Black History Month, A Tribute To the Hard Working Black Americans Who have Made This Country Great

From the chains of slavery Black Americans have endured the harsh realities of racism and discrimination to become an integral part of the American Empire. Black Americans have used their sweat to build mighty structures, made significant advances in medicine, the arts, education, sports and many other notable professions. It is fitting that all Americans celebrate the achievements of Black Americans, not only this month, but every month. Black Americans have been murdered, beaten, poorly educated, and ostracized just for bring Black, yet they have fought patriotically in every war to defend this great nation and have greatly contributed to the greatness of the American culture. Many of my friends and I will step up and continue to celebrate the achievements of all Americans.

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How should we celebrate?

unique to America. We should show respect for all who show their respect of America's openness to people of all backgrounds. And we should judge people as individuals, rather than stereotype people based upon their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Instead of constructing walls of intolerance around ourselves and those most like us, we must build bridges to those of other cultures. This will enrich us all.

Here I go with the bible again, "Therefore all things whatever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." Matthew 7:12, Webster's Bible Translation.

The problem is the theory of Manifest Destiny stills prevails among the so-called majority. When you absolutely rule people the so-called majority don't have to show non-Whites any respect.

I am a white American.

Note the date. ZC just said he thinks I rule!


It's sort of like with Women. I wish I had as many Women as I've been accused of having over the years!

As usual you can't comprehend anything. So, I must clarify. You think you should rule. Your thinking is totally flawed because those you try to oppress will not cooperate.

Please clarify this--are you talking to MIKEYA, or to myself? I don't like to butt in regarding questions asked of someone other than myself. That is Dales' specialty, who will stop by as soon as he reads this thread.

My post was not referring to you, Gman.

Have a nice day, ZCharles.

We are now approaching the end of Black History Month. It's time to reflect and appreciate the great achievements of those whose ancestors came to America as slaves and have contributed so much to building the American Empire.

Since African Americans make up about 20% of the US population, Black History should be celebrated over a two and a half month period instead of one month.

Black Americans only make up 13%. If you divyed up time per year By population percentage Blacks would only have a month and a half. Hispanics are at 17% and would have 2 months.

Jewish Americans would only have a few days. Therein is the fallacy of dividing it up by percentage.


of African-Americans to be a little too high. I am providing a link to Info-please, a long time almanac, and a good source for this type of information.
According to the 2010 census, African-Americans make up 12.2% of the population. That's a month and an extra half day when translated into a twelve month year. Those who describe themselves as Hispanics make up 16.3% of the population, or a month and about 11 days (if we consider the month to be 30 days long).
It's all sort of silly, really. African-Americans deserve a month to honor their contributions to American history, because they have done so much for America -- period. In addition, most American history texts, until about 40 years, gave little coverage of important African-Americans, so it was decided to set one month aside to ensure that African-Americans are given proper credit for all they accomplished and added to America. The same is true of Hispanic-Americans, and many other minority groups.
As I stated previously, it's all about respect. If we show the proper respect to all racial, religious, and ethnic minorities, as well as women and all of those with a different gender identity, our diversity becomes our greatest strength. It's all about building bridges of understanding to those who are different from us, instead of building walls of intolerance and prejudice around ourselves and those most like ourselves.

I agree with your position, but as we all know it is human nature for society to subjugate people. The day will come when the oppressors will become the oppressed and it will become clear to them the errors of their ways.

Oppressors will become the oppressed"

So you advocate oppression then.


Bait, bait, bait, but I'll take the bait. Again you have proven that you can't read. Personally, I don't believe in opressing anyone except for bufoons.

How can I be baiting when all I did was quote you and show you what your own words inferred?


I've asked this question before, but I'll ask it again. Have you ever considered therapy?

Asking questions is the hallmark of a rational mind not of one that would require therapy.

It is not my fault that you cannot answer questions. Please stop projecting your insecurities upon me.


That's why I asked a question. Have you considered therapy?

All I did was ask questions. It was you who got made that your own words left room for an interpretation that left you morally bankrupt.


I do not have a degree in psychology. So, I am reluctant to suggest psychiatric or psychological services for someone just because that person and I disagree about politics. I do want to make the point that seeking professional counseling should not be viewed as something negative, however. Many times professional counselors can help a person to focus in such a way that the person can better handle the problems we all face in life. That's what professional counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists do.

Too many people think that getting some type of mental help is a sign of weakness, or that the person seeking the help is less able than others to handle problems. This is one reason why too many Americans commit suicide, or lead to their death by self-medicating with powerful drugs. We, as a society, must treat mental illness with the same type of empathy we have for those suffering from physiological illness. There's nothing wrong with seeking help for mental problems, any more than it is wrong to seek medical assistance if someone finds a lump in her/his body, or has unexplained chest, back, or arm pains.

And I still want to know who is in charge of making decisions concerning which Group gets which month to celebrate? Damn it, is that question all that difficult for any of you to answer?

The politicians we all helped to elect.

From what I can gather -- doing your research work for you -- many dedicated "months" seem to be declared by one POTUS or another. A few have been done by Congress. Many become a dedicated month by being pushed by a specific group and/or organization. Only some are official. Most also deal with no specific race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, or nationality. They are dedicated to a number of things. From the listing to which I will link, the month with the most dedications is May with 15 such dedications. October is close behind with 14. July, August, and December have only one each.
My source here is Wikipedia, which is about my least favorite source to cite, since anyone can post anything on it. This topic appears to be fairly straight-forward, however, so here goes:

Good question Gman.

I believe it should be the group themselves. If they want to celebrate their culture they should choose when the best time to celebrate that culture should be. For instance, for Muslims I would think they would choose the days following Ramadan during the celebration of Eid. For the Irish the days between St. Paddy's day and Easter would seem like a natural choice since those Catholic holidays are a significant part of Independent Ireland's culture. American Indian nations may want to celebrate during harvesting season etc.

I don't believe a government official on any level who is not a part of a culture is the best suited to determine when a culture should celebrate their heritage.

Likewise for the length of celebration. If it's a natural choice to celebrate a culture for a month, do it, if it's a weekend, do that. Whatever makes the most sense for that culture.

The real problem with cultural celebrations is keeping it noncommercial IMO.


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