The Ghost of Emmett Till

In the 1950's a fourteen year old teenager (Emmett Till) was viciously Mississippi. That event, more than any other atrocity, sparked the Modern Civil Rights Movement. Here we are again on the verge of the social unrest that defined that era. In many ways America has changed for the better. Millions of Americans who couldn't vote can now vote and discrimination in public places and the workplace is against the law. Slowly the rights of these Americans have eroded, highlighted by the Gestapo attitude and tactics against people of color that has resurfaced. America has not remembered that past and now technology has exposed what is really going on. Police can no longer be certain that their mistreatment of citizens will be kept secret.

With many people in other countries wanting to destroy America, the last thing we Americans need is this type of unrest internally. Let's all hope America will wake up and be united against our enemies by protecting our citizens instead of beating and killing them. The Ghost of Emmet Till has come back.

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The real issue is that liberal policies have created cities like Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans, Chicago, etc., where the citizens have continuously voted in politicians who look at them as not possessing the ability to control their own lives. These Democrats need their constituents to rely on the Government for food, shelter, clothing, and monthly checks. By doing so, the politicians can insured of a lifetime of cushy, well-paid, and benefits-rich jobs.

The real uprising that needs to occur with these citizens is against the Democrats who perpetuate the inner-city environments in order to control the people. Until this happens, the Democrats "War on Poverty" will be lost.

What a bunch of BS. White Americans and the police have shown total disregard for the rights of people of color and commit heinous acts, and you think it's because of liberal policies? That doesn't sound liberal to me. It sounds Fascist.

I heard on the news a movie is being produced about the murder of EmittTill. I think we White Americans should work together to ban the movie so we can continue to deny we mistreat people of color. If this movie is shown in the graphic detail that the murder was committed, I wouldn't be surprised there will be civil unrest unlike anything we have seen before.

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