chelsea clinton's husband also has a crook for a father

It figures that Chelsea Clinton would choose a husband: 1) who comes from a family who helped her family's political plight and 2) who has a father who rivals her dad for sliminess (and that's a tall order).

Just think--we could have a whole new generation of Clinton law-breaking and debauchery from a husband and wife. Link to information on next page.

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Galt, I'm so excited that you posted this story and have made it clear that we could have a new generation of crooks. Based on your position all of us can all validate our beliefs that White Americans should pay Black people reparations for slavery. After all the people who were alive during slavery gave generations of births to many, many racists bigots. Thank you for your validation.

Now, if I identify as a black person (ala the NACCP woman recently in the news), I would also get reparations--right? Wow--Zeyadcharles--what you don't know!

Why not. White people have been taking credit for things that African Americans have accomplished for centuries.

Does the guy have a predilection for 18 year old chicks, wearing cum-soaked blue dresses?

Beat that one!

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