Obama Apologizes To Castro


I smell another Apology Tour, 2.0. Next stop to kiss the ring of NorCom leader?

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But I shouldn't be surprised.
And what did Obama apologize for? You and the editor of the article imply that Obama did the equivalent of begging forgiveness for past American transgressions against the benevolent Castro(s) regime. NNOOO!!
While giving an opening statement that went on for 15 minutes, Obama apologized for, in his words, "taking [sic] such a long time." That's hardly the type of apology you or the editor imply that he made!
The editor, in the subheading, describes Raul Castro's 30 minute response as "lectures Obama." Was this the way the reporter reported it in the actual text of the article? NNOOO!! The writer states, "According to the president, Raul Castro proceeded to speak to Obama uninterrupted for 30 minutes."
Was that 30 minute statement a lecture? Nobody knows. That's the point. Right-wingers consistently rail against the "mainstream media" and how it controls the way news is presented. Isn't this article doing exactly the same thing with its very misleading headlines? But, if you agree with the goal of demeaning President Obama, I guess you consider it to be proper journalism. I guess it's just a case of "whose ox is being gored."

I'm glad Obama took the high ground instead of the typical bullying tactics used by past Administrations.

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