Case Dismissed Against Policeman For Shooting Black Woman In Back Of Head.

The charges against a Chicago policeman were dismissed for shooting a Black Woman in the back of the head. According to the news report, an off-duty policeman ordered a group of people at a park to stop being loud and one of the group pulled a gun. The policeman fired several times into the crowd striking an unarmed female in the back of the head. This sounds very suspicious. No gun was found and no one in the crowd was charged with pulling a gun. I guess making too much noise in a park gets the death penalty.

In charging Officer Dante Servin with involuntary manslaughter, prosecutors had alleged he acted recklessly when he fired five shots over his shoulder from inside his car in the direction of four people who had their backs to him in a dark West Side alley.

Judge acquits Chicago cop in fatal off-duty shooting, sparking anger

Cook County Judge Dennis Porter, however, ruled that prosecutors failed to prove that Servin, who is white, did act recklessly, saying that Illinois courts have consistently held that any time an individual points a gun at an intended victim and shoots, it is an intentional act, not a reckless one. He all but said prosecutors should have charged Servin with murder, not involuntary manslaughter.

Servin cannot be retried on murder charges because of double-jeopardy protections, according to his attorney, Darren O'Brien.

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I've never had a problem with police. After all, I don't:

1. Pull guns on police.
2. Disobey police.
3. Resist police or fight with police.

When will 'Black America' finally learn this lesson?

This woman didn't pull a gun on anybody, didn't disobey police, didn't resist police, or fight with police. This policeman fired four times into a group of law abiding citizens because he can't tell the difference in a cell phone and a gun. You might want to listen to this policeman's rant how he and his family have suffered after he shot this women in the head while her back was facing him.

Actually, let me modify my list to add:

4. And I don't hang in gangs or groups which are prone to pull guns on police, fight with police, disobey police, etc.

The acquittal means that a gun was pulled on the officer. He fired in self defense. Period.

Lesson for the survivors: Don't hang around with thugs who try to harm police.

Again, when will 'Black America' learn these logical and moral lessons?

Who says these people were thugs? Anytime more than one Black person is observed White America says it feels threatened. Maybe White America needs to treat our law abiding Black citizens better. Remember, GZ, the Black person is always wrong.

I observe LOTS of Black Folks, through the windows of my car when I drive places, and most certainly do NOT feel threatened. Always keep at least 3/4 tank of gas, too.

Once again: Stop pulling guns on police and you won't get shot.

How hard is that to understand?

It seems to be impossible, way past hard to understand!

Wow, you didn't even read the article to which Zed is referring to. You just assumed the people were thugs and that the policeman was justified. Why don't you at least read the article first. Try it, maybe you'll appear better informed.

Maybe when the police "einsatzgruppen" in finished? It seems as if Chicago Gaulieter Emmanuel has given the green light?

No, rather a glimmer of an anomaly.

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