Republic of Ireland Approves Gay Marriage


In a nationwide referendum, Ireland voted to make marriage legal between any two people regardless of gender. This is most notable for a variety of reasons. When polled, over 80% of the people of Ireland claim that they follow the Catholic faith. On the eve of the vote, several Catholic church leaders pleaded with their parishioners to defeat this referendum.

It is not my intent to re-argue the issue in this article. The legalization of gay marriage does NOT at all affect my heterosexual marriage of nearly 46 years, nor our daughter's heterosexual marriage of nearly 13 years. In addition, this new law does NOT give anyone permission to legally marry an animal. One of my closest colleagues while I was teaching was very conservative socially and used to use this argument against me when I voiced support for gay marriage years ago. And, this vote proves that the Republic of Ireland has moved from a quasi-religious state to a true democracy which separates church from state. Remember, this vote came in a country which only in 1993, barely more than 20 years ago, decriminalized homosexuality. In addition, the vote wasn't really close. The totals announced were 62% for and 38% against! And the voter turnout was considered to be high at about 60% as well. Also, unlike what was predicted, "support cut across age and gender, geography and income."

19 other nations have made gay marriage legal. The time has come for America to join this movement.

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I personally believe that government should get out of the "marriage" business.

Marriage is inherently a religious term and for as long as that remains it's definition will be hugely debated.

However if we all had civil unions homosexual and heterosexual alike there is no religious connotation and thus the debate dies.

Personally I could care less what people do. You can't get more free then when other others don't give a shit.


Irish voting in favor of gay marriage is a reflection of the hypocrisy of Catholics and the failings of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, I've been amazed at how the "faithful" can compartmentalize their political beliefs from their espoused religious beliefs.

I have a friend who never misses a Sunday mass, volunteers for church functions, etc. In 2008, she had two bumper stickers on her car:

"Tell yo momma to vote for Obama" and
"Life begins at conception"

What?! Really?! Remember that Obama was the only Illinois state senator to vote against a bill that required medical attention to be given to babies of botched abortions.

The moral (kind of) of the story is being Catholic no longer requires you to make voting decisions consistent with your religious "beliefs."

a cornerstone of America -- the "wall of separation" between church and state. It's nice to see Ireland moving toward that ideal.

As long as the government attaches legal consequences to marriage, it has the right to certify said marriage.

That being said, a proper government is socially liberal. So gay marriage and polygamy should be 100% legal.

The bigger issue today is that marriage sucks, so why would anyone (particularly men, who suffer the most from it) get married? And why does the IRS show preference to married couples? That's clearly against my rights as a citizen to be treated fairly before the face of government.

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