Obama Gets Vendication For ACA

Obama Care is here to stay. The United States is finally trying to care about its citizens.


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There are going to be more problems with the Affordable Care Act once people catch a whiff of the higher costs for it. Namely, another year of high deductibles, and a new year of a doubled* ACA tax that must be paid by April 15th, 2016. So we'll see how Americans feel about all that, come early November, 2016.

* The ACA tax rises to 2% of your AGI or $395, pro-rated, whichever is higher. The year after that, it rises to the final 2.5% or $695.

GZ. do you have a happy place? You need to visit it often.

To Chicken Little, EVERYTHING is negative!
It doesn't matter to him that millions of Americans now have health insurance who didn't have it before Obamacare. It doesn't matter to him if an untold number of lives have been saved because people of modest income who had no insurance before Obamacare, or those who could not get insurance because of a dreaded "preexisting condition," actually received the medical attention every American deserves!
With all of Obamacare's flaws, the right-wingers have yet to introduce a viable alternative. Obamacare will be the best thing that Obama leaves as a legacy to the nation. And it will cut in favor of candidates who support it, and hurt those who oppose it in 2016!

Let's see...that makes 3 issues of which most Republican candidates for POTUS find themselves on the wrong side: Obamacare, gay marriage, and Hispanic immigration. I hope they find some more!

GZ in my opinion has something different than an empty glass. He has the wrong idea what this country is about and wants to blame this country's short comings on people not like himself. The Germans did this to the Jews which led to to the Holocaust. GZ must understand the fact that whining is all he can do. There are too many people of color in this country. Such a move would be tragic for everybody. So instead, let us focus our attention of unity to protect ourselves from those people who are trying to destroy our freedom and way of life.

If we stop wasting time and resources warring against each other, and unify as a unique nation of seemingly disparate groups, we make America the best in the world! The United States has been, and should continue to be in the future, a beacon of hope that people who are so different in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, can not only tolerate differences, but learn and grow from those who are different than themselves. One reason why America is unique in attracting so many different people is because most Americans have consistently accepted the differences among us, and join together to form the only large nation where people can come from any background and find success. That is the promise of America which brought my four grandparents here from Eastern Europe, and it is the promise which attracts so many new people to America today! Let's celebrate the diversity that is America, and grow America's strength for us all!

Dale, you are truly a wise man. Let's hope GZ can benefit from this wisdom. I recommend that we embrace him as a brother to help him rid himself of the demons that appear to be ruling him.

Yes, I do have a happy place, which is called "education". And I visit it often. Thanks for the comment.

Meanwhile you didn't debate my points whatsoever. So it looks like you just agreed with them by default. Thank you also for that.

It's obvious the demons are still there.

The ACA is highly unpopular. If the GOP takes the presidency they will repeal it. This court ruling wasn't to be the death of the ACA if it had ruled the other way. That was just a hope.

The political game on the ACA hasn't changed since 2011. It will require repeal to be done away with. It will solely hing on the presidency.


I disagree. The reason the Republicans are so against ACA is because it didn't happen on their watch and ACA takes away money from their war machine. Also, you are assuming the the Republicans will win the White House in 2016. A very premature assumption, MikeyA.

I did not assume no such thing. No it wouldn't have happened on "the GOPs watch" because they were/are against it. Not one Republican voted for it.


Do you think a Democratic POTUS will try to repeal Obama Care?. A Democratic POTUS may try to amend it, but not repeal it. You did make an assumption, and I admit your assumption was subtle, but an assumption never the less.

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