NYPD Arrests Down 66%!

Oh, my! The NYPD is virtually on strike. Arrests for minor crimes are down 94%, and overall they are down 66%. You have to be careful what you ask for--you just might get it. Criminals in this country should incorporate, and then sell shares to the public!

Just think, tomorrow night there will be what, a million people in downtown NY, drunk, chanting "we want dead cops"? All the while, the police will also have to worry about getting shot, sued or fired if they try to keep the peace. I wonder now if this shit will spread across the Country. Three major race baiters are directly responsible for this mess, four if you count the mayor of NY.


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When a people make use of their defensive right to keep and bear arms, you just don't have to worry about what the police are doing.

1970s. Being a police officer is a most difficult job. I have known several police officers. Every one I have known, both minority and non-minority alike, has been an excellent professional. Are there any racist police officers? I assume that the percentage of racist police officers is similar to the percentage of racists in the general population. Sure, there are some. But all of the police officers I have known have been trained to keep the public safe using the least amount of force necessary. For example, one retired police officer I see frequently told me that he was trained to NOT directly drive his police vehicle up to a suspect. He stated that his training held that doing so was too confrontational. He was told to park at least several feet away, exit his vehicle, and approach the suspect on foot, in order to keep the emotions to a minimum.
Be that as it may, nothing that has occurred excuses unprovoked attacks upon innocent police officers merely doing their jobs protecting us. I am appalled that a few misguided, sick individuals would add more stress to those who already work a most stressful job. As an old union song states, "I only came to work here. I didn't come here to die."

Police and firefighters have a tough job. They have to make life and death decisions in seconds, sometimes before all the information is known. They need to be given leeway for this.

I don't believe there are as many racist cops as they've tried to portray in the media. Most police departments are incredibly diverse and exposure to other races lowers racism.



The problem with these instances is actually the media in my opinion.

The media was hoping for riots in Ferguson. Just as they hope for school shootings and "lone wolf" attacks. That is why they talk about them ad nauseaum.

You even see them sometimes talking through scenarios. I have no doubt the killer of those two cops was inspired more by the media than any protester.


There's an old saying in the news biz when it comes to reporting the daily events: "If it bleeds, it leads."

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