As everyone remembers D Day

Today I've seen a lot of people talking about the landing of D Day.

It is in an important event. One that showed the difficulty in the mission and the sacrifice so many have been willing to make for so many more. However, every year I hear about the landing it reminds me of so much more.

What I would like to also remember is all the important battles and events that took place on this date in WWI, Korea, and Vietnam. This was the start of the American counter attack in the Battle of Chateau-thierry in 1918. Airstrikes marked the first battle (there were 5 over a year span) for Mt. Baldy in the Korean war. In 1969, Robert F. Kennedy death is announced while the '68 Paris Peace talks were concluding with little progress.

It's not just important to remember the popular parts of our history but also those that don't stand out as much.

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