Is it Okay For John McCain To Be Ashamed Of His Country?

Should McCain resign from office and apologize to the American people?

See link below.

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Chuckie you have the gaul to post that about a US Navy fighter pilot shot down in Viet Nam held prisoner of war, who endured years of torture was given the chance to leave because his father was flag rank refused to seek his own freedom and comfort because he would not play the North Vietnamese's game and you think this is some kind of childish quid pro quo against Giuliani? From BO on down you are unprincipled people. BO does not love America since he is a man without a country.

My post asks a question based on a news release. Would you like to answer the question or do you want to continue on with buffoonery. I can't imagine what ferocious outburst you will provide us with if I posted anything about the navy pilot George Lincoln Rockwell.

I believe BO loves America and I love America. I just don't love everything America does.

ZC remember when your teacher in school said "There is no such thing as a dumb question."?

Your teacher was wrong.


MikeyA, again you have proven to us all that buffoonery is a chronic element that invades your very soul. It appears you are the only one who thinks they have First Amendment Rights. When Michelle Obama made a similar statement the conservatives tried to eat her alive, but, it's okay if McCain does it . Thank you for leading with your chin.


Ok keep giving me names in Latin that aren't Latin there genius.


I'm ashamed that he considers France a major European power, and that he thinks Germany should take a chance with the Ukraine. Germany has been there, done that before.

I hear he's running again. What a waste, IMO.

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