How about something positive, for a change? This features a good man.

I am providing a link to a love story that goes beyond the grave. A dying man made provision for his wife to receive flowers from him every Valentine's Day FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE, even though he was soon to die. She received her first bouquet under his order to a florist, on this Valentine's Day.
Yes, Virginia. There are some truly good men around!

Here's the link:

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to a wide variety of diseases. One such friend was Wayne Rode. Wayne and I played senior softball together in the East Toledo Senior Center leagues for about 15 years. But, Wayne played at a MUCH HIGHER level than I could ever play. He was really good!
Even after having surgery to try to remove the cancerous tumor attacking his brain, Wayne came out to watch us play.
Wayne was most often accompanied by his wife, Jackie. His daughter and her husband would often bring their children, Wayne's grandchildren, to the games. I loved it when his grandkids would yell out "Good hit, Grampa!" Or, "Great play, Grampa!" It made my night. Wayne and Jackie almost always went out with a small group of us after softball to have a bite to eat and some adult beverages.
As a retired railroader, Wayne loved it when the trains went by during our softball games at Navarre Park, next to the East Toledo Family Center. To this day, every time I see a train there, I think of Wayne. This story reminded me of Wayne, too, and his devotion to his family. We all miss Wayne, but no one more than his beloved Jackie, and his children and grandchildren. If anyone deserves an RIP, it's Wayne. He was one of the best ever!

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