Did the name ring a bell with anyone else ? ? ?

Was reading through the Blade this morning and happened upon this story of a shooting in West Toledo.


Wondered if the victim's name seemed familiar to anyone else.

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His dad killed the young girl who worked at the KFC on the Anthony Wayne Trail. It seems like he killed one or two other people too. A fine genetic line.

Finally a winner. While it looks like the son was a victim in this recent shooting incident, the police reported that there were 9 shell casings at the scene. More than one shooter likely.

Big Jim

As diversity is sown, violence is reaped.

No wonder Liberals move away. They can't take the heat of the oven they've lit in the social kitchen. But they assure us (shouted out from the living room or something) that there's a good meal being cooked in there, just give it some time.

And people wonder why I add the aka Mr. Empty Glass to your handle?

No, we all understand that you get extremely frustrated that you can't control this media outlet like all the mainstream media outlets are controlled, so that only the Liberal Narrative is heard.

I attempt to control nothing. I am merely pointing out how your own posts underscore how negative you are.

And, as far as the "liberal narrative" of the "mainstream media," I once again use one of those nasty facts which so often get in the way of your vacuous opinions, Mr. Empty Glass: the most watched TV news for many years is Fox News. Now, if you have a beef with Fox News spouting the "liberal narrative," please let us all know, and cite examples.

"I attempt to control nothing."

Well that's rational, since you can't control the narrative here anyways. But it's deuced odd, isn't it? That you keep trying. So I'd have to say that you're just lying. (Liberals are prone to that in public forums.)

How terribly you must miss having all that power to control the narrative... in the classroom. Fortunately for liberty, you have no such power outside it it.

Really, you remind me of that Neal Levine retard who constantly haunts the Toledo Blade comment sections. That progressive idiot just can't STAND IT that people are steadily rejecting his form of leftwing nuttery. Boy how he talks and talks it up, however. A steady stream of Liberal bullshit... just like you do. You and Neal weren't separated at birth or anything, were you?

You are free to express your opinions. and, if you knew anything about the way I taught, you would know that all of my students were free to express their opinions as well. As a matter of fact, one of my former students is a conservative Republican. She went through the Air Force ROTC program at BG, and is currently in the U.S. Air Force. She invited my wife and me to her wedding. We still are in contact all these years later. Guess I didn't "control" her, now, did I?

your comments about why you suppose I enjoyed teaching so much, says a lot more about you than it does about me. You look at teaching as a way to foist one's opinions upon a captive audience. I guess that's what you would do as a teacher. Most teachers don't even think that way. Most teachers are all about doing the best possible job to prepare their students to do well in higher education and in life. Your negative view of teachers parallels your terribly dismal world view.
BTW -- My wife and I both volunteer to tutor early elementary students in an inner city school. This is our 4th year in this program. That's volunteer, as in no money of any kind. Of course, the students show us their appreciation. Some day you may realize that appreciation is a much more rewarding form of remuneration than is money.

"You look at teaching as a way to foist one's opinions upon a captive audience."

No, that's what you Liberals do, to millions of hapless victims across the nation every day. That's why people are fleeing your public-school systems in droves. (Well, that, and all the Black kids.)

Why people flee public schools might have something to do with seniors who actually do graduate, only have to read at the third grade level. I'm sure some do better than that, but the situation is still pitiful.

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