to control his personal finances disqualify him for this job.

Someone needs to check to see if he was born in the United States.

Apparently, in the circles you run, it isn't a problem if you owe $35,000+ in unpaid taxes.

Apparently you think you are a mind reader.

I saw a newscast featuring Mr. Lawshe. He was wearing designer eyeglasses during the interview. WRONG IMAGE, WRONG CHOICE.

Travesties like this should motivate intelligent people to vote to downsize Toledo city government.

Sadly there aren't many intelligent people in Toledo, as well evidenced by our voting patterns.

The second sentence is sadly so true.


There are some people in the armed forces who aren't so bright either.

It is a job you have to take a test to get.

No wonder you never served.


Don't need to take a test. I graduated from graduate school with hon0rs. Obviously they had some doubts about you.

Nope. Everyone takes a test when they enlist. I scored high enough to qualify for every MOS. I credit that to my maturity of having already attended college and was in my junior year when I chose to enlist.

If you have a graduate degree then you should understand scientific logical reasoning. So I must then deduce you are not willfully ignorant and instead willfully dishonest.


Again your unstable mental state has drawn you to an incorrect conclusion.

You call me unstable yet you won't provide the 5W's on something you claim happened.

Suuuuuuure. I'M unstable.


"I graduated from graduate school with hon0rs."

Gender studies, no doubt.

Nazi Recognition.

Even with that field of study there is still a requirement for a basic understanding of scientific theory and logical reasoning.

So either he is lying about being a Grad degree holder or lying about understanding these concepts. Hence why I said willfully dishonest.


I wasn't surprised with your post. Since you have absolutely nothing to contribute to society, the only thing you can do is hate on those of us who have achieved greatness. Hating those of us who have achieved greatness or dreaming of greatness will not get you greatness.

MikeyA is correct.

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