Racism Is Alive And Well In Oklahoma

Go to the link below to see how our country really is.


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I'm glad to know my decision not to join a fraternity was the correct decision.

I joined a fraternity, but have no interaction with it for various reasons. One of the reasons was its racist behaviors.

A Black Man, who lived in a predominantly White neighborhood called the police to report, while his daughter was walking home from school that day, an unknown man drove up to her and asked her if she knew where the whore house was. When she did not respond the man got out of his car and tried to abduct the daughter. The daughter ran home as fast as she could and told her father, who immediately called the police. When the police arrived at the home the police did not ask any questions about the attempted abduction of his daughter, but insisted that the man prove that he lived in the neighborhood. The man showed the police his drivers license to the police.showing that he had lived at that address at least two years. The police also questioned neighbors to verify that the man lived at the address. The next day the police returned and presented the man with a summons for filing a false police report.

A month later the police and the FBI raided an apartment complex near the neighborhood and broke-up a prostitution and human trafficking ring operating out of one of the apartments for several years. After two court appearances and hundreds of dollars in legal fees the charges against the man were finally dismissed. Like I said, racist is alive and well. Not only in Oklahoma, but everywhere.

Some Austin Texas stores are displaying stickers saying, "Exclusively for White People". I'm not sure what that means. Maybe the stores are selling sun tan lotion.

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