This must be "Obama outsmarting Republicans" again.

Remember, the President is smarter than the Republicans and everything they do is them playing right into his hands.

Also, by utilizing their Constitutional mandated duties they were accused of treason on this board.

In truth all of that was B.S. being pushed by those who have failed to grasp a basic understanding of how their government works.

If we use their logic that means that the President went so far as to negiotiate with Iran, a deal, that openly wanted to sabotage in order to create a veto-proof bill that limits his power. I seriously doubt that was the President's plan.

However this shows that even the Democrats in Congress are not comfortable with the President's open reading of the Executive powers.

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He did outsmart them again. Several posters on this site have admitted that any treaty or relaxation of sanctions have to be approved by congress as a matter of law. So, what did the Republicans win? Nothing! If an accord cannot be reached with the Republicans involved, it just proves that the Republicans do not wish to have friendly relations with Iran. The Republicans unwillingness to pursue peace will also drive Iran into a stronger alliance with the Russians, Chinese and terror groups. It will also hurt the efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. I bet the Republican war machine is probably chomping at the bit.

Maybe it's time for the Republicans to do their job instead of continuing to be the whiny do nothing gang that they are.,

Actually ZC he didn't win.

The President can strike a Presidential agreement in lieu of a treaty. This bill nullifies that in the case of Iran.

"The Republicans unwillingness to pursue peace" This alone highlights your ignorance. If there is no peace there is war. So we are at war with Iran?

Here I thought we were trying to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon capabilities... which... would... you peaceful.

"It will also hurt the efforts to normalize relations with Cuba." How? I am going to be on pins and needles to hear you explain this sentence.


with Iran. Many have expressed the desire for either Israel or the United States to bomb Iran. This would likely lead to a serious war in the Middle East which would almost certainly involve a great number of Americans.
Sarah Palin has been urging the United States to bomb Iran since she was the Republican candidate for VPOTUS in 2008! In recent days, John Bolton and John McCain, among others, have called for Israel to bomb Iran, if the United States government is unwilling to do so.
The alternative to peace is war. The negotiations are vital. however, and war cannot always be avoided. The United States must remain totally committed to the continued existence of the only true democracy in the region and our most consistent ally there -- The State of Israel.

You are grasping at straws. John Bolton and Sarah Palin are not in elected office nor would they win an elected office if they ran.

Now it's the GOP who has pushed to remain close to our most consistent ally as you describe them. It's Dems who literally turned their back on its leader and its Dems who tried to interfere in its elections.


The POTUS has NOT "turned [his] back" on Israel. First of all, it was not only the United States which was involved in the negotiations. Major EU powers were deeply involved as equal partners with the United States, and still are involved as the negotiations move to the next stage..
Obama has clearly stated that he and the EU are totally committed to maintaining a safe, independent Israel. This should not be a partisan issue. Many Republican leaders see this as what is often termed a "wedge issue" to influence the American voting public in favor of Republican candidates, especially among American Jewish voters who traditionally vote in higher percentages for Democratic candidates.

John Bolton was the United States Ambassador to the United Nations under W. And Sarah Palin still has strong support among conservatives nationwide. In addition, both have expressed the possibility of running for POTUS in 2016. They may not get much support, but we'll see. They remain major influences in the Republican Party, especially among conservatives.

The rest of the EU powers walked away from the negiotiations before this deal was inked. It was the US and Iran as the last two left.

It's not the Republicans who are creating this. All you have to do is look at Netanyahu's comments. I don't think Netanyahu cares who Jewish Americans vote for so long as whomever it is remains a committed ally to Israel. It was the choice of Democrats to walk out of his speech. And it didn't even keep party solidarity as only a portion of Democrats walked out.

I'd like to publicly express my interest to become CEO of Apple. I have about as much chance of that as Palin and Bolton do of becoming POTUS. They hold little influence. Point to me any issue they are the sole champion of that gets attention and I will believe you.


vested in Israeli politics. Politicians are politicians!

The Republican war mongers know that waging war is a way to continue to try to transform the United States into a National Socialist type of government. Waging war all the time will solidify their agenda to claim they have to protect us and therefore restrict our rights.

Too funny.

Was it the Republican warmongers who took us to war in Libya?

Yet why is it Obama who has had the most socialist policies since FDR?

Why won't you answer any questions.


Yes it was.

Maybe you could try answering all of the questions.


Because I don't have to.

Yeah my 5 year old uses that line when he's fighting with his friends. Are you 5?


You heard it here folks. ZC once lambasted me when I asked him for citations of some pretty outrageous things he was claiming. He said I avoid citing things when asked. I provided him the citations and reiterated my request for a citation which went without response. Here and in another thread all I did was ask him a few basic questions and he refuses to answer. I offer this as proof that ZC is a complete turd.


Thank you, MikeyA, for designating me as animal waste. I will cherish the moniker forever more. Reality is this. It's not about being 5 years old,. it's about my freedom to choose when I want to answer. It's called freedom of speech. Have you ever heard of that or are you so lacking in intelligence that you think the Bill of Rights is for 5 year old's?

No you implied earlier that I was being unfair by not giving citations, which when prompted I did provide. Now all I'm asking is you answer legitimate questions but like a baby you wanna take your ball and go home. Well all I did was expose you for the fraud you are. We no longer need to take your opinion seriously as you are only here to attack rather than debate rationally.

You don't HAVE to answer and I never implied you did. But if you WANT to be taken seriously and if you think your opinion had merit you WOULD defend it. That's the difference between having a freedom of speech and having your opinion taken seriously.


I don't care if you don't take me seriously because you have demonstrated repeatedly that when you shake your head anyone near willl hear a rattling sound. As said by a famous philosopher, "If we take some people's brain and stuff it up a fly's ass if will bounce around like a BB in a box car".

When were you compared to "animal waste"?

I recall that MikeyA referred to me as a "complete turd".

His level of comprehension on even the most basic of skills leaves much to be desired.


According to Merriam Webster:
1. sometimes vulgar: a piece of fecal matter.
2. usually vulgar: a contemptible person.

To further your education...FECAL
of, relating to, or constituting feces

solid waste that is released from the body.

Better brush up your own "basic skills" before you criticize others for their supposed ignorance of commonly used words.
Score: ZC 1...Mikey 0.

Thank you Dale for taking your time to educate MikeyA. As a community we must all ban together to help those who are in serious need of counseling. Hopefully MikeyA will begin to understand that he has to first recognize his need before he can go on the journey for a cure
I offer an olive branch. MikeyA should go to "" or purchase a dictionary.

Human waste not animal waste Dale. He assumed I was referring to animal waste. No I made a clear case that he is human garbage.


Humans are animals, you intelligent soul. If we are not animals we must be plants.

Humans have the abilityto use rational thought and advanced problem solving skills. On second thought, it appears you don't, it's possible I was wrong and you are instead animal waste.


I ask, why doesn't MikeyA demonstrate rational thought and advanced problem solving skills?

"WE"? I'm not the part of the Forum that most closely resembles plant life!

I, for one, am glad Iran doesn't have a nuke. It would mean we could be headed to nuclear war.

For those too lazy to read the article. Iran is sending warships to arm the Yemeni Houthi's.

Why is this bad? Probably because the UN Security Council voted for an arms embargo of Yemen 14-0 last week. Russia abstained rather than use it's veto.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are leading a coalition of Middle East and African countries in bombing military targets in Yemen.


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