Hate Crime Against A Baby?

Hate crime against a child

Kirstin Roberts looks at what a recent hate crime against an African American child says about our image of who is racist in our society.

Joe Hundley

THANKS TO a mother's outrage, the story has spread in the media: An aerospace executive from Hayden, Idaho (that Hayden, Idaho, known as a home base for Nazi compounds and preferred retirement destination for Los Angeles police officers caught on tape beating unarmed Black people) gets drunk on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta and slaps a fellow passenger's child for crying, while hissing at the mother, "Shut that n****r baby up."

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I see nobody wants to touch this one. Remember the big fight at the Golden Coral where a White woman abused a Black woman's baby. Some would say that these are isolated incidents, but in reality this kind of incident happens all the time. Ironically the Black woman was charged with assault for defending her baby.

Is the Golden "Coral" where mermaids eat?

Zey, I think more people would respond if you put a link on this. Here's one I found http://www.dbtechno.com/curiosity/2013/02/17/man-slaps-crying-baby-on-de... .

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