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Not much has changed since I left. Same people spouting the same stuff. Didn't see Freddie the Entertainer guess his TPS job quieted him down.


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Yes, not much has changed since you left since we have Zeyadcharles here to constantly push the same sort of hatred of Whites that you were pushing.

Zeyad Charles does not hate Whites, but he does greatly dislike anyone who expresses such narcissistic entitlement some posters display He also dislikes people of any group who display the characteristics of the Nazis and the KKK. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Please. You do hate whites. That is why you make baseless claims and refuse to back it up with a citation. You make generalities based upon groups that are counter to facts and when we present facts that shoe you are wrong you engage in hyperbole.

On the flip side everything GZ and I post is based in some fact and we are happy to provide them.


your comments on facts. Not everyone does.

You may dislike GZ's conclusions but his opinions do come from facts. He cites them frequently.


Opinions are the only thing GZ has. His so-called facts are wrapped in mis-information.

He has quoted to you FBI crime statistics. If you have a problem with the way he reads the fact or have another fact that counters it then post it. Too often your "facts" are solely anecdotal evidence of which you provide no provable information. Instead you tell others to "do their own research" yet it's clear they do as they provide links and citations which you do not and this its you who looks like has done no research.


What makes you think the government's statistics are accurate?



This whole site can't seriously look at this and come to one of two conclusions. 1) Completely Delusional 2) Pathological Liar.

ZC, to answer your question, no matter how ridiculous, because you can find the FBI's sources for EVERY statistic. Hence, every advocacy group uses them because of their accuracy. Congress uses them to make laws and decide funding. Reputable media use them because of their accuracy. In short, the only person I have ever seen cast doubt on the FBI crime statistics is YOU. Your not exactly Nobel Laureate of anything.

And see, unlike you, I answer questions, which is why others on this site find me credible.


The government lies to us all the time. It's called, "Divide and Control". The government knows that people like you will believe anything they say.

And once again you can find the sources for all of the FBIs numbers. So how are they "lying" about the stats?



They don't hate Whites, IMHO. Jealousy, now that's a different matter!!

You promised that you would never post on SB again--several times.

Of course, Zeyad's and Purn's hatred of Whites hardly matters. Whites will continue to move away from Blacks. Black neighborhoods will continue to be crime-drenched shitholes. Black schools will continue to underperform. Black culture will continue to demonize morality, family care, education and sound investment.

No Liberal sentiments will change these cultural trends.

Sounds like the same type of rhetoric the Nazis used to justify imprisoning and murdering the Jews.

Actually it's not even close to that.

The Nazis blamed the Jews for Germany's catipulation after WWI. They also blamed them for the fledgling economy and a threat to the homeland. Hitler was also fervently anti-capitalist because capitalism allows the individual to rise and fall on their own merits. He believed the Jews were inferior biologically and that their success was a threat to German Nationalism.

None of this is even close to anything GZ said.

You should educate yourself instead of spouting off like a fool.


I enjoy the endless antics of a for real fool, I hope they both keep posting away!

Your post just validates that you can't comprehend what you read.

I say, and I think many agree, that the inverse is true.

GZ approached the issues from a cultural perspective, not a biological one. GZ is certainly NOT demonizing anyone for nationalism. In fact I doubt he believes in nationalism. GZ is fully capitalist as he believes it's a natural order.

So his "rhetoric" is NOTHING like the Nazi's. If you disagree show me where I am wrong. If you think my interpretation of Nazism then point out where you think I am incorrect.

You say I am having s problem with comprehension yet I am giving very specific and detailed answers so show me where you think my comprehension is incorrect.

Can you answer any of these questions? I don't think you can even read past my 2nd paragraph.


There are trained professional out there who can help you with your paranoia. With your constant rants defending GZ, I beginning to think GZ is a ventriloquist.

What am I paranoid of?

You're the one who makes outrageous claims. Believes in some vast conspiracy of White America. I believe you are projecting.

I defend GZ's comments. His opinions are his own to defend.


That's what a ventriliquist does.

More generalities and accusations.

What it is not is a cogent argument on National Socialism.


One of those people who is a member of the African American group just won Wimbledon. If we use GZ's logic she must have won by committing a crime.

I am. However, I am happy that the folks at TPS are no longer too concerned with your interventions in to the discipline process. While you your heart is clearly in the right place, in my opinion, you routinely backed the wrong kids. Teachers and administrators make mistakes, and you were right to call some of them out on their errors. But some of the kids you backed were wrong and deserving of the punishment they received. Your support of them, and the manner in which you levied that support, sullied your otherwise valuable contribution. I hope you consider this input - the kids of Toledo need advocates in every possible way.

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