Teachers In Atlanta Convicted In Cheating Scandal - Organized Crime

Eleven teachers in Atlanta were convicted of violating standardized school test protocols. Not only were they fired from their teaching jobs, but prosecutors claimed that the Federal Organized Crime Statute applies to this case and could land the teachers in jail for twenty years. What makes this case so interesting is that this was an equal opportunity crime where White and Black teachers were involved. But, none of the White teachers were put on trial and won't face any jail time. What an interesting example how justice is equal in this country. Maybe if the teachers put their hands up they'll be shot.

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I hate it when this happens.

No citation, don't believe his version of it.

Edit: To clarify that's because ZC is also the same guy who tried to pass a suicide off as lynching.


I'm not commissioned to do your research, MikeyA. Expend some calories and look it up yourself.

That's because you are often full of shit. It's not my research it is yours. Few believe you. You are a race baiting rock thrower who cannot back up with he says with facts.


Abandon your laziness, MikeyA and look it up yourself.

Not lazy. When I make a claim I post a citation. If someone asks for a link to something I claim I oblige. That is why people take me on my word and respect me. I am credible because I respect them by not blowing smoke up their ass. When I am wrong I admit it. If I am wrong then prove me wrong.

You do not cite anything. When others have looked up your claims its drastically embellished or just plain untrue. You Sir, are a bullshitter. I admire your conviction to stick with the trope of " If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." but it will earn you no respect here.

Good day.


Have you ever heard of the internet? Must I instruct you how to use it?

1) Turn on computer
2) Go to your browser
3) Type in "Atlanta Cheating Scandal" and press enter.

No, it's not my job to confirm or deny your claims. You've lied before and thus have no credibility until YOU prove it. It's probably bullshit like your lynching story.



Easier said than done. If you post something that came off the top of your head, we can't even google it.


Nothing about the race of the teachers and administrators is mentioned in the Wikipedia entry. This is actually an excellent opportunity for Zey to break through this whitewash and edit the Wikipedia page to bring up the race angle... using his verified sources, of course.

{holding breath until that happens}

{turning blue}

{strangled noises}

As usual you are looking at the wrong source.

The Wiki page lists sources.

You do not.

All you have to do is edit the page to include your sources. How hard is it for you? On the top of the Wiki page, there's an EDIT tab. Click it.

What happened is that of 178 suspects in the cheating case as noted in the sources in the Wiki page, there were a large number that either confessed (hence weren't brought to trial) or could not be conclusively linked to the cheating. No mention so far has been made of their race.

What. Is. Your. Source?

Everybody knows that Wilkepedia is a reliable source for scientific information. When it comes to anything else Wilkedia is very inaccurate. By the way I don't see your citation from Wilkepedia, just a synopsis.like I have provided from the internet.

LOL this is funny the guy who won't post sources is complaining about those who do. LOL


I'm not complaining, I'm just making a point that your claim that you and GZ provide citations is B.S. And we know that citations are always accurate because the world is flat.


He did give a citation. Which is more than I can say for you.


When I post, that in itself is a citation.

Uh, no.

ci·ta·tion (n.) - a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work


Your posting is only a proper citation if you are originating the information somehow, like you're an author discussing your own work, a government official commenting on an investigation he's conducting, a scientist relating some of the data he collected, etc.

Are you part of the official investigation into the Atlanta cheating scandal?

A more pertinent question would be: Zey, have you been diagnosed by a psychatrist?

Probably not diagnosed officially but he's batshit insane.


Probably not diagnosed officially but he's batshit insane.

Citation: Me, from experience dealing with his unique form of "logic".


Uh, what? The Wiki page has a list of sources at the bottom of the page. Chances are your keyboard has a "Page Down" key. Try tapping it a few times, eh? Or is that not part of Internet training for Liberals?

The 35 Atlanta educators — all of them black — were indicted just weeks after Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican, suspended six elected school board members — five of them black — in neighboring DeKalb County.

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